Autococker Parts & Accessories

Autococker Parts & Accessories

An Autococker is a type of paintball marker, also known as a paintball gun, that was first introduced in the late 1980s. It gets its name from its unique cocking mechanism that automatically cocks the gun's hammer after each shot, allowing for faster firing and reduced recoil.

Autocockers are important in paintball because they offer a level of customization and precision that other markers do not. They are highly customizable with aftermarket parts, which allows players to fine-tune their marker to their specific playing style and preferences. This includes upgrades like different barrel lengths, trigger frames, regulators, and more.

In addition to customization, Autocockers are known for their accuracy and reliability. Their closed bolt design and precision machining make them highly accurate, while their high-quality materials and construction ensure that they are durable and reliable even in harsh playing conditions.

Overall, Autocockers are a popular choice among serious paintball players who demand high performance and reliability from their equipment.


Shocktech is a well-known brand in the paintball industry that specializes in manufacturing high-end upgrades and accessories for Autococker markers. Shocktech regulators are well made and durable pieces of equipment that are sure to last for several years of paintball play. 

The low-pressure regulators like the Shocktech Low Pressure Regulator work under the most adverse conditions like cold weather. The large air chambers that come with most shocktech pneumatics provide a smooth and controlled flow of air into for a consistent shot. The regulators are easy to maintain, especially with the pin assemblies. Shocktech was also the pioneer of the three O-ring style on the shaft of a four-way which made shots quicker, snappier, and resulted in less recoil. The Shocktech Bomb II 3-way is a great option for autocockers.


Inception autococker products were developed out of a necessity to transform the way that paintball was played with autocockers. Inception saw an opportunity to enhance the performance of autococking markers with streamlined and highly functional parts.

For players building out their own autococker or for those who need to maintain a number of different parts, the Inception Designs Pneumatics Set is a great option. It comes with all of the hardware necessary to set up front block pneumatics on an autococker which works for both new school and old school autocockers. The Inception Designs UFC 3-Way is also one of the most modern three-ways on the market and is made to be as small as possible to fit on even the largest front block LPRs.


Dye autococker products are just like anything else that Dye makes–high end, high quality, and able to go the distance. For many of the autococker products, Dye partnered with freeflow technologies to bring a modern design to classic paintball technology. Dye’s Low Pressure Regulators are an excellent option as is the Hyper Regulator which has an operating pressure of anywhere between 50 PSI to 375 PSI. Players love these products because of their high quality and reliability.