HK Army HSTL Jersey


  • Charcoal
  • Arctic
  • Jungle
  • Lava
  • +4
HK Army Freeline Jersey


  • Amp
  • Electric
  • Fire
  • Poison
  • +3
HK Army Hardline Jersey


  • Graphite
  • Amp
  • Energy
  • Fire
  • +1
JT Glide Jersey


  • Urban Camo Grey
  • Urban Camo Desert
  • Urban Camo Blue
  • Urban Camo Red
HK Army Proline Paintball Jersey


  • Chaos Black
  • Shadow
  • Blaze
  • Pulse
  • +5
JT Basketball Jersey
JT Basketball Jersey

$34.95 $39.95

  • Black w/ Blue Trim
  • Black w/ Grey Trim
  • Black w/ Red Trim
  • White w/ Black Trim
  • +1
Planet Eclipse FANTM Jersey


  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Lizzard
  • Shades
JT Odyssey Pro Jersey


  • Lone Wolf Camo
HK Army Retro Jersey


  • Liquid Slate
  • Liquid Orange/Teal
  • Edge Blue/Pink

Paintball Jerseys

Paintball jerseys are an essential part of the sport, offering both protection and comfort. Choosing the right jersey is important, and can help protect players as well as identify others on their team. Factors to consider include size, material, padding, and style so finding the right combination of these elements ensures a jersey that fits well and provides the necessary protection.

Correct sizing is also crucial, since a jersey that is too big can hinder movement while one that is too small may affect accuracy and increase the pain from shots. The material should be durable and able to withstand the rigors of the game, with cotton and polyester being the most common choices. 

Moisture-wicking materials are beneficial for longer gameplay or for playing in hot and humid climates. Padded jerseys offer extra protection, and proper placement of padding is more important than excessive padding, such as on the elbows and forearms. Style allows for personalization and team identification, with options for short or long sleeves depending on climate and preferences.

JT Paintball Jerseys

JT Paintball jerseys are designed to be breathable and feature skeleton air mesh venting for maximum ventilation, making them lightest and most ventilated jerseys. They have abrasion-resistant forearms for durability and padded thumb cuffs to keep the jersey securely in place. The custom cut and lay-flat collar add to the overall design, and it has a new limited run retro style

HK Army Paintball Jerseys

HK Army offers high-quality paintball jerseys that prioritize durability and comfort and are hand-sewn to ensure genuine quality. The jerseys are made from lightweight and breathable sublimated materials, providing comfort during gameplay. They are designed with durable fabrics and ventilated side panels to keep the player cool while still having padded zones on the chest, shoulders, and elbows for additional protection and cushioning. Perhaps the best thing about HK Army jerseys is that they’re an affordable option that combines quality and functionality for paintball players. Take a look at our special YouTube video review of the HK Army HSTL Jersey review below for more information on this amazing jersey:

Infamous Paintball Jerseys

Infamous paintball jerseys are highly breathable and custom-cut with skeleton air mesh venting throughout, making it the lightest and most ventilated jersey on the market. They have abrasion-resistant forearms for durability and padded thumb cuffs to keep the jersey securely in place.

Planet Eclipse Paintball Jerseys

Planet Eclipse paintball jerseys are designed to complement other planet eclipse performance apparel, which focuses on lightweight and less restrictive outerwear. These full sleeve paintball jerseys offer optimal performance while maintaining a stylish look. The lightweight construction and zero padding have excellent breathability and are made with anti-snag material to resist plucking and snagging. Many jerseys also include an internal microfiber lens cloth for convenience and easy goggle cleaning.

Dye Paintball Jerseys

Dye’s paintball jerseys have a classic and timeless design that not only looks great, but also keeps the paint off your clothes. Despite the classic designs, Dye paintball jerseys are on the cutting edge of material usage and feature Dye’s tried-and-true fit finish. These jerseys have four-way stretch fabric, venting, reinforced elbows, and sublimated printing.