Paintball Slide Shorts

Paintball Slide Shorts

Paintball slide shorts are a great extra piece of protective gear to keep your legs and butt safe and bruise-free. Speedball rounds as well as woodsball scenarios that require jumping, sliding, and diving can do a lot of damage to your upper legs and rear-end. However, having the right kind of slide shorts can help cushion the impact and keep you from getting injured. Take a look at our ultimate guide to elbow pads, knee pads, gloves and slide shorts below for a great comparison of the best contenders:

Ultimate Elbow Pad, Knee Pad, Glove & Slide Short Comparison

Infamous PRO DNA Slide Pants Gen 2

The Infamous Pro DNA Slide Pants Gen 2 offers minimalist padded protective gear without excess bulk. It features DNA moisture-wicking technology to accelerate sweat evaporation, keeping the wearer dry. The product has new abrasion-resistant printing, enhancing its lifespan. Targeted compression zones warm and prepare major muscle groups, while key padding placement offers protection for the groin, hips, and knees. Specialized Dual-Density memory pad technology redirects force and molds to the body contours for thin, yet massive protection. The gear has a tight compression fit with foam padding for impact absorption. However, if a less tight fit is preferred or if in between sizes, sizing up is recommended.

Exalt FreeFlex Slide Shorts

The Exalt FreeFlex Slide Short is created for top-level competition, offering maximum comfort, unparalleled freedom of movement, and superior protection. It features new high-density molded protection for the thighs and hips, combined with the FreeFlex Relief System. This system consists of contoured relief cuts allowing the pads to easily bend, flex, and move, specifically designed to reduce resistance during breakouts and running.

HK Army Crash Slider Shorts

The HK Army Crash Slider Shorts are engineered for high-impact performance, focusing on comfort and flexibility. They feature a contour, dual-layered pad system that effectively absorbs shock and reduces impact. Made from durable, lightweight materials, these shorts ensure fluid mobility and breathability. The 4-way stretch inner lining enhances coverage and provides cooling on hot days. Key features include enhanced comfort and durability, high-impact padding, a lightweight and breathable design, custom HK Army trim, and flexible lycra thigh panels.

Carbon SC Pro Bottom

The Carbon SC Pro Bottom is designed to offer lower body protection while maintaining unparalleled flexibility. It achieves a compression fit that effectively balances maximum breathability with moisture-wicking properties, thanks to its industry-leading nine-panel design crafted from an engineered lycra/spandex blend. The gear features a revised ankle adjustment with a micro-zipper to enhance the fit. The minimalist dual-layer 3.5mm neoprene impact padding, equipped with zoned PU lamination, ensures durability without sacrificing flexibility. To see how the Carbon SC Pro Bottom compares with the Infamous PRO DNA Slide Pants Gen 2, take a look at our helpful Youtube video review below: