Bunkerkings Pod Packs & Pods

Bunkerkings Fly Pack


  • Black Tentacles
  • Blue Laces
  • Highlander Camo
  • Infamous Pro DNA
  • +5
Bunkerkings 140 Round ESC Pod


  • Smoke
  • Blue
  • Red
Bunkerkings Fly2 Pack


  • Royal Gold
  • Royal Blood
  • Royal Joker
  • Royal Teal
  • +7

Bunkerkings Paintball Pod Packs & Pods

Paintball pods serve crucial functions in the sport of paintball, playing an important role in the secure storage and transportation of paintballs. These containers are specifically designed to hold and store paintballs, with the capacity to accommodate up to 140 paintballs per pod.

During fast-paced gameplay, players often require a quick replenishment of ammunition. Paintball pods offer players easy access to additional paintballs without the need to leave the field, helping them to stay in the game and maintain a competitive edge. The secure design of paintball pods also helps minimize the risk of paintballs spilling or becoming damaged during gameplay, ensuring that the ammunition stays intact and ready for use.

Podpacks are specially designed harnesses or belts that allow players to carry multiple paintball pods comfortably and securely on their bodies. By distributing the weight of the pods evenly across the body, podpacks aid players in maintaining mobility and balance while navigating the playing field. Furthermore, pod packs provide easy access to the paintball pods, enabling quick and efficient reloading.

Bunkerings Fly Pack

The Bunkerkings Fly Pack is an upgraded version of the WKS Supreme Pack, with lightning-fast one-handed load and unload functionality. Its patented pod holding technology allows easy loading of any size pod without adjustments. The belt features a friction foam pad and a four-way lock-down system for added comfort and stability. The Fly Pack also uses the strongest Velcro available to hold your harness and pods securely as you move on the field.

For a more in-depth review of the Fly Pack, take a look at our helpful youtube video below:

Bunkerkings Fly2 Pack

The Bunkerkings Fly2 Pack offers both style and performance upgrades, with a new integrated zipper pouch and Designer Edition styles. Its easy one-handed load and patented pod holding technology allows easy loading and unloading of any size pod. The belt provides comfort and stability with a friction foam pad and four-way lock-down system, while the strongest Velcro available holds your harness and pods securely. Consider adding multiple Fly2 packs to keep your look fresh on the field. For a more in-depth review of the Fly2 pack, take a look at our helpful youtube video below:

Bunkerkings 140 Round ESC Pod

The Bunkerkings ESC Pod is a reliable option for both strapless and strapped paintball packs. These pods fit securely into your pack, have a smooth ejection, and prevent lids from accidentally opening. They come in a package of eight and eliminate the need for expensive lock lids that can fail over time. With a tapered geometry that increases pack friction, the ESC pod holds securely in place and smoothly ejects during gameplay. Each pod also comes with a foam cushion on the lid to protect your paint and reduce rattling noise. The semi-transparent pod body is constructed from high-quality plastic that can withstand most abuse.