Paintball Spring Ramps

Paintball Spring Ramps

Paintball spring ramps work in electronic loaders to help load the balls into the breach and also to relay information to the player via Bluetooth. As the loaders fill with paintballs, these ramps are gently compressed to the floor of the loader. However, as the paintballs are used, the spring creates a gradual incline to the floor of the loader which allows for more effective loading into the breach. Spring paintball ramps are an excellent addition to any paintball hopper and help to load ever last paintball into the breach so players don’t have to agitate their markers to get the paintballs to load.

Virtue Spire IR/IR2 Spring Ramp

The Virtue Spire IR/IR2 Spring Ramp is designed to work with various Spire models including the Spire IR2 and the Spire IR. It retains the original ball capacity of these hoppers while ramping paint towards the Spire Drive, ensuring efficient paintball feeding. The spring ramp easily clips into place, making it convenient to install.

Bunkerkings CTRL Dual Spring Ramps

The Bunkerings CTRL Dual Spring Ramps are made from durable glass-filled nylon and are designed as an upgrade for the CTRL loader. Once installed, they enable the loader to automatically direct paint towards the ball raceway from both ends. This feature ensures a consistent rate of fire throughout the loader's use from various shooting positions. The installation process is quick and straightforward: open the loader shell and click the ramps into place, taking only seconds.