Infamous x Proshar Voltanium Paintballs (.68 Caliber)


  • Hot Pink Fill
  • Lava Orange Fill
  • Volt Yellow Fill
Prestige Legendary Paintballs (.68 Caliber)
Prestige Legendary Paintballs (.68 Caliber)

$19.95 $24.95

  • Green Shell / Pink Glitter Fill
Valken Graffiti Paintballs (.68 Caliber)


  • Blue Fill
  • Orange Fill
  • Yellow Fill
Valken Fate Paintballs (.68 Caliber)


  • Blue Shell / Yellow Fill
  • Green Shell / White Fill
  • Pink Shell / Yellow
First Strike Rounds (.68 Caliber)


  • Smoke/Green/Green Fill
  • Smoke/Orange/Orange Fill
  • Smoke/Pink/Pink Fill
  • Smoke/Sky Blue/Pink Fill
  • +3
T4E Paintballs .43 Caliber


  • Orange / Orange
  • Blue / Light Blue


Choosing the best paintball gear comes easy with so many manufacturers of paintball markers, goggles, carrying cases, and accessories. All of that means nothing, however, without quality paintballs to sling downrange at your opponents. Within the paintball realm, there are many different types of paintballs, including those you can reuse for practice or “clean” games, recreational, and professional-grade. Each type has different levels of brittleness and specifications to which they must adhere. 

In addition, players can also take advantage of “first strike” paintballs to defeat their opponents. These new sniper projectiles feature the same rounded paintball shape players are used to, with the addition of a finned rear section. This tail section helps the paintball stabilize in flight to increase accuracy over longer distances. Though they are more expensive than traditional paintballs, first strike rounds tend to be well worth the investment. 

Players who choose to shoot first strike paintballs may need to adapt their marker for these rounds. While the projectiles themselves retain a tighter tolerance than most round paintballs, they do require a tight seal for optimal results. First strike rounds measure within a few points of .68 caliber, so you’ll need to adjust your marker accordingly, potentially with a conversion kit. In a pinch, you may be able to unscrew the barrel, manually load the first strike round, reattach the barrel, and fire. This takes a lot of time and can make you vulnerable to attacks, so it’s not always an ideal scenario.


Known for producing some of the most consistent and reliable paintballs, Valken offers variants such as Fate paintballs and Graffiti paintballs for players serious about their paint. These paintballs break on target with bright marking paint that’s unmistakeable. Players will recognize Valken’s Graffiti paintballs by the vibrant purple box, though Fate’s metallic paintballs are sure to make a statement when they strike your opponents. Valken’s paint is easy to clean off when the game is over. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly as well.

First Strike

Though slightly higher in price than your typical paintballs, First Strike rounds should be something every paintball player gets to experience. These projectiles feature a stabilizing rear section that acts like rifling to keep your paintball going faster for longer distances. Specialized markers with magazine-feed systems are necessary to use first strike paintball rounds. The First Strike rounds feature a brittle shell that resists temperature changes and moisture-related damage. Similar to your typical paintball, First Strike rounds are biodegradable and safe for the environment.


Paintballs tend to stand out from natural surroundings, but these premier paintballs from HK feature a dark green shell made to stealthily tag your competitors. Players can still expect the same accuracy and reliability HK is known for in their paintball lineup with the HK Premier rounds.