Paintball Slide Pants

Paintball Slide Pants

Paintball slide pants are compression-style pants that go underneath your normal paintball outerwear. These pants aren’t necessarily to help cushion the impact of paintball strikes–that’s the job of paintball jogger pants. However, they do have cushioning on the hips, knees and elsewhere to minimize the impact of slides, dives, and falls. Speedball players are usually the ones who benefit the most from slide pants, though aggressive woodsball players also love using slide pants.

Carbon SC Pro Bottom

The Carbon SC Pro Bottom offers remarkable flexibility and a compression fit that balances breathability and moisture management. With a cutting-edge nine-panel design and an engineered lycra/spandex blend, they provide excellent flexibility. An improved ankle adjustment system with a micro-zipper enhances the fit. 

These protective pants feature minimalist dual-layer 3.5mm neoprene impact padding with zoned PU lamination for durability without compromising safety. Other features include dual-layer high-impact pads, moisture-wicking fabric blend, compression fit, an adjustable ankle cuff, PU lamination, a fused sublimated exterior, and a compact elastic waistband.

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Infamous PRO DNA Slide Pants Gen 2

The Infamous PRO DNA Slide Pants Gen 2 offer minimalist compression protection with key features. They have a minimalist DNA padded protective layer strategically placed where athletes need it most, providing protection without added bulk. These pants incorporate DNA moisture-wicking technology to keep you dry by accelerating sweat evaporation.

Additionally, they feature new abrasion-resistant printing to prolong the product's lifespan, targeted compression zones to keep larger muscle groups warm, and key pad placement for protection in high-impact areas like the groin, hip, and knee. Specialized Dual-Density memory pad technology redirects force while molding to your body's contours for maximum protection with a thin layer.

Virtue Breakout Compression Pants

The Virtue Breakout Compression Pants strike a balance between comfort, durability, and freedom of movement for paintball enthusiasts. Featuring a lightweight, breathable design with an athletic cut and velcro adjustments, they offer a precise fit. Moisture-wicking Cordura panels ensure flexibility without compromising toughness. Ample storage options include hip and leg pockets, while a velcro fly and adjustable waistband with a higher back enhance comfort during play.

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HK Army CTX Armored Compression Pants

The HK Army CTX Armored Compression Pant is designed for protection with targeted padding. It offers a compression fit with Dual Fusion Hex Padding that contours your legs for impact protection during activities like diving, crawling, or sliding. Lightweight mesh zones at the back of the legs keep you cool. The Exoskin layer in high-impact areas, such as the knees, helps prevent wear and tear. Other features include high-impact padded zones on hips and knees, flex contouring for impact absorption, an ankle grip liner, a padded cup/crotch area, and moisture/odor mitigating fabric.

For a full review of the HK Army CTX Armored Compression Pants take a look at our YouTube video review below: