Paintball ASA & Fittings

Paintball ASA and Fittings

An air source adapter, often referred to as an ASA, serves as the connection point for your compressed air tank and your paintball marker. Typically located at the base of the grip and covered by a reinforced braided metal tube, this adapter features a threaded nozzle with a rubber o-ring at its base to prevent air leakage. When you attach the air tank to the paintball marker, a small pin inside the air source adapter depresses a plunger within the tank. The o-ring creates a secure seal between the tank and the adapter, enabling a smooth flow of air throughout the marker. These ASAs and Fittings are very useful to keep paintball markers in optimal working conditions and ensure a constant pressure.

Custom Products Direct Mount

The Custom Products Mini Direct Mount On/Off ASA is a super strong ASA system that’s been slimmed down and streamlined. This technology allows the screws to attach directly to the ASA body and mount directly on the grip frame without using any rail systems.

Planet Eclipse POPS ASA

The Planet Eclipse POPS On/Off ASA is one of the best purging ASAs in the game. All that’s necessary to engage or disengage the gas is a simple push of the button. It fits the Eclipse 2-Hole rail and the low-profile cuts enhance the aesthetic of any paintball marker.

Inception Designs EZ ASA

The Inception Designs EZ ASA uses a lever action to ensure easy tank filling. When disengaged, the lever allows for easy tank bleeding. The EZ ASA fits all guns that work with a t-slot rail systems like Planet Eclipse and Empire.

Players Want to Know

Frequently asked questions by paintballers

How does a paintball air system work?

Because paintball guns operate pneumatically, compressed air powers all of their functions. When a player initiates the trigger, a small quantity of compressed air is discharged into the marker's chamber. Upon contact with the surrounding air, the compressed air swiftly expands, propelling the paintball down the barrel and out of the muzzle. Simultaneously, within the barrel, a smaller tube housing a piston is pushed by the expanding compressed air. This backward motion of the piston activates the bolt action, reloading a fresh paintball into the chamber. If you want to learn more about how paintball air systems work, take a look at our helpful YouTube video below:

Top 5 Questions About Paintball Air Tanks

What are on/off ASAs?

On/Off ASAs possess a distinctive dual-thread characteristic. The air tank securely attaches to the ASA, with a separate screw located on the exterior of the ASA. This screw governs the extent to which the pin protrudes from the adapter, allowing it to be either fully extended (allowing air flow) or fully retracted (blocking air flow). With an on/off ASA, you can physically attach the tank to the paintball marker while still having the option to restrict airflow, rendering it inoperative. This adjustable feature provides an additional layer of safety for paintball markers, preventing accidental discharges. When there is no airflow to the rest of the marker, the risk of an unintentional paintball discharge is eliminated.