Paintball Goggle Fan

Paintball Goggle Fans

Thermal goggles and lenses are usually enough to eliminate fogging in most circumstances. However, in sweltering and humid weather or in the case of people with overactive sweat glands, adding in a paintball goggle fan can help clear your field of vision when other means are inadequate.

Paintball goggle fans are little battery-powered fans that sit atop your goggles and blow fresh air down into the space between the goggle lens and your face. This air flow ensures that no fog buildup occurs and that you can see clearly without any hindrances.

CRBN Zero Storm Fan

The CRBN ZERO Storm Fan is a state-of-the-art solution designed to prevent fogging in extremely harsh weather conditions. It is equipped with dual high-volume blower fans that efficiently and quietly remove hot, humid air, thereby eliminating any fogging issues. This is especially beneficial for those who wear prescription eyeglasses. The fan is housed in a compact, low-profile case made of ballistic nylon. 

For easy installation, it features an integrated mounting design that seamlessly attaches either on top of the goggle or under the visor, specifically designed to pair with the CRBN ZERO Storm Unit. The fan is powered by a single CR123A Lithium battery, which is not included in the kit, and can run continuously for over 30 hours. Its weather-coated circuitry ensures it functions well even in extreme conditions. 

Additionally, it includes a slide on/off switch accompanied by a high-visibility LED power indicator, making it user-friendly. The design also incorporates a compact ballistic nylon housing and an easy-to-install dual screw secure mounting system, fitting perfectly with the CRBN Zero Storm Unit.

Virtue Stealth Visor Fan

The Virtue Stealth Visor Fan effectively keeps rain, moisture, and condensation at bay from your goggle. This fan is also a great option for those who wear glasses or seek to maintain air circulation within their lens. When paired with the anti-fog dual pane VIO lens, the Stealth Visor Fan becomes a powerful tool in ensuring that neither your glasses nor your lens ever fog up. Despite its functionality, it remains lightweight, weighing just 1.6 ounces even with two AAA batteries installed.

The Stealth Visor Fan operates with remarkable quietness, so much so that it's unnoticeable during gameplay. Thanks to its brushless motor, the fan is about five times quieter than a whisper. This not only contributes to its discreet performance but also enhances its reliability and battery lifespan.

Moreover, the fan is designed with a battery-saving auto shut-off feature. It automatically turns off if there's no movement for a prolonged period, conserving battery power. However, it promptly resumes operation as soon as movement is detected again, ensuring continuous protection against fog.