.68 Caliber Standard Paintballs

Valken Graffiti Paintballs (.68 Caliber)


  • Blue Fill
  • Orange Fill
  • Yellow Fill
Valken Fate Paintballs (.68 Caliber)


  • Blue Shell / Yellow Fill
  • Green Shell / White Fill
  • Pink Shell / Yellow
Infamous x Proshar Voltanium Paintballs (.68 Caliber)


  • Hot Pink Fill
  • Lava Orange Fill
  • Volt Yellow Fill
Prestige Legendary Paintballs (.68 Caliber)
Prestige Legendary Paintballs (.68 Caliber)

$19.95 $24.95

  • Green Shell / Pink Glitter Fill

.68 Caliber Paintballs

The .68 paintball is the backbone of the sport of paintball. While there are other calibers, the .68 is the most popular paintball because of the balance between accuracy, velocity, and reliability. Consequently, most paintball equipment is designed around this size of paintball. 

When selecting paintballs for use, there are several factors to consider. First, players must prioritize the quality of paintballs, since high-quality options ensure consistent performance.  Lower quality options may be prone to breaking prematurely or flying erratically. Additionally, players should consider the thickness of the paintball shells; thinner shells break more easily upon impact but are more susceptible to breaking within the marker, while thicker shells offer durability at the cost of potentially not breaking as easily upon impact. Generally, paintballers prefer more brittle paint to less brittle paint.

Other additional factors like the color of the paintball shells and the color of the paint inside are important. Darker paintballs make it more difficult for other players to see and anticipate shots and are therefore more popular. However, the paint inside the paintball should be bright and eye-catching so that a player can see when they’ve been hit.

Finally, players should evaluate their budget and the quantity they require, keeping in mind that paintballs are typically sold in bulk and prices can vary. Once purchased, proper storage is essential for maintaining paintball performance. Players should store their paintballs in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight to prevent degradation or misshaping.

Valken Grafitti Paintballs

Valken Graffiti .68 caliber delivers consistent and dependable performance for paintball enthusiasts of all levels, ranging from recreational games to scenario battlefields and international tournament competitions. The Valken Graffiti stands out with its uniformly round shell, vibrant fill, and easily recognizable purple packaging.

Valken Fate Paintballs

Valken Fate paintballs feature a distinctive, accurate-flying metallic shell. These metallic paintballs are known for their straight trajectory, on-target breakage and vibrant marking. Players of all skill levels love these paintballs, from backyard games to mag-fed operators and tournament paintball competitors, Valken Fate 68 caliber paintballs consistently deliver exceptional performance.

Prestige Legendary Paintballs

Designed by professionals who recognize the importance of precision and brittleness, Prestige Legendary's metallic shell shatters with minimal impact, offering you a competitive edge even before setting foot on the field. Their exclusive formula is crafted to leave a brilliant mark, coating your adversaries in glitter that is difficult to wipe off but comes off easily in water.

HK Army Premier Paintballs

HK Premier Paintballs offer a dependable, mid-grade paintball suitable for both recreational and tournament field scenarios. Its dark, metallic green shell ensures a stealthier shot, making it harder for opponents to anticipate.

Players Want to Know

Frequently asked questions by players…

What Are Paintballs Made of?

Paintballs are made of a mix of colorings and gelatin that give the paintballs their coloring. They are made of a thin outer shell, usually composed of gelatin, that encloses a liquid or gelatinous filling. The filling is typically made of non-toxic, water-soluble substances such as food coloring and polyethylene glycol.

Are Paintballs Eco-friendly?

Yes! Paintballs are very eco friendly and once they break on impact, they will dissolve into the ground after a couple of weeks and a solid rain. 

Are Paintballs Edible?

While paintballs are non-toxic, we don’t recommend whipping up a paintball smoothie for a couple of different reasons. First, paintballs are too expensive to be eaten by the ladle-full. Second, there’s seriously much better food options out there than paintballs. You won’t die if you eat a paintball, but please don’t turn this into the next tide pod challenge.

A quick note to our customers…

All cases of paint are opened and inspected before shipping to ensure there are no broken paintballs. Paint is always shipped inside a larger secondary box that is tightly packed with shipping peanuts to ensure little to no movement. We take every step necessary to ensure your products have the most protection possible.