Pro Paintball Guns for Top-Tier Players

Pro Paintball Guns for Top-Tier Players

Crushing the competition requires professional paintball guns that perform time and time again. This type of paintball gun does come with a higher price tag, but it’s often paired with unparalleled quality that players can depend on. The longevity, performance, and durability of professional paintball guns far exceed the quality of markers more suited to recreational use. Professionals choose particular markers to dominate the field and complement their skills. 

Factors to Consider when Buying Professional Paintball Guns

Choosing the right professional paintball gun requires taking a good look at several aspects. Price is probably one of the bigger factors, next to performance and serviceability. In addition, professional players carefully consider quality and the manufacturer’s warranty before choosing their marker.


Almost all paintball guns have a certain stylized look, but it’s more important for professionals to determine how well they perform on the field. Professional paintballers will want to evaluate how reliable the internal components are and what issues owners run into. Many of these questions can be answered by reading and watching reviews of the different markers.


Performing reliably in gameplay is one thing, but cleaning and servicing are another. Professional paintball players look for markers that are easy to service and require minimal maintenance. This includes cleaning external and internal parts, as well as replacing any damaged parts. 


Nine times out of ten, paintball players will pay a bit more for quality. This is especially true for professionals, who know that quality markers are durable and are often a prerequisite for any tournament. With such a large investment, professionals are more willing to trust a quality brand, even if it means paying more. 


Though warranties are more of a side note for most professional paintball players, it’s always a good idea to have this guarantee. Warranties speak to the quality of the company as well as the marker being purchased. Ideally, professionals invest in a marker that doesn’t require using the warranty. 


The DLX TM40 contains the aesthetics of the Luxe brand combined with optimized internals to give every player an edge in competition. The marker itself is simple in design yet stunning in performance. With countless drivetrain redesigns aimed at improving shot quality and efficiency, nothing handles a paintball quite like the DLX TM40. The new mechanical conversion doesn’t require a single tool either. 

Truly a competition-grade paintball marker, the Luxe TM40 has proven itself time and again in competition. Compared to other markers, the TM40 prioritizes ergonomics to improve any player’s game. The DLX TM40 does command a higher price tag, but it holds all the potential a player needs to rise to the top and win the game. 

Planet Eclipse CS3

The world has yet to see the full potential of the Planet Eclipse CS3 paintball marker. This particular gun is available in several color schemes with plenty of slick internal components to keep players on the cutting edge. Plus, it builds on the reliability that Planet Eclipse is known for. 

In addition to a Fully Double Decoupled drive and auto dwell dynamics, the CS3 incorporates a longer grip that allows for more ergonomic contact. This paintball gun is extremely efficient, actuating each shot with less than 100 PSI. An adjustable trigger gives players customizability. The Planet Eclipse CS3 does require a bit of technical knowledge to understand the interior electronics, but seasoned players shouldn’t have too much trouble learning the platform.

Dye M3+

With a stunning metallic color scheme and potent internals to match, the Dye M3+ makes a statement that’s hard to ignore, both on and off the field. This particular marker features the latest in design and advancements to give players a leg up in any competition. It even comes in a hard case players can use to protect the marker during travel. 

The Dye M3+ is based on the DM series platform. Combining superior performance with the convenience and confidence that players need results in a platform that reduces recoil, allows for multiple player profiles, and features some of the best ergonomics found in a paintball marker. The FL-21 Bolt System incorporates a two-stage flex bolt tip in an all-aluminum frame. 

Compared to other professional paintball guns on the market, the Dye M3+ is a platform built to dominate with fully optimized internal components. The higher price tag reflects hours of research and development spent refining this professional marker for a better experience right out of the box. 

Planet Eclipse LV2

The all-new Planet Eclipse LV2 seamlessly combines proven components with cutting-edge technology. Increased ergonomic maneuverability characterizes the toolless rear grips, which house sealed pushbuttons. An increased internal volume aids the new Cure FT bolt design in delivering a powerful punch with barely the sound of a whisper.

Planet Eclipse tunes this marker to be competitive straight out of the box. However, players can micro-tune this marker to their heart’s content. This can seem overwhelming for players not comfortable with tuning, but it’s an additional feature that serious players are sure to appreciate. Plus, Planet Eclipse includes a two-year manufacturer warranty to protect such an investment. 

Field One Force

The compact frame of the Field One Force hides a deceptively capable marker beneath the surface. This affordable option combines an industry-leading warranty with solid components proven to help players improve their game on any field. It may not be the most expensive or sophisticated marker on the market, but it certainly holds its own against the competition. 

Through extensive research, Field One developed the Force Nucleus engine. This drivetrain meshes efficiency and performance for a reliable marker ready for action. GripShift technology allows players to customize the fit of their marker and the AccuLock Barrel System ensures accuracy. In addition, the Field One Force runs on either AA batteries or a LiPo battery to bring an element of versatility to the mix. 


Paintball players wanting to step up their game should consider investing in professional equipment for next-level performance and quality. These professional paintball guns bring with them a certain value and prestige, which can take any skill set to the next level. The best markers and other equipment are currently in stock right now at the Lone Wolf Paintball online store. Check out our wide selection of professional paintball markers and accessories to dominate the field.

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The 101 on Paintball for Kids

The 101 on Paintball for Kids

Paintball games can be incredibly fun. For young kids, however, playing paintball can be too painful and difficult to enjoy the sport. Sometimes it’s better to start with easier games than jump right into working with a complicated device such as a paintball marker. That’s where gel blasters and other toys come into play. 

Gel blasters, nerf guns, airsoft guns, and gotcha guns are a great substitute for paintball, especially for younger kids. These projectiles don’t require as much preparation or leave as big of a mess as paintballs do. In fact, they can feel less painful as well. Young children can still have fun playing games similar to paintball without risking injury or confusion on the field. 

Paintball Alternatives For Kids

Gel blasters aren’t the only paintball alternative for kids. Indeed, many of the same dynamics and mechanics can be practiced with airsoft, nerf, and gotcha. While the rules of the game might be the same, the risk of injury is less with these paintball alternatives.


Airsoft guns are one of the more prominent alternatives to paintball. Many paintball fields also host airsoft events. Airsoft guns typically use similar functions as a paintball marker, except the air feeds a small plastic pellet, or BB, rather than a paintball. These BBs can do damage to sensitive spots such as the eyes and sting quite a bit. As such airsoft is often reserved for older kids from the ages of 10+, though this is at their parents’ discretion. It takes a bit more mechanical knowledge to understand what an airsoft can do and how to operate it, at least in contrast to a basic Nerf gun or gel blaster. Many airsoft guns also use compressed air or C02, which requires safety precautions at all times. 


Foam darts take the sting out of playing Nerf. These toys are sold in nearly every store and offer small children a chance to role-play without a lot of risks involved. The shape of the Nerf darts and the short puff of air required to propel them in flight mean they lose energy quickly. Plus, it’s a relatively cheap pastime to get into and can be a great way to have some fun with friends and family; adults often find nerf to be a great way to play with their kids as well! 

If you want to introduce your child to the world of paintball and airsoft, starting with Nerf can help them understand the rules of the game. At the same time, this type of gameplay should be supported with discussions about safety and intent. But with any Nerf gun, the risks are relatively low. 

Gel Blasters

Many consider gel blasters to be the link between paintball and airsoft. Gel blasters use small gel balls as ammunition. Games can be played in a small space with family members or in larger settings with bigger groups. Most gel balls are biodegradable and don’t leave any lasting damage. However, players should still avoid shots to the face and wear face protection during gameplay. 


If your child has grown into paintball but you want to start them out with a simple marker, check out gotcha. This type of paintball is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. You can easily wash it away with water. Many people play gotcha indoors because it’s practically just as safe as Nerf. Plus, some munitions are reusable, making them an affordable pastime as well. 

Benefits of Paintball for Kids

Playing paintball-like games can offer kids several benefits. These include learning how to work together, getting some exercise, and relieving stress. 


Working as a team to accomplish a task is part of gameplay, especially when it comes to paintball. Kids can learn how to communicate with each other effectively, strategizing on how they want to win the competition. Competitiveness is also a skill they can develop in a healthy environment. 


There’s no better exercise for kids than running around a field chasing after each other. In addition to getting out their energy, kids can also gain inspiration to get outside and interact with one another in a physical environment. 

Stress Relief

The benefits of being in nature and relieving stress are undeniable when it comes to paintball and its alternatives. Kids can play with each other and focus their minds on what’s going on in the game, rather than what’s happening in their lives. This can be a great way to deal with emotions in a healthy way and bond with friends and family at the same time. 

Safety Equipment for kids

These paintball alternatives we’ve been talking about are safer than paintball. However, safety is still a priority, so you should invest in and use protective equipment

Face Mask

Targeting your opponents with a projectile means that said projectile can often end up in a bad place, such as your eye. That’s why it’s important to protect your face and eyes with a face mask and goggles, whether it’s during a paintball match or when playing with Nerf, airsoft, or gel blasters. 


Even tiny bones in a small child’s hand are vulnerable to injury with paintball alternatives. The best way to avoid these injuries is to invest in gloves they can wear. These gloves often come with additional protection for knuckles to prevent any mishaps on the field. 

Chest Protectors

With harmless projectiles used during gameplay, it may seem like overkill to wear a chest protector. However, many games played outside or even in a gymnasium can involve the risk of injury. In this case, it’s better to invest in a quality chest protector than fret over torn clothing, bruises, or other injuries to the ribs and chest. 


No matter which type of projectile you use for your paintball alternative game, you’re going to need clothing that will help you along the way. These games are still physically intense, sometimes requiring you to move about quickly and slide or dive. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a quality pair of pants to rely on. 


You can have just as much fun with paintball alternatives as you would with the popular sport. Airsoft, Nerf, and gotcha games can all help young kids learn how to play the game and have fun at the same time. Plus, these alternatives are safer and don’t require as much expensive gear. 

If you’re looking for a place to get your paintball alternative gear, check out Lone Wolf Paintball. We offer gel blasters, protective equipment, and more alternative accessories and gear to fit you and your kids out for battle, whether it’s using gel balls, Nerf darts, or anything in between. For the best selection of gel blasters and paintball guns, visit Lone Wolf’s online store.

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Affordable Paintball Guns to Get You Started

Affordable Paintball Guns to Get You Started

Playing paintball can help you destress, recharge, and have fun with your friends and family all year round. However, you’ll need a few critical pieces of gear to get started, namely a paintball gun. If you’re looking for an entry-level paintball gear without the hefty price tag, you’ve come to the right place. 

Our list of the best paintball guns you can purchase as a novice will help point you in the right direction. When you start your journey off right, upgrading your gear and learning more about the sport comes as second nature. Start yourself off with one of the six paintball guns we’ve chosen below to dominate the field and live to paintball another day. 

Top 6 Starter Paintball guns

1) Planet Eclipse Etha 3

This electronic marker does require a battery, but you couldn’t tell where it installs in the sleek and ergonomic body lines. The Planet Eclipse Etha 3 features a quick-release bolt assembly with a toolless grip removal so you can maintain your new paintball marker with ease. In addition, the aluminum low-rise feedneck and aluminum blade trigger shed pounds without sacrificing accuracy. 

The composite framework of the Etha 3 features a single-piece frame and foregrip. The POPS ASA assembly, DefTek offset feed, and ambidextrous LED status indicator give it plenty in the functionality department. Plus, you can rely on the Gamma Core spool valve drivetrain for accurate and reliable results, every time. 

2) Empire Mini GS

The Empire Mini GS features a Mini engine, hose-less design, clamping feedneck, and on/off ASA. This next-gen platform incorporates a wrap-around rubber foregrip that allows you to drop in the Redline OLED board without switching the foregrip out. Anti-chop break-beam eyes help this marker respond accurately and efficiently while the two-piece barrel features porting and are micro-honed for pinpoint results. 

3) HK Army SABR 

If you’re looking for a paintball gun that’s entry-level in price but an enjoyable experience nonetheless, check out the HK Army SABR. Use the included Allen keys to adjust the velocity to fit your paintball field’s regulations and double-finger trigger to ensure you’re making the best hits. There’s an easily-adjustable chronograph on the rear of this HK paintball marker, which runs off either compressed air or C02. 

The HK Army SABR requires little in the way of maintenance. This marker features a high-grade aluminum body with a ported barrel and internal gas-through grip. The adjustable clamping feedneck ensures the safe transfer of your paintballs. You can also easily remove the Delrin bolt for cleaning and repair. 

4) Planet Eclipse Emek 100

Entry level as the price may be, the Planet Eclipse Emek 100 features the performance and technology associated with the brand, in addition to reliability and overall quality. The Gamma Core spool valve drivetrain acts as the main engine, housed by the GRN composite body and aluminum inner body core. This paintball marker is PAL enabled so you can use a PAL Loader System if you desire. Planet Eclipse also configured this paintball marker with a DefTek offset feed, a hose-less air transfer system, and mechanical components that don’t require a battery.

5) Tippmann Cronus 

Not all entry-level paintball markers have to be black and bulky. Instead, you can purchase a military simulation (or mil-sim) style marker from Tippmann. The Tippmann Cronus features both black and tan color schemes that easily distinguish this marker as similar to a military issue. The in-line bolt system complements a ported barrel with front and rear sights atop it. There are four Picatinny rails to accessorize upon. If you find yourself bored with the basic look of the Tippmann Cronus, simply add on optional upgrade materials for a customized look. 

6) Dye Rize CZR

Dye Rize CZR has an entry-level price for a high-end capable paintball marker. Complete with a Precision True Bore barrel and Dye Cam Lever feedneck, this paintball marker is both accurate and comfortable to use in the field. The internal anti-chop eyes and patented Rize Fusion bolt provide seamless operation of the marker, in addition to the RAMP solenoid. With a low operating pressure of about 135 PSI, this marker will have you playing for hours with friends, family, and fellow paintball enthusiasts. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Starter Paintball Gun

When choosing a beginner paintball gun, you should think about how much you want to spend in addition to how easy to use, durable, and upgradeable that marker is. You can easily find a starter paintball gun that costs under $100. However, you may want to look more around the $150-$200 mark to get the most for your money. 

More expensive paintball markers, however, are not always easier to use. Instead, you’ll want to find a platform that makes sense to you, especially in terms of how it works and how to maintain it. Durability is key if you’re going to be playing a lot of paintball and want something that will take as many shots as you do. 

Plus, it’s easier to justify spending a lot of money on a starter paintball gun if you can upgrade it later. The availability of upgrade parts will determine which paintball markers are worth the upfront investment. 

Tips for Beginner Paintball Players

Knowing how to play paintball is one thing, but learning the game is another. When you first step out onto the field, make sure you’ve got all the necessary safety gear you need. Most fields will require players to wear specific gear, such as goggles and face masks. Pay attention to and abide by these rules to have a good time, rather than focusing on avoiding injury or getting kicked off the field. 

Choosing a good paintball field and team can also help you make the most of your investment. Teams should be supportive and play by the rules for the enjoyment of all. The best paintball fields allow for dynamic situations where ground cover varies from run-down buildings and broken-down vehicles to stripped helicopters and hollowed-out airplanes. The more immersive an experience you can have, the better.  


Investing in a paintball marker does take a bit of cash, though it can be worth it if you find you like playing paintball games with friends. At the same time, that doesn’t mean you have to fork over a chunk of change to find a reliable, durable, and worthy paintball marker to start out with. Instead, you should check out the beginner markers we’ve highlighted above to get the most out of your gameplay. 

If you’re looking for more paintball gear and accessories for beginners, check out Lone Wolf Paintball online store for the best selection in all things paintball. Our affordable prices give you the chance to get into paintball without a large upfront investment. We offer some of the best beginner gear to help start your paintball journey off on the right foot.

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Scenario Paintball: Tactics, Gear, and More

Scenario Paintball: Tactics, Gear, and More

In contrast to speedball and woodsball, scenario paintball prioritizes a storyline and several related missions. While a scenario paintball game may take place within a natural outdoor setting like woodsball, players take on various characters and may even re-enact historical or fantastical scenarios as well. Some scenario paintball games require the agility of speedball, but stamina takes precedence in most cases. 

What is Scenario Paintball?

As the name suggests, scenario paintball incorporates a story within the framework of a paintball battle or skirmish. The competition takes on new meaning from past historical events, battles fought in fantasy lands, or even real-world representations of virtual reality. In addition to the storyline framework, scenario paintball often includes several hundred to a thousand or more participants within a multi-day event. 


Storylines vary from one scenario paintball game to the next. Specific players exist within these agreed-upon narratives, such as generals, commanders, wizards, fantasy creatures, etc. Some players may take on general roles such as a medic or spy, while others embody a historical or fictional character for the duration of the game. 

Many of the most popular scenario paintball events 2022 had to offer included military simulation events across the country and even a few abroad. A quick search of “paintball scenario games 2022” may even reveal upcoming events for 2023. 

Mass Participation

Most scenario paintball games require more players than a typical game to recreate the storyline. Players join forces in the name of specific countries or groups to replicate the intended scenario. Such an undertaking requires extensive pre-planning, both for the field and the players. Most scenario paintball games require signing up months in advance to prepare, in addition to choosing characters, coordinating with other players, and even creating or assembling costumes for the event.  

Multi-day Events

Scenario paintball games tend to last entire weekends, if not more. Breaks are offered intermittently for players to rest, recover, and refuel. These events begin with outlined missions to accomplish on each side. Some take the form of defending a territory, while others require capturing specific props or objects. Toward the end of the scenario paintball game, a battle royale may ensue. In these fierce firefights, players volley any extra paintballs at the enemy in a final blaze of glory. 

Tactics (Tips) for Scenario Paintball

Scenario paintball requires the use of tactics to accomplish several missions within the game. While beginners may not understand the game fully their first time, participating in a scenario paintball game can improve a player’s experience for the next simulation. 


Players should understand the importance of communication, especially when it comes to accomplishing objectives. No matter what role a player has in the game, communicating the enemy’s position, target missions, or any other pertinent information requires constant contact. Better communication often results in not only obtaining an objective but also having fun.

Get in Shape

Participating in a scenario paintball game definitely helps players get in shape. The demands of the terrain can greatly impact stamina, especially in extended fights. Players may want to integrate workouts into their routine before a scenario paintball game to build stamina and strength. Focusing on rest and hydration during breaks will help as well. 

Understand the Terrain

Going into a scenario paintball game blind may not always result in the best experience. Getting to know the terrain is just as important as understanding the characters and storyline. Within a particular scenario, specific landmarks may take on various names. If players are unfamiliar with these landmarks in the first place, the game becomes that much harder. Playing a regular game of paintball on the same field before a scenario paintball game can definitely help increase knowledge and experience for a more enjoyable result.

Best Scenario Gear

Looking to get into scenario paintball games? Check out our selection of the best scenario paintball gear ready to hit the field running, no matter what the storyline. 

Tippmann Cronus 

Perfect for any military simulation (mil-sim) scenario paintball game, the Tippmann Cronus Tactical paintball marker features a composite body that delivers high performance in a durable frame. The in-line bolt system makes it easy to operate and the ported barrel gives that extra edge. Players can easily modify this paintball marker to fit with any custom scenario paintball gear setup. 

The Cronus incorporates fixed front and rear sights and a set of four Picatinny rails. In addition to the optional modification kit available, players can mount plenty of accessories to the Cronus for an authentic and custom look. 

Tippmann Stormer

For a military equivalent that begs for modification, check out the Tippmann Stormer. This modular configuration features an in-line bolt and a durable composite body. In addition, players can choose from one of three configurations to prioritize a tactical look. 

Planet Eclipse EMF 100

Players new to the sport will enjoy the Planet Eclipse EMF 100, an entry-level paintball marker that’s one of the best when it comes to scenario paintball guns. From the aluminum inner components to the composite outer frame, this spool marker includes a seamless air transfer system. The mechanical scenario paintball gun incorporates a DefTek offset feed, GRN frame and foregrip, and the Gamma Core spool valve drivetrain. 


Built to fulfill tactical needs, the Dye DAM paintball marker embodies the performance of higher-end markers without breaking the bank. This particular model switches from magazines to loaders with the flip of a switch and incorporates several standard Picatinny rails. In addition, the gas-through frame includes a quick-release bolt, hyper regulator, and Dye Tactical Sticky Grips. 

Players can choose from three firing modes with this Dye paintball marker, including semi-automatic, fully automatic, and three-round burst. For a scenario paintball gun that looks great and performs at the same time, give Dye DAM markers a try.

Tippmann TiPX Pistol 

Not all scenario paintball matches use rifles, which is where the Tippmann TiPX pistol comes in. This lightweight pistol incorporates a quick-release magazine feed system, an easy-load C02 cap, and an internal regulator. One pull of the trigger pierces the C02 cartridge so players can engage without much effort. In addition, the self-locking magazine and durable, ergonomic grip frame provide the leverage necessary for tactical movements across the field. 


Scenario paintball games bring an extra level of fun to the field and can even bring players together for a tighter community. Paintball enthusiasts worldwide can easily get into scenario paintball games, especially with field-ready gear from Lone Wolf. These scenario paintball guns and pistols represent just one part of a paintball game most players find hard to forget. Pick up gear from Lone Wolf Paintball today to dominate the field no matter the storyline. 

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Lone Wolf's Picks: Top 3 Paintball Vests

Lone Wolf's Picks: Top 3 Paintball Vests

Paintball vests help protect you during gameplay and carry the necessary ammunition and accessories for ultimate victory. Many players customize their paintball vests with color and the number of pouches. Some of the best paintball vests include the Valken Bravo Tactical, the Planet Eclipse Load Vest, and the Tippmann Sport Vest

Why Use Paintball Vests

Different paintball vests have different purposes. A paintball army vest could imitate the gear worn by U.S. soldiers, for example, and come in handy during military simulation scenarios. On the flip side, players may invest in general paintball vests, such as a paintball tactical vest, for games of various scenarios. No matter what type of paintball game you play, a paintball vest can mean the difference between painful hits and running out of critical gear at the worst time. 


Paintballs can sting, especially at close range. Your center mass must absorb the majority of the shots you take, so having a paintball vest you can rely on can reduce those impacts significantly. Even the slightest amount of padding can make a difference. 

In addition, a paintball vest can cover more of your body than most other types of gear. At the same time, these vests present the best opportunity for carrying gear into the field. Most players consider a paintball vest as a versatile accessory that’s well worth the additional weight.  


Friendly matches don’t often require the use of full gear. However, when it comes time to load out your gear and prepare for a simulated battle, a paintball tactical vest earns its keep. A paintball pod vest, for instance, can carry all the necessary ammunition for a prolonged game. Players who tether their markers require a paintball vest with a tank pouch to carry their air supply.  

Long woodsball games often require a durable and versatile paintball vest to make the most of your time. Paintball vests also allow players to carry additional accessories. This could include items such as a water bottle, extra magazines or pods, a radio, grenades, or even a map. The more usable storage you can achieve with a paintball vest, the better experience you’ll have. 

Our Top 3 Paintball Vests

Choosing the right paintball vest for you can present a challenge. To help you find the best paintball vest for you, we’ve compiled a list of our top tactical vests you can choose from. These vests include the Valken Bravo Tactical vest, the Planet Eclipse Load Vest, and the Tippmann Sport & Pro Vest.

Valken Bravo Tactical

paintball vest

Sometimes the most basic setup works the best. That’s why we’ve included the Valken Bravo Tactical paintball vest on our list. Don’t let the basic features fool you. Players can dominate the field with ease with a paintball vest like this one. 

Sturdy buckles and a variety of pockets characterize this paintball tactical vest. Four pouches up front carry magazines or pods of your choosing. A single pocket on the left side can carry smaller accessories. The smooth back allows you to easily strap a backpack on without worrying about creating a large profile. In addition, each of the buckling straps adjusts to fit your personal contouring. 

Planet Eclipse Load Vest

paintball vest

Fans of camouflage should definitely check out the Planet Eclipse Tactical Load Vest. This paintball vest blends a dynamic pattern with plenty of pouches and pockets to carry all the essentials. Velcro patches on the mag pouches and upper pockets even allow for morale patches. In addition, the vest incorporates a drag loop on the back for a more authentic look.  

Tippmann Sport & Pro Vest

paintball vest

Wearing a padded paintball vest can quickly drench you in sweat. The Tippmann Sport & Pro Vest incorporates a mesh base with digital camo for the best of both worlds. This vest zips in the front, allowing players to quickly move in and out of it if necessary. The different types of pouches and their corresponding sizes accommodate a variety of accessories. This includes mags, grenades, and whatever else players may need in the field. Across the back, you’ll find a pouch specifically designed for carrying an air tank horizontally as well.  

Paintball Vest Accessories

One of the easiest ways to pick out the best paintball vest for you requires taking stock of what you want to carry. A paintball tactical vest can carry several different accessories. It all depends on what type of paintball game you’re engaging in and your playing style. For example, a paintball vest with a tank pouch works well for those who require an extra air supply during gameplay. 

Pod Packs

Players may also want to carry extra paintballs within their tactical vests. Paintball pod packs within close reach can speed up reloading at critical points during the game. They can also help protect players from painful torso hits. Search for a paintball pod vest, specifically if having ammunition at the ready ranks at the top of your list. 

Water Bottle and Canteen

A paintball army vest with the capacity for a water bottle can keep you hydrated without weighing you down. Fierce competition can quickly sap your strength and leave you drenched in sweat. Depending on what type of water bottle or canteen you choose, you can hydrate on the go without having to worry about digging through a backpack. 

In addition, players can also customize their water bottles or canteens. Staying hydrated becomes easier when you’re reminded of why you play and even who you play with. Whichever paintball tactical vest you choose, don’t overlook the importance of a water bottle. 


A paintball pod vest can easily hold paintball magazines as well. These paintball mag vests store extra paintballs until go time. Woodsball players find these tactical vests especially useful, considering a magazine could mean the difference between conquering the enemy and falling prey to their fire. 


Choosing the best paintball vest for you takes some time and window shopping. However, investing in a quality paintball vest can improve your performance and the game’s enjoyability. For the best selection in paintball vests and other protective gear, check out Lone Wolf Paintball’s online store. With so many styles to choose from and combinations to try, you can easily customize your paintball vest to fit your personality without having to break your budget.
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Are Paintball Guns Good for Self-Defense: What to Know

Are Paintball Guns Good for Self-Defense: What to Know

Anyone who has ever played paintball before has wondered what it would be like to use a paintball gun as a self-defense weapon. Getting hit with a paintball hurts, so obviously, there’s some merit to using a paintball gun as an instrument of self-defense, right? Well, it may seem that way during a game of paintball. However in a real-life situation where quick, decisive, and robust defense is needed, a paintball gun may not be the best option. Anyone who is willing to break and enter a house or vehicle could reasonably be assumed to not be in a rational state of mind and therefore, the rules of rationality do not apply. In other words, it’s likely that a paintball gun with paintball will worsen the situation by making the attacker angrier.

In situations where human life is on the line, someone defending his or her house will want to have the highest possible force multiplier–usually, this comes in the form of a firearm. However, there are a number of reasons why people may be unable or unwilling to carry the responsibility of firearm ownership. In some areas of the country and world, it can be prohibitively difficult and expensive to obtain a firearm or just plain illegal. In other cases, a person's legal history may prevent him or her from owning firearms. In either of these cases, obtaining a firearm is essentially not an option. There are, however, less lethal and non-lethal options that may be used for self defense.

While a paintball gun may not be the best option for self-defense, First Strike and Tippmann both manufacture a paintball-style marker that shoots .68 capsules that contain OC powder, also known as pepper powder. In a defense scenario, these “pepper guns” may be a viable option to repel a threat to life and limb.

Why Choose A Paintball Gun For Self Defense

A paintball gun is likely inadequate for any serious defense scenario. However, a pepper ball gun may be sufficient to repel an attacker. Apart from being legally ineligible for firearm ownership, some may understandably decide they don’t want the potential liability of firearm ownership. In this case, non-lethal and less-than-lethal options are ideal as they reduce or eliminate the loss of human life while maximizing the capacity to repel an attacker. There are still certain risks associated with using these types of defensive weapons, just as there are risks with using real firearms. At the end of the day, risk cannot be eliminated in defensive situations; individuals must decide for themselves what sort of risk they are willing to tolerate.


One of the best things about paintball guns is that they are non-lethal. Paintball has never been directly responsible for any sort of mortality, though some argue that paintball can be deadly by causing heart attacks in unhealthy players. However, the paintballs themselves are not lethal. A direct shot to the face or eye can maim and cause permanent damage to a would-be attacker. However, a lethal situation is almost impossible. When paintballs with OC powder (pepper balls) are added to the mix, the effectiveness of the paintball gun as a self-defense weapon increases dramatically.


One thing to consider when thinking about a paintball gun is concealment. Attacks don’t just happen at home, they can happen anywhere and at any time. The bulk and ostentatious nature of a paintball gun is simply not practical for using it as a portable defense weapon. In fact, someone seen walking around with a paintball gun is likely to have more negative interactions with other people than if they were unarmed. Any sort of defensive weapon that’s carried on someone’s body should be inconspicuous enough to blend in and not cause problems. Even pepperball guns are not an exception since they generally tend to be bulky and appear similar to real firearms. In a state that restricts carrying, this could be a real problem if there’s a run-in with law enforcement, even though technically no laws have been broken. At the end of the day, the carrier would be less safe carrying a pepperball gun.

Pepper Ball Guns For Self Defense

Because of the difficulties of portability, neither paintball guns nor pepperball guns are good pieces of hardware for mobile defense. However, pepperball guns might be just the solution for someone looking to protect his or her family. These guns have paintballs filled with a powder-version of pepper spray. On impact, the balls break and release the powder around the assailant, causing a similar reaction to pepper spray.


Pepper ball guns have the advantages of nearly universal legality. There are almost no scenarios where a background check is necessary to purchase one and they’re legal in most jurisdictions (but check your local laws to make sure). Additionally, these pepper ball guns are non lethal and are unlikely to cause any loss of human life. They are also one of the most effective ways of repelling a threat. Of course, there is a possibility that the attacker doesn’t respond to the OC powder, but this is unlikely. If the goal is to get the attacker to retreat without causing serious injury or loss of life, a pepper ball gun is the perfect option.


Pepper ball guns do have a handful of disadvantages. First, some people are resistant to OC powder or may be too inebriated to have normal physical reactions to it. Second, just like paintball guns, pepper ball guns are not rifled and therefore are inaccurate at long distances. To effectively deploy a pepper ball, the shooter must be close to the attacker which opens the door to two possibilities: 1. Defender gets attacked directly or 2. The OC powder can affect both the attacker and defender. Finally, the powder diffuses rapidly, so any use in an outdoor space may be ineffective and any use indoors may affect everyone in the room.


Paintball guns are not ideal weapons for self defense. Apart from being minimally painful, a paintball marker could sit in disuse for several years before it was ever needed. During this time other hazards like high-pressure air tanks become more dangerous than any potential attacker. At the end of the day, those interested in protecting themselves with a paintball-like gun are best served by selecting a pepper ball gun. Lone Wolf Paintball has First Strike Pepper Ball guns as well as several other models available for your defense needs. For more information or to see a wider array of paintball products and defensive products, please visit our online store.
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Who Invented Paintball? (and When?)

Who Invented Paintball? (and When?)

The answer to the question “who invented paintball” is twofold. The paintball gun was created in the 1960s as a way for loggers to mark trees to cut down, and cattle farmers to mark cattle from afar on horseback. But the game of paintball, well that’s a different story, one that we’ll dive into to uncover the rich history of paintball. 

What Was Paintball Originally Used For?

Originally invented to mark trees and cattle, the marker itself was invented in the 1960s by Charles Nelson. The gun was never intended to be used on people, and was created to be a much more accurate and easier way to mark trees and livestock from afar by park rangers and cattle farmers.

In 1972, the Nelson Paint Company tried to sell their marker, the Crosman 707, but it was a commercial failure. Charles Nelson decided to partner with Daisy, the company famous for making the iconic Red Ryder BB Gun. Nelson was able to turn his idea into the iconic Nel-Spot 007 marker, ushering in a new era of paintball as a survival sport. 

It would take twenty years after the creation of the paintball marker for twelve friends to use them in a game of capture the flag. 

From Tagging Trees to Tagging Friends

The game itself started as a bet. Who would win in a survival contest, the country-raised woodsman or city-born Wall Street stockbroker? Would the city-dweller’s instinct to survive rise above the knowledge of a man who spent his youth hunting, fishing and building cabins? From an argument that started over a round of drinks, Bob Gurnsey (a sporting goods retailer,) Hayes Noel (the Wall Street stockbroker,) Charles Gaines (an outdoorsman and writer) were about to begin the world’s first game of paintball. 

In June of 1981 in the New Hampshire countryside, twelve players with Nel-Spot 007 paintball markers got ready to settle the bet, once and for all. The first game was a capture-the-flag format, with six woodsmen and six city men battling it out to collect all flags without being eliminated to be crowned the winner. 

It’s reported that the game was won by the woodsmen, more specifically by a forester Ritchie White. White chose stealth as his strategy. He quietly moved to each flag station, collecting all of his flags, winning the game without firing a shot. 

The Evolution of Paintball

One of the twelve players, Bob Jones, wrote an article about his experience in the first-ever game of paintball that was published in the 1981 October issue of Sports Illustrated. Readers were fascinated by the bet and the idea of a contest for survival. The article launched a nationwide interest in what was eventually trademarked the “National Survival Game,” the game of paintball. 

After the success of the article, Bob Gurnsey (one of the original players) began selling a $150 “Survival Game” package, including a paintball marker, paintballs, goggles, and a rule book. Gurnsey made a deal with the Nelson Paint Company and turned a considerable profit setting up paintball fields and distributing paintball gear. In 1982, he opened the world’s first commercial paintball field in New Hampshire.

In 1983, Gurnsey would host the first major paintball tournament, the National Survival Game National Championship with a grand prize of $3,000. From then on, paintball would spread as an international sensation. 

What Paintball Looks Like Today

From its humble beginnings in the woods, paintball has become a beloved sport with worldwide recognition. Today, the sport is played for recreation and competitively with formal sporting events that involve professional teams and players. In 1995, paintball had its TV debut as ESPN screened the World Championship Games.

It’s a multimillion-dollar industry that’s ever-evolving. With major tournaments, customized outdoor tactical fields and stadiums with artificial terrain, paintball has officially become a recognized sport and an international phenomenon. 

It’s no longer just a competition game, paintball is also used by military forces, law enforcement, and security organizations to supplement training. There’s a wide range of games available, from capture the flag to elimination to even zombie paintball shooting games. 

In terms of paintball gear, there’s more variety than ever before. After Bob Gurnsey founded the first paintball company, rival paintball companies sprang up and paintball technology quickly developed. Paintball technology developed to create state-of-the-art equipment, from high-quality Tippmann markers and Spyder markers to the creation of biodegradable, water-soluble, non-toxic paintballs. 

Paintballs also developed from being oil-based in the ‘80s to being the vegetable oil and gelatin mix that we are familiar with today. Players are no longer stuck shooting single-shot pistols; modern paintball equipment might include fully-automatic speedball games with markers that cost over $1,000. 

The Future of Paintball

From its roots as a survival game, many players have tried to face the decades-old question: who would win in a contest of wilderness survival? For modern players, the game has evolved from a trial of trying to survive in the woods. With a range of guns and gear available from masks to markers, there’s plenty of variety in modern paintball equipment. While it is true that the game is more about a player’s skill and daring than the price of their marker, it’s clear that technological improvements have had a tremendous impact on the way the sport is played. 

At Lone Wolf Paintball, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of paintball technology. 

We specialize in retail sales, game-play, special events and multimedia entertainment. Check out our range of products and get the best combination of quality, performance and price anywhere in the game of paintball!

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The Complete Paintball Gift Guide For Every Player

The Complete Paintball Gift Guide For Every Player

With the holiday season quickly approaching, many paintballers are making their lists and checking them twice for the best paintball gear on the market. To help you make your list, Lone Wolf has put together our top equipment list for every kind of paintballer, beginner and professional alike. Whether you need a new marker or just some new accessories, we have the master paintball Christmas Gift Guide for you. 

Paintball Markers

A good paintball marker is one of the most important pieces of equipment that a player can have on the field. There is plenty of variety between paintball guns, and certain paintball guns are best in certain scenarios, so it’s important to do enough research before buying. Beginners will want an all-around great marker like the Empire Mini GS, which really shines in speedball but can also be used for woodsball. Professionals and advanced players on the other hand, would be thrilled by the DLX TM40

Best Beginner Speedball Gun

For a new paintball player hoping to find a paintball gun under the Christmas tree, the Empire GS Mini is a great beginner-friendly option and an all-around great marker. This paintball gun is best used for speedball but can certainly be applied for woodsball too. With multiple adjustable firing modes (including PSP, Millenium, Semi-Auto) and a wrap-around foregrip for improved accuracy and control, this option is perfect for a fast-paced game with a high rate of fire. Check out our review of the Empire Mini GS here.

Best Tournament Paintball Gun

With improved efficiency, water resistance and more, the Shocker AMP is at the cutting edge of paintball marker technology. Anyone in the paintball realm knows that this paintball marker is the tournament standard. It’s one of the lightest and slimmest professional-level tournament markers ever built. The Shocker® AMP will be the perfect gift for the tournament paintballer in your life. Check out our Shocker AMP review here.

Best Luxury Paintball Marker

As the luxury pick in our Christmas Gift Guide, this paintball gun has a higher price tag, but don’t let that scare you. The Luxe TM40 is the embodiment of the Luxe brand; sleek and modern yet instantly recognizable with its unmistakable handling. The Luxe TM40 is one of the best-looking and performing markers in paintball. For the paintballer who wants to be the best on the field, this is what they’ll want to see under the tree. Check out our Luxe TM40 review here.

Best Paintball Accessories

In addition to having the best paintball marker, having the best accessories will help make the game more enjoyable.

Virtue Vio Ascend Goggle

With a mid-range price tag, the Virtue Vio Ascend paintball goggles are a solid choice. The Virtue VIO Ascend is lightweight and comfortable while still providing maximum protection. These goggles come with standard necessities like a fog-resistant thermal lens and added extras like a scratch-resistant lens coating, making them a great affordable option. Check out our Virtue Vio Ascend review here.

Dye i5

DYE i5 goggles are the top-of-the-line goggles and the next evolution in paintball eye and face protection technology. The Dye i5 goggles have the e.VOKE communication system, making the i5 the most advanced goggle system in the industry today. For serious players with a tactical team who need instant communication on the field, these goggles are the only choice. Check out our Dye i5 review here.

Push Unite

Designed for comfort, the Push Unite Goggles features total face fit customization with high-performance ventilation. This state-of-the-art goggle from Push maximizes visibility on the field. With a universal fit and nose bridge adjustment system, this is a safe pick for a functional goggle that will fit almost anyone. See our Push Unite review here. 

Best Paintball Hoppers

Dye LT-R

For quality performance at a reasonable price, the Dye LT-R is a top pick for players that want fast-loading capability. The DYE Rotor platform is the number one choice in loader technology among paintball players. Get trusted quality and proven consistency for a mid-range price with the Dye LT-R. Check out our Dye LT-R video review here.

Virtue Spire IV



This latest model of the Spire family has a new look that luxury paintballers will love–the Virtue Spire IV. An automatic feeder, backwards compatibility with earlier Virtue models and stronger, more reliable glass-filled nylon make this option worth the money. Check out our Spire IV review here.

Halo Too



As the most affordable paintball hopper in our paintball gift guide, the Empire Halo Too is the best performing paintball loader for the money. The new, matte black poly-carbonate shell can withstand any hit and can easily fit 180 paintballs. For beginner and intermediate players, this is an easy best choice. See our video review of Halo Too here.

Spire IR2



From beginners to serious players, the Virtue Spire has become an established brand name in the loader scene all around the world. The Virtue Spire IR2 is paintball's best value-to-performance loader. Not quite Virtue’s Spire IV, but more advanced than the Halo Too, this is a great mid-range option with quality performance from a trusted brand. Check out our review of the Spire IR2 here.

Best Protective Equipment

HK Army Crash Knee Pads

Stay safe on the field with HK knee pads, arm pads, and more. Designed for high-impact performance, the HK Army Crash Knee Pads offer enhanced durability. Their dual-layered pad system absorbs shock and reduces knee joint impact so you can play without pain for longer. See our video review of the Crash knee pads here.

HK Army CTX Arm Pads


The HK Army CTX Arm Pads offer enhanced comfort and durability. With neoprene arm support, built-in gloves, and breathable sleeves, these arm pads are beloved by paintballers worldwide. See our CTX arm pad review here.

HK Army Diggerz X 1.5 Hight Top Cleats



Designed for competitive paintball, the HK Army Diggerz X 1.5 Hight Top Cleats give maximum traction while playing on astroturf, grass, mud, and dirt. Players concerned about traction on the field will light up when they see these under the tree. With the Diggerz X1, you’ll never have to worry about losing traction again. Check out our Diggerz review here.


If you’re looking to give the gift of paintball this holiday season, we hope our Paintball Gift Guide helps improve your search. Our list of the top paintball gear choices, with details on which equipment is best for different scenarios, makes your buying decision easier. In addition to all of these great selections, Lone Wolf’s online store has hundreds of other options for the best paintballing experience. 

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Can a Paintball Gun Kill You?

Can a Paintball Gun Kill You?

Paintball is a very safe sport and generally does not cause any long-term injury. Paintball guns are controlled in such a way that the paintballs do not fly fast enough to inflict any long-lasting injury. Additionally, players are required to wear protective equipment, which further reduces the amount of damage that someone can suffer from playing the sport. 

However, anyone who has shot a paintball gun before has wondered, “if you got hit in just the right way, could you die from this?” The short answer is that paintball guns just are not powerful enough to kill someone with a single shot. However, that doesn’t mean that paintball guns are dangerous or that there haven’t been fatal events during paintball games.

How Dangerous Are Paintball Guns

Just because paintball guns can’t kill with a single shot doesn’t mean that they aren’t capable of maiming or seriously injuring someone. Paintball masks and other protective equipment are mandatory on nearly all paintball fields since the misuse of paintball guns and protective equipment can be dangerous. Even while using all of the correct protective equipment, paintballs can still hurt and even leave welts and cause occasional bruising. 

Direct shots to the face and eyes from a paintball gun can cause serious injury. Additionally, direct shots from a distance that’s too close are extremely painful and can cause bruising that lasts for a week or two. However, these incidents usually occur when players misuse paintball markers or don’t adhere to close-range surrender rules. Overall, the sport of paintball is incredibly safe and injuries serious injuries are incredibly rare.

Has Anyone Ever Died During Paintball?

While nobody has died from direct shots from paintball guns, people have died on the paintball field from other causes. In 2008, a 39-year-old man from Victoria, Australia, died from a heart attack after playing paintball. Reportedly, the man was hit in the chest from a surprise paintball shot. After the game, the man collapsed in his car and was later found to be deceased.

While paintball may have contributed to the man’s death, it is likely that there were other contributing factors. Any 39-year-old who suffers a heart attack is generally not a healthy individual and direct shots from a paintball gun, even from close range, should not cause heart attacks. Players who are concerned about dying in a paintball match should make sure that they take care of themselves–avoid eating processed foods, drink sufficient water, avoid vices, and exercise regularly. If the body is regularly placed under cardiovascular stress in a gym or while running, then it is unlikely they will suffer any severe complications on the paintball field.

The Population Bias

As with anything, if a high enough number of people engage in an activity, someone at some point is likely to die doing that thing. Even if it’s just doing something mundane like mowing a lawn or making cookies, someone at some point in time has died while doing those things. This same idea can be applied to paintball. If enough people play paintball, at some point, someone will eventually die during a paintball game or immediately after a paintball game. This doesn’t mean that paintball is a deadly activity any more than mowing a lawn or baking cookies is deadly. At some point, it is just bound to happen.

Paintball May Actually Help To Keep You Healthy

Instead of paintball being a cause for concern for safety, paintball can actually help keep you healthy. Paintball involves a lot of sprinting, diving, and squatting. By the end of a day of paintball, players are generally sweaty, tired, and ready for a hearty meal with their friends. Engaging in the type of exercise that paintball promotes can actually help you stay healthy and lead to a longer life. Of course, if a player is unhealthy or concerned about any condition, he or she should check with their doctor before playing paintball. Some people may be too elderly or have too many risk factors to be able to engage in paintball in a safe manner. If you have any questions or concerns, contact your doctor before playing paintball.

How to Stay Safe and Avoid Injuries While Playing Paintball

The best way to stay safe and avoid paintball injuries is to make sure that you are in good shape. Those who take care of themselves physically will generally be less likely to injure themselves. Additionally, recovery from any injury will take less time than if a player were unhealthy.

Another way to stay safe and avoid injuries while playing paintball is to wear all of the suggested safety equipment. Players should use gloves to protect their hands as well as a mask to protect their faces and eyes. Some of the different masks offer more protection than others, so players should be sure to pay attention to which mask they purchase. There are also chest/torso protectors, which help reduce the amount of shock delivered to a player's chest when they get hit.

CO2 Tanks: The Real Danger

The one conceivable way that someone could die from a paintball gun is an explosion of the CO2 or compressed air tank. These tanks are under extremely high pressure (4500 psi). Scuba tanks, by comparison, are only pressurized to about 3000 psi which is a full 30% less than a paintball tank. If an air tank at full pressure exploded or suffered a catastrophic failure while a player uses it as a stock, that explosion could conceivably kill you. Since the tank is located very close to your head and chest, an explosion could damage critical anatomy and kill a player. This is why it is so important to use an ASA and properly store an air tank after every use. Additionally, if your tank has several years of wear and tear already, it’s important to cycle through tanks and change them out once they’re old.


While it’s almost impossible to die from paintball, it is possible to get injured, which is why players need to take safety seriously. Lone Wolf Paintball has the biggest and best selection of paintball safety equipment on the market to help players stay safe and perform at the highest level. To see a full selection of our products, please visit our online store. Happy paintballing!

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Top 7 Paintball Harnesses

Top 7 Paintball Harnesses

Playing paintball requires different types of equipment, like the paintball gun itself, protective equipment, and other accessories for success on the field. A paintball harness, for example, aids in gameplay by holding pod packs for quick reloading. There are different types of paintball harnesses to choose from, depending on paintball quantity, game style, and other accessories for gameplay. 

What is a Paintball Harness?

Most paintball harnesses commonly attach in some way to your midsection or waist for quick access to your ammunition. They’re also called paintball packs, pod packs, or ball haulers. Paintball harnesses carry extra paintball ammunition so you can reload on the go. In some cases, you may even be able to carry other accessories in additional loops and/or pouches as well.  

What Are Paintball Pods?

Paintballs store easily in paintball pod packs. Generally speaking, paintball pods hold 140 paintballs. Perfect for hoppers with a 200-round capacity, these paintball pods hold plenty of ammunition for pump and tactical players with lower-capacity hoppers, too. 

Paintball pods are plastic tubes with spring-loaded lids. Most lids incorporate a tab or recess to allow you to quickly open the tube to reload. You can purchase paintball pods in several shapes and sizes, depending on your application. 

How Does the Paintball Harness Fit?

Paintball harnesses commonly fit around your body with nylon webbing, velcro straps, or an elastic waist belt. 

Cheap and affordable, nylon webbing represents the most common method of securing a paintball harness to your body. Features include a quick-release buckle that makes it easy to take the harness off and put it back on, as well as a better fit for larger-built players. While the fit isn’t as snug as other paintball harnesses, most beginners use nylon webbing. 

Velcro straps help to fit the paintball harness to your body with better results while remaining low-cost. These harnesses strap to your body with two individual non-stretch belts. This type of paintball harness won’t flop around as much as a nylon webbing harness, but they aren’t necessarily as strong as they could be when it comes to the velcro holding up against heavy objects. 

Finally, elastic waist belts remain the popular choice for speedball and tournament paintball players. These paintball harnesses provide both carrying capacity and support for your back. A single velcro strap stretches across your body, while the second one attaches to the first for a snug fit. Rubber and neoprene are common materials used with elastic waist belts, as they provide a no-slip hold that stays snug. Larger players may have trouble with these belts. 

What Are the Different Types of Paintball Harnesses?

Paintball harnesses are typically categorized as either horizontal or vertical, depending on the direction from which the paintball pods are held. 

For instance, horizontal paintball harnesses typically hold an even number of pods. They are placed perpendicular to your body so that you can reach from either side to retrieve a paintball pod and reload. Depending on your size, these harnesses can stick out easily as quick targets. You may also experience difficulties removing pods from your non-dominant side during gameplay, as well as trouble making any sudden tactical maneuvers on your side or back. 

Conversely, vertical paintball harnesses provide access to your paintball pods from either hand. The harness itself is centered on your body and the paintball sleeves are open downwards so that you can extract paintball pods from below. Replacing empty paintball pods can be difficult with this design, but many players prefer it for the low-profile approach. 

Our Favorite Paintball Harnesses

Here are some of our favorite paintball harnesses that will not only hold your paintball pods but also give you a certain amount of flair. 

#1 HK Army Zero G 2.0

This strapless harness can carry up to nine paintball pods, with two configurations to choose from. The Tension Control system allows you to adjust the fit of your HK Army Zero-G 2.0 paintball harness for better results. Choose from a variety of colors to match your existing tactical gear. 

#2 Infamous Reflex 

Bounce plagues a lot of paintball players, at least those who don’t have the Infamous Reflex paintball harness. This particular harness features a patented strapless pod system, laser-cut MOLLE straps, and the ability to customize your paintball harness with personal patches. Plus the back plate breathes to allow for a non-slip grip. 

#3 Virtue Breakout V2

Affordably priced, this paintball harness makes use of two velcro panels that cinch down for a snug fit. The back pad breathes as it supports you during gameplay. You won’t find any straps in this design, which features a pocket for your personal belongings. The Virtue Breakout V2 works with all pod designs, making it a valuable universal paintball harness you’ll enjoy. 

#4 HK Army Magtek 

Available in 3+2, 4+3, and 5+4 formats, the HK Army Magtek paintball harness holds paintball pods snugly in place. Intermediary loops provide extra capacity for whatever other accessories you may need. The four-magnet system that holds each paintball pod in place remains a popular feature. 

#5 Carbon SC Harness

With best-in-class materials and a high-class look, the Carbon SC Harness comes in two available sizes. The ventilated belt with silicone coating keeps you cool, all while minimizing any movement as you play. Due to the material type, this particular paintball harness is lightweight. If you’re a paintball player who values speed and efficiency, this paintball harness fits the bill. 

#6 Dye Assault Pack

Don’t be fooled by the simple design of this paintball harness. The Dye Assault Pack’s quick-release handles and cupped neoprene ejector loops allow you to efficiently access your paintball pods in this design. You can also choose from two different configurations to fit your style of play. 

#7 HK Army Eject 

If color and customization are part of your purchasing decision, check out this paintball harness from HK Army. Featuring back support, lightweight materials, and a rugged design, the HK Army Eject includes a two-way adjustable waistband. Plus, the anti-slip back support ensures your pods aren’t going far, even if you have to. 


Having the right paintball harness will make sure you’re equipped with enough ammunition to last for the entire game. When positioned correctly, paintball harnesses and pod packs can also offer additional protection from uncomfortable paintball impacts. For a better selection of paintball harnesses and other paintball equipment, please visit the Lone Wolf Paintball online store. Happy paintballing!

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The 101 on Paintball Barrel Kits

The 101 on Paintball Barrel Kits

What Is A Barrel Kit?

Paintballs are filled with a mix of gelatin, glycerin, and other materials and can easily be affected by environmental conditions. As the temperature and humidity levels within an environment change, so too does the size of the paintballs. Though produced to be .68 caliber, most paintballs fluctuate in size as conditions change. 

In fact, the gelatin or cornstarch shell expands and contracts with corresponding temperature changes. For example, warm/humid air causes the shell to swell and become bouncier than normal. Alternatively, colder conditions can cause paintballs to shrink in size, resulting in brittle shells that are prone to breaking. 

This fluctuation in the size of the paintball can present difficulties when it comes to accuracy, air efficiency, and sound report. For example, if a paintball is too loose, you will lose accuracy as the paintball marker uses excess air to propel the paintball down the barrel. With a less-than-tight fit, the marker will also be louder. At the same time, a tighter fit isn’t always better, as it can cause your paintballs to break before they exit the barrel. 

Barrel kits provide a reliable and flexible solution to the change in paintball size. Most systems will include multiple barrel diameters. This allows you to find the optimal fit without the risk of breaking paintballs. The best barrel kits match the paintballs you’re working with at that time for a better overall experience. 

Most barrel kits come in either a one-piece, two-piece, or three-piece setup. One-piece barrels incorporate multiple inner diameters for the best fit possible. Popular Custom Products Barrel Kits feature a two-piece barrel, comprised of the barrel front and barrel back. The barrel backs come in various-sized inner diameters. Similarly, three-piece barrel kits, such as the GOG Freak Barrel Kit, include a barrel front, barrel back, and inserts/tubes that range in size that set the inner diameter. 

How Do You Use A Barrel Kit?

Most barrel kits don’t require much more than 10 minutes and some light instruction to install.

Using a barrel kit requires you to test the paintballs you’ll be using on the field that day. If you test before a game, you’re likely to get better results than if you were to test days before. Take a few of the paintballs you’ll be using and place one in the end of the barrel kit. 

Notice how the paintball fits in the barrel. If the paintball rolls straight out the other end, the bore of the barrel is too large. If you were to run that barrel's inner diameter, you’re sure to experience issues with air efficiency, accuracy, and the noise level of the paintball marker. 

However, if the paintball doesn’t move at all, the inner diameter of that barrel is too small. Broken paintballs tend to come from bores that are too tight. 

When you’ve found a bore that feels as though the fit is snug but not too tight, you can test it. Simply place your mouth on one end of the barrel and attempt to blow it out the other side. Optimal inner diameters allow you to easily blow the paintball out of the maker while still fitting comfortably against the bore. 

Note that if you are playing with brittle paintballs and/or on a cold day, you should choose a barrel kit inner diameter that is one size up from the optimal bore size. This will help accommodate the paintballs as they get warmer during gameplay. 

1. Freak XL Aluminum 

Complete with a convenient carrying case and color-coded barrels, this Freak XL Aluminum barrel kit makes it easy to choose the right barrel for your scenario. This system comes with a barrel back, a freak tip, and a total of eight inserts you can use to ensure you’re getting the most out of your paintball marker. 

Choose the right barrel threads for your marker to ensure the barrel kit you receive is compatible. Insert sizes include inner diameters ranging from .679 to .695. You can easily store these inserts in the provided carrying case, which features a convenient zipper closure and carrying handle for ease of use. 

2. Dye UL-S barrels 

With a centering two-piece design and plenty of customization to express your unique style, the Dye UL-S barrels pair effortlessly with DYE barrel tips on paintball markers with Autococker Quick threads. The barrel itself features dynamic porting that optimizes harmonics and deadens sound at the same time. Plus, you can purchase the barrel tips and the barrel back in two different colors. 

This kit includes four bore sizes: .678, .680, .682, .684, and .686. These common sizes allow you to adjust your barrel for gameplay conditions and have fun doing it. Take advantage of the precision honing and lightweight construction found in this barrel kit to dramatically improve your gameplay results. 

3. HK Army LAZR Kit

If you’re looking for unrivaled performance, the HK Army LAZR Kit should be your go-to barrel kit. These high-quality two-piece barrels are made from aluminum and come in a variety of colors. Plus, the barrel back grip is available in red, black, grey, and blue as well. 

One of the coolest features of this barrel kit is the included paintball sizer. The Ball Sizer speeds up the process of having to find the perfect inner diameter as we described above. Instead, you simply insert the paintball into the openings of the Ball Sizer until you find a snug fit. 

4. Carbon SS8 

Customization is king with the Carbon SS8 barrel kit from Freak XL. Choose your insert kit, color, and barrel threads to ensure the barrel kit you order fits your particular paintball marker. This two-piece design prioritizes weight, and the back sleeve features injected carbon fiber that sets this barrel kit apart from the rest. 

Again, you’ll have the option of choosing color-coded inserts ranging in size from .679 to .695. Each of the inserts fits within the carrying case that zippers closed for later use. Even when inserted into the barrel, these inserts can be seen through dynamic ports near the center of the barrel. 


Choosing the right barrel kit for your marker and the environmental conditions is key to having a great time on the paintball field. Too much ball breakage or inaccuracy can quickly make the game turn frustrating rather than fun. For a full selection of paintball barrel kits and other accessories, please visit Lone Wolf’s online store.

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Compressed Air Tanks: A Beginner's Guide

Compressed Air Tanks: A Beginner's Guide

Before you purchase a paintball gun, you’ll want to research and decide which type of air system you’ll use to power the gun. In addition to learning the two main air systems that paintball guns use, you’ll also want to consider cost, both short-term and in the long run, as well as durability and maintenance. 

An Overview of Paintball Air Systems

Paintball air systems are either fueled by CO2 or compressed air. 

Compressed Air VS CO2

For new players, using CO2 can be one of the easiest ways to get out on the field and start playing. You simply load the CO2 capsule, or cartridge, in and once it’s pierced, you can begin gameplay. There are many sizes of CO2 cartridges available, from small 12-gram cartridges used in many paintball pistols to the standard 24-ounce refillable tank.  

Whereas CO2 paintball guns are cheaper to run, a paintball compressed air tank is often the preferred way to go for seasoned paintball players. The paintball compressed air tank stores compressed air to meter out via the regulator so that each shot can be consistent and less affected by temperature differences. At the same time, paintball compressed air tanks can wear a bit more on the internal components as they are under higher pressures. 

Tank Size

Paintball compressed air tanks are typically either rated for 3,000 PSI or 4,500 PSI. These ratings describe the pressure capacity, meaning you can have a certain amount of air pressure for that rating. It does not describe how much air flows out of the regulator once the valve is activated. 

Choosing a paintball gun that runs 3,000 PSI of compressed air should get you quite a few shots in terms of overall efficiency. However, the higher pressure of 4,500 PSI is really where efficiency spikes. At the same time, you should consider the compressed air tank size. Does the size allow you to put it on a backpack and carry it around, or are you having to heft it up onto your shoulder each time you play? Efficiency in terms of size and weight is crucial as well. 

Regulators & Adaptors

Many paintball compressed air adapters are hidden within the grip for a better overall appearance. This can also help protect them during gameplay as well as in storage. The adapter itself allows for air to flow between the regulator and the air tank during filling, especially when those fill points are different. Regulators, on the other hand, act as a gauge to indicate how much pressure (PSI) sits within the paintball compressed air tank. As you use your paintball gun, the pressure will drop and so will the regulator needle. 


Most paintball compressed air tanks are made from durable aluminum that is wrapped in carbon fiber, which helps the metal to stay firm and gives it an aesthetic flare.

Paintball Air Tank Maintenance

Because paintball compressed air tanks hold compressed air, proper maintenance is an issue of safety. Failure to safely maintain your compressed air bottle can cause destructive failure at any given moment.  Most paintball compressed air tanks are filled with an air source adapter (ASA) fitting. External threads can be found on one end, while internal threads on the other are accompanied by an airproof rubber o-ring. These fittings allow the tank to be safely and quickly filled and emptied for maintenance purposes. 


Refilling a tank can be done way before it reaches “0” on the regulator's face. In fact, topping off your paintball compressed air tank is often easier to do than draining it to empty and then refilling it.

To refill your paintball compressed air tank, simply connect the air source (such as a fill station) securely to your gun’s fill nipple. Activate the fill lever to allow flow between the fill source and your compressed air tank. Once the pressure has equalized, the actuator level should be shut off. The paintball compressed air tank can be disconnected, most often with a loud hiss.   


Emptying your compressed air tank can, in some cases, be more dangerous than filling it. You won’t be able to unscrew the regulator from the bottle of compressed air (and you shouldn’t try). 

Instead, you can simply actuate the trigger until all the compressed air has left the tank. If you no longer have it connected to a paintball gun, you can take the compressed air tank and carefully depress the fill nozzle. This will allow a small amount of air to escape, but it requires constant pressure to release. Don’t press too hard, or you could release way more air than you meant to. It could also potentially cause harm depending on how quickly you release the air. 

Best 3 Paintball Air Tanks for Beginners

Our top three paintball compressed air tanks for beginners include the HK Army Aluminum Tank, the Ninja Lite Air Tank, and finally, the Empire Mega Lite Air Tank. 

1. HK Army Aluminum 48/3000


For a small investment, you can use compressed air in your paintball gun, which is why we’ve chosen the HK Army Aluminum 48/3000 Air Tank. This air tank can be filled to 3,000 PSI, making it an entry-level option for those of you still new to paintball and/or compressed air. 

This tank features a black air tank rated to an output of 800 PSI. This is plenty of power for most of your beginner paintball guns, especially when you consider you’re likely to get at least 10 shots per cubic inch from this tank. The tank also comes with a fill level gauge and fill nipple. 

2. Ninja Lite Air Tanks

The Ninja brand is well known in the compressed air world, especially when it comes to customization. You can purchase any number of Ninja Lite air tanks in various colors, from a deep red in carbon fiber to a metallic blue aluminum finish. 

Ninja paintball compressed air tanks are made in the USA and feature a carbon fiber finish that looks as good as it performs. 

3. Empire Mega Lite Air Tank

You can also purchase the Empire Mega Lite Air Tank in many colors. This bottle reaches up to 4,500 PSI and has a 5-year retest cycle, meaning you’ll only have to get it hydrotested every 5 years. The aircraft-grade aluminum regulator puts out 800 PSI and is sure to be dependable for you for years to come. 


Making the decision between CO2 and compressed air can be difficult, but there really is no wrong choice. The most important thing, as always, is making sure that you pick a safe, high-quality, piece of equipment. For more offerings in CO2 and compressed air tanks, visit Lone Wolf Paintbll’s online store. We have the best options in paintball tanks as well as all of the accessories you’ll need to have fun. Happy paintballing!
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