Paintball Guns the Pros Use in 2024

You guys have asked for it: our lineup of the best professional paintball guns in 2024. With so many new professional markers on the field, 2024 is shaping up to be one of the best years ever in paintball! This review will focus on the best professional markers in paintball which tend to be the top-line tournament markers. For reviews of other kinds of markers, head over to our YouTube channel where you can find reviews of the best paintball markers in each category.

Dye M3+

Dye's new M3+ with MOSair is the cream of the crop when it comes to professional paintball markers. Building on their legendary DM series platform, it packs all the advanced tech and beloved features Dye fans have come to expect, plus a host of brilliant upgrades. One standout is the innovative Slide Lock Airport ASA system. Its shielded, snag-resistant design makes getting air connected a total breeze - no more fiddling and frustration on the field. 

The new FL-21 Bolt System is also a game-changer with tool-less removal for stupid-simple maintenance. And thanks to the two-stage flex face bolt tip, you get optimized performance with dwell independence, consistent bolt cycling, and active recoil cancellation for buttery-smooth, quiet firing every time.

But the tech highlights keep coming. There's the upgraded Hyper 6s Pro regulator for enhanced air dynamics and easier servicing down the road. And the 4th Gen Eye Pipe system allows you to zip through cleaning and maintenance faster than ever before. The intuitive MOSair operating system gives you precise control for tuning and customization to your exact preferences. You can create personal player profiles, monitor pressure levels, and even charge the marker's battery hassle-free without cables.

Ergonomically, the Dye M3+ is a dream to shoot. The hourglass UL frame design with dual-density rubber grips gives you outstanding handling and stability, so you can stay laser-focused when the fur starts flying downfield. And the adjustable trigger lets you customize for the perfect trigger pull to suit your style. 

Planet Eclipse CS3

Planet Eclipse has truly outdone themselves with the new CS3 paintball marker. This bad boy is packed with cutting-edge tech and innovations that will help you absolutely dominate on the field. The OP Core drivetrain is a game-changer, with a fully decoupled drive system, auto dwell dynamics, and an ultra-efficient sub-100 PSI operating pressure. You get unmatched consistency and efficiency, cycle after cycle. But it's not just brawn - the ergonomics on this thing are insane. A higher hand position, longer grip pitch, and those two-piece wraparound grips make the CS3 an absolute dream to hold and shoot. Zero discomfort or fatigue, even through the most intense firefights.

Speaking of shooting, the five-point adjustable trigger gives you total control over your trigger pulls. You can tweak and fine-tune it to your exact preferences for the most responsive, crisp shot imaginable. Paired with the slick S63 Pro barrel system and its precision honed aluminum bodies and PWR inserts for bomber accuracy tuning, you'll be raining paint downfield with terrifying ease.

But arguably the coolest innovation is the modular marker electronics package with Bluetooth connectivity and app integration. You can effortlessly tune settings, update firmware, monitor performance stats, and more, right from your smart device. No more fiddling with tiny knobs and buttons in the middle of a game.

Between the jaw-dropping performance specs, hyper-efficient operation, adjustable ergonomics built for combat, and that sleek, aggressive styling, the Planet Eclipse CS3 is an absolute monster. This is the marker that will take your game to brutal new levels and leave your opponents shellshocked.

Planet Eclipse Ego LV2

The new Planet Eclipse Ego LV2 isn't just one of the best paintball guns of 2024 - it's a finely-tuned machine carrying forward an 18-year legacy of redefining performance and reliability standards.Building on the success of the LV1, this next-gen marker packs a serious punch of upgrades and innovations. The updated body design with expanded internal volume allows the new Cure FT bolt system to operate at an amazingly low 115psi. The result? An insanely smooth, ultra-quiet shot that'll have you giggling like a kid every time you pull the trigger.

But it's not just brute power - the Ego LV2's hoseless design and toolless wraparound grips provide unmatched ergonomics built for extended skirmishes. The foregrip housing contains advanced HPR/LPR components, giving you easy access to these vital air systems. And the new modular electronics board with USB/Bluetooth connectivity? Game-changing for quick setting adjustments and upgrades right from your smart device.

Versatility is the name of the game here too. You get extensive adjustability for the HPR, LPR, dwell, rammer speed and more - perfect for competition play or just tinkering to your heart's content. Prefer a more weighted marker? No problem, just add the optional weights.

Out of the box, you're also getting pinpoint accuracy from the innovative Shaft S63 barrel and its quick-change Eclipse PWR inserts. Dial in the perfect setup and laser-beam some fools from downtown.

With all these brilliant design innovations and an obsessive eye for detail, the Planet Eclipse Ego LV2 lives up to its iconic namesake as truly one of the finest markers available in 2024. This is the ultimate manifestation of PE's unrelenting pursuit of paintball perfection.

Field One Force

Field One's Force marker is truly in a class of its own among 2024's best professional paintball guns. This bad boy takes the traditional spool valve design and completely reimagines it, masterfully blending extreme durability with top-tier performance and outstanding user comfort.

At its heart beats the Force Nucleus engine - a highly efficient yet surprisingly low-maintenance powerplant. But the ingenuity doesn't stop there. Field One equipped it with a unique dual Power Select system that lets you run on either AA batteries or an optional LiPo battery pack. Talk about versatility! They've also packed in a bunch of clever user-friendly features that make setup and adjustments an absolute breeze. The GripShift lets you quickly customize the grip's fit to your specific hands. The LeverLock feedneck makes switching out loaders stupid-simple. And the Cam Drive ASA takes all the hassle out of getting aired up.

Accuracy is also best-in-class thanks to the included AccuLock Barrel System. It provides superior precision and consistency across any paint you throw at it, while securely locking inserts in place so they don't shift mid-game. But what really sets the Force apart is Field One's fanatical commitment to quality. They've rigorously tested this marker in some of the harshest environments to ensure extreme durability. And if anything does go wrong? You're covered by their unparalleled warranty and industry-leading customer support. The Field One Force delivers the perfect blend of performance, ease-of-use, and worry-free reliability to elevate your game in 2024 and beyond.


The paintball world has been buzzing with anticipation for DLX's new flagship - the Luxe IDOL. And from what we've seen so far, this marker is going to redefine the legendary Luxe line in the most glorious of ways. Let's start with the basics - the redesigned ergonomics and all-metal construction give the IDOL a minimalist-yet-aggressive aesthetic that will turn heads on and off the field. But it's more than just looks. Every surface has been meticulously reworked to boost performance, reduce weight, and increase reliability to insane levels.

The redesigned Freak XL barrel, for example, doesn't just look menacing. It's also easier to maintain while still delivering that classic, unmistakable Luxe sound signature with every trigger pull. Speaking of which, you'll be able to dial in your setup to perfection using the new HD screen integrated right into the grip frame. No more squinting at tiny, hard-to-read displays.

DLX really listened to player feedback with the IDOL too. You get an unshrouded barrel for a cleaner look, redesigned eye covers, a secure front grip cover, a rebuildable feed tube lever, and even a permanently attached top jewel to eliminate that annoying rattle. The improved air system adapter opens fully flat and is constructed from durable nitrided stainless steel for the ultimate in reliability.

Even little details like the metal backstrap show an insane level of refinement. It enhances grip without tools and allows easy access to the battery, charging port, and tournament lock. You can't help but admire the craftsmanship and attention to detail. To say we're excited to see this marker tear up tournaments in 2024 would be an understatement. The DLX Luxe IDOL represents the next evolution of premium paintball markers. Prepare to have your mind blown.

Final Thoughts

2024 will certainly be one of the most exciting years ever for paintball and professional paintball guns. As the year continues, the tournament results as well as player testimonies will help establish and solidify the pecking order of the newest flagship paintball markers. To get the best tournament set up today, take a look at our online store for the best variety of paintball equipment anywhere. Happy paintballing!