Dye DSR+ Tournament Package


  • Dye DSR+ - Deep Blue
  • Dye DSR+ - Lava
  • Dye DSR+ - Onyx / Gold
  • Dye DSR+ - Shades
  • +3
Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R Tournament Package


  • 170R - Black
  • 170R - Blue / Black
  • 170R - Gold / Black
  • 170R - Grey / Teal
  • +6
HK Army ETHA3 Hopper & Tank Combo
HK Army ETHA3 Hopper & Tank Combo

$799.95 $844.85

  • Shrapnel
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Fracture Red
  • Skulls
DLX Luxe TM40 Tournament Package
DLX Luxe TM40 Tournament Package

$1,799.95 $2,199.95

  • TM40 - Dust Black / Gloss Black
  • TM40 - Dust Blue / Gloss Blue
  • TM40 - Dust Pewter / Gloss Pewter
  • TM40 - Dust Red / Gloss Red
  • +2
Planet Eclipse GTEK 180R Tournament Package


  • 180R - Midnight
  • 180R - Atlantic Storm
  • 180R - Ember Storm
  • 180R - HDE Earth
  • +14
Planet Eclipse EGO LV2 Tournament Package


  • EGO LV2 - Midnight
  • EGO LV2 - Crusade
  • EGO LV2 - Havoc
  • EGO LV2 - Onslaught
  • +37
Dye M3+ Tournament Package
Dye M3+ Tournament Package

$2,084.95 $2,184.95

  • M3+ - Battleship 2.0
  • M3+ - Deep Blue 2.0
  • M3+ - Femmes Fatale
  • M3+ - Ironmen 21
  • +7
Planet Eclipse ETHA3 M Mechanical Tournament Package (Mech Only)


  • ETHA3 M - Black
  • ETHA3 M - HDE Urban
  • ETHA3 M - HDE Earth / Black
  • ETHA3 M - Earth / Black
  • +4
Planet Eclipse GEO 4 Tournament Package


  • GEO 4 - Amethyst
  • GEO 4 - Black/Red
  • GEO 4 - Blue/Black
  • GEO 4 - Electric Blue/Medium Grey
  • +6
Planet Eclipse EGO LV1.6 Tournament Package
Planet Eclipse EGO LV1.6 Tournament Package

$1,749.95 $1,999.95

  • EGO LV1.6 - Amethyst
  • EGO LV1.6 - Black / Grey
  • EGO LV1.6 - Black / Red
  • EGO LV1.6 - Electric Blue/Medium Grey
  • +6
SP Shocker ERA Tournament Package


  • Black
  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Gray
  • +5
DLX Luxe IDOL Tournament Package


  • IDOL - Dust Black / Dust Black
  • IDOL - Dust Black / Gloss Blue
  • IDOL - Dust Black / Dust Purple
  • IDOL - Dust Black / Gloss Red
  • +15

Tournament Paintball Gun Packages

Tournament paintball is a competitive form of the game where teams of skilled players compete against each other in organized matches, following specific rules and regulations. Tournament players frequently have spent several years playing paintball and truly love and appreciate the sport. Tournament players, as a result of their talent and experience, frequently play against the best players from other locations around the world. As a result, It is crucial for tournament players to find the right equipment, including the marker, loader, tank, and goggles, because these components directly impact their performance, safety, and overall experience on the field. 

The right equipment can enhance accuracy, consistency, and reliability, giving players an edge in competitive play. It also ensures player safety by providing proper protection and functionality during intense gameplay. To find the right equipment, tournament players should consider several factors. First, they should assess their playing style, preferences, and budget. Researching and understanding the features and specifications of different equipment options is important. Players can read reviews, consult with experienced players or paintball professionals, and visit local paintball stores such as Lone Wolf paintball to get hands-on experience with the equipment. Trying out equipment at local fields or renting gear before making a purchase can also help players determine what works best for them. Additionally, participating in paintball forums or online communities can provide valuable insights and recommendations from experienced players. Ultimately, finding the right equipment requires a balance between personal preferences, performance requirements, and budget constraints. It is recommended to prioritize quality, reliability, and comfort while considering the specific needs of tournament play.

Medium Tier Tournament Paintball Gun Packages

Medium-tier tournament paintball gun packages combine competent yet affordable paintball makers, tanks, hoppers, and goggles. The SP Shocker AMP tournament package is a great package to get you set up with everything you need. It comes with the Virtue Spire V as well as the DYE i5 goggles, both of which are leading pieces of equipment for tournament paintballers. Finally, the air tank is the Ninja SL2 Pro V2 which will give you enough air to get through several rounds of speedball.

The Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R tournament package is another great option and a bit cheaper than the Shocker AMP. This package comes with the GETK 170R (no surprises there), your choice of the Virtue Spire V or the IR2, the DYE i5 OR the Virtue Vio Ascend. Regardless of the mask or goggles, it also comes with the Ninja Lite 68/4500 air tank.

To see which setup gets you the best bang for your buck, check out our YouTube video guide below:

Upper Tier Tournament Paintball Gun Packages

The upper-tier tournament paintball gun packages also come with all the equipment you need but with top of the line equipment. The Dye M3 Plus Tournament Package is a great option for those players who want the absolute best of everything. This package includes the DYE M3 Plus with all the accuracy that players have come to expect from DYE. This package also includes the Dye i5, the Dye Rotor R2, and the Ninja SL2 V2 77/4500 tank.

Of course, we have to include the DLX Luxe TM40 tournament package. The package comes with the DLX Luxe TM40, regarded by many as one of the highest performing flagship markers. It also comes with the Dye i5 and Virtue Spire V, and has the Ninja SL2 V2 77/4500 tank as the cherry on top. For more information on the best tournament markers by tier-level, check out our helpful YouTube guide video below: