best automatic paintball markers

The Best Automatic Paintball Guns

Are you looking to upgrade your paintball experience with an automatic paintball gun? Automatic paintball guns carry many advantages and require less effort. Whether you are new to paintball or an experienced player, a new paintball gun can completely change the game for you. 

Paintball is a fun and exciting sport. Acquiring the proper gear can ensure your success on the field and make you an honorable member of the team.

Read on for our guide to the best automatic paintball guns.

Semi-Automatic Vs. Full Automatic

Due to safety, the power of each paintball gun is strictly regulated. On average, paintball guns will fire at around 300 feet per second. But should you choose semi-automatic or fully automatic?

Semi-automatic paintball guns have a faster rate of fire and are available with electronic or mechanical triggers. Semi-automatic guns require the player to press the trigger every time they want to take a shot. These types of paintball guns are ideal for players who still want control over their rate of fire but with increased firepower. 

Automatic paintball guns do not require the player to press the trigger continuously to release paintball rounds. Players can hold down the trigger to release continuous rounds. These types of guns are perfect for players looking to increase their rate of fire in the field and take part in tournaments. 

Best Semi-Automatic Paintball Guns

There are fundamental features to consider when choosing your paintball gun, as you’ll find in our explanatory video. Once you’ve made the decision that a semi-automatic will suit you best, read on to learn about our favorite semi-automatic markers that will give you the most bang for your buck.

Planet Eclipse EMEK 100

planet eclipse emek 100

The Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 is the perfect starter marker for players just getting into paintballing. This semi-automatic gun is of high quality with industry-leading technology. It is also legal for use within tournaments and suitable for all player levels. 

The EMEK 100 has a GRN composite outer body and aluminum inner body, making it lightweight and cost-effective. The tool-less grip access provides easy maintenance and cleaning along with the single-piece GRN frame. The EMEK 100 is also PAL enabled which provides a continuous, uninterrupted flow of paintballs.

Pros - 

  • Customizable
  • Cost-efficient
  • Perfect for entry-level players
  • PAL enabled

Cons - 

  • Composite outer shell
  • Not CO2 compatible

Check out our video review of the Emek 100 to learn more.


gog enmey

This marker is another perfect option for beginner paintball players. With no need for batteries or electronics, the GOG eNMEy is a high-performance paintball gun without the fuss. The main valve and bolt can also be removed easily for cleaning and maintenance.

The eNMEy is fully pneumatic, which allows quick and smooth shooting. There is little to no noise when firing and less recoil which makes the eNMEy an excellent, user-friendly starter marker. 

Pros - 

  • Cost-efficient
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Easy to maintain and clean

Cons - 

  • Fewer upgrades available
  • Not as visually pleasing

Check out our video review of the GOG eNEMy to learn more.

Tippmann TMC

tippman tmc

The Tippmann TMC (Tactical Carbine Marker) is a tactical-style, MagFed, fully pneumatic marker. This paintball gun has the option to be MagFed or used with a traditional hopper to give the player the best of both worlds. The TMC is fully customizable for tactical scenarios with a rubber grip and easy-pull trigger for maximum functionality. 

The over-molded rubber grip and easy-pull trigger allow for maximum comfort. The TMC is incredibly accurate with front and rear adjustable sights. This marker is perfect for players on a budget who want to try a tactical, MagFed marker.

Pros - 

  • Dual feed option
  • Fully customizable
  • Authentic look and feel

Cons - 

  • Heavy to carry
  • Complicated to disassemble

Check out our video review of the Tippman TMC to learn more.

First Strike T15

first strike t15

The revolutionary First Strike T15 is a durable, MagFed paintball gun perfect for players looking for a 1-1 AR rifle platform. The rugged yet lightweight body can endure harsh conditions while delivering .68 caliber paintball rounds. Unlike the Tippmann, it is quick to disassemble and can be fed by a magazine or hopper. 

What makes the First Strike T15 so desirable is that it can fire First Strike rounds. The T15 can support continuous feed magazines and features an integrated 13CI/PSI tank/stock combo. It also features polymer iron sights for increased accuracy when firing. 

Pros - 

  • Fires .68 caliber paintballs and First Strike rounds
  • Fully customizable
  • Extremely durable and lightweight

Cons - 

  • Higher investment required
  • Better suited to scenario players

Check out our video review of the First Strike T15 to learn more.

Best Fully Automatic Paintball Guns

If you are looking to rain increased firepower down on your enemies, then a fully automatic paintball gun is an excellent choice. Here are some of our favorite fully automatic paintball guns that are guaranteed to blow your opponents away.

Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro

Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro

The Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro is designed with the pro player in mind and is an exceptional automatic marker used widely by pro paintballers. With streamlined contours and three Shaft FL bore sections (.681/.685/.689), the CS2 provides the player with more control and balance. The marker is easy to disassemble for quick battery changes and cleaning. 

The Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro comes with adjustable Blade and Scythe trigger shoes as standard with tool-less access for easy maintenance. The Pro is lighter and more efficient in comparison to the CS2 model. It can handle all weather conditions and is designed to function flawlessly in all temperatures. 

Pros - 

  • Easy to program and maintain
  • Air efficient
  • Fully customizable

Cons - 

  • Higher investment required
  • Battery access

Check out our video review of the Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro to learn more.

DLX Luxe TM40

DLX Luxe TM40

The DLX Luxe TM40 is a professional standard paintball gun dedicated to pro paintball player Tim Montressor. The marker has a clean, sleek, and simplistic design with an upgraded core and bolt chamber, which provides more shots than any previous Luxe model.

The TM40 is available in mechanical and electronic versions with ergonomic foregrip, trigger frame, and other contact surfaces.

Pros - 

  • Sleek, simplistic design
  • Air efficient
  • Lightweight 

Cons - 

  • Low water resistance

Check out our video review on the DLX Luxe TM40 to learn more.

Shocker AMP

Shocker AMP

The Shocker AMP is for serious paintball players who are searching for a high-end, high-performance marker. The Shocker AMP is available with electronic and mechanical frames to give you the best of both worlds. The Shocker AMP has a two-piece board, which means switching from electronic to mechanical is easier than before.

The valve and bolt are the most efficient yet with approximately 20% increased efficiency. The marker is ultra-slim with an ultra-gentle bolt that ensures your paint breaks on the target and not in the barrel. 

Pros - 

  • Easy to program
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Improved water resistance

Cons - 

  • Less reliable ASA lever

Check out how the Shocker AMP shoots in our video review.

FAQs on Automatic Paintball Guns

Now that you have had an opportunity to look through some of the best paintball guns on the market, you may have some important questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about fully automatic paintball guns. 

How Do I Program to Fully Automatic?

Not all paintball guns can be programmed to be fully automatic. You can find easy-to-follow guides on our Youtube channel at Lone Wolf Paintball by searching "how to program" followed by your paintball gun type.

When Should I Do Maintenance and Replace O-Rings?

This depends on the type of gun you have and how dirty it is getting. It could be every 5-10 cycles of paint if your marker is very clean, to begin with. If your marker is getting very dirty, then you will need to maintain it more often. Greasing your O-rings will also be helpful every few uses. 

When Should I Clean My Marker?

It is best to clean your paintball marker after every use. This will ensure your marker lasts longer and requires less maintenance. You do not need to do a full clean after every single use, but make sure you remove any dirt and paint that may have gotten into the components of the gun. 

How Many Cases of Paint Can I Shoot Before Needing Maintenance?

It depends on how dirty your marker gets. You should reapply grease or replace your O-rings after shooting 5-10 cases of paint. You should also do maintenance on your bolt and similar components around the same time. 

Upgrade Your Paintball Experience

When deciding which paintball gun you are going to choose, you should take into consideration how often you will use it, your budget, and where you will use it. Take your time reading information on each marker so that you can find the perfect paintball gun for your needs. 

Are you looking for high-performance automatic paintball guns and gear? Look no further than Lone Wolf Paintball - the best source for paintball. With specialized gun packages, masks, and more, you'll find everything you need to set yourself up for the perfect paintball game. 

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electronic paintball hoppers

How Electric Paintball Hoppers Can Advance Your Game

The hopper is a key component of paintball guns. The hopper is the container on top of your gun responsible for storing paintballs and feeding them into the marker. When choosing a paintball hopper, you want to find one that will maximize storage and load paintballs fast enough for you to shoot quickly. There are a variety of types of hoppers; including gravity-fed, agitated and electric. 

Gravity-fed hoppers allow the ball to fall into the marker from the container, using a simple design without any moving parts. Agitating hoppers use a propeller and fan blades to feed the paintballs quicker, but they allow for more mechanical failure. The best option is an electric paintball hopper; read on as we explain the advantages and features that support this claim. 

How Electric Paintball Hoppers Function

Electric paintball hoppers are the most efficient in delivering paintballs from the hopper to the barrel of the gun. Although there are different setups for these paintball gun parts, they all commonly use electric motors and a blade to feed paintballs into the marker. This setup forces the paintball into the marker far more quickly than other hoppers. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Hoppers

As with any equipment, electric hoppers have pros and cons. The biggest advantage of electronic hoppers is that they feed paintballs into the marker quickly, allowing for a faster firing rate and fewer chopped balls. Electronic hoppers also can be used for automatic firing with the right gun setup.  

Some of the disadvantages include a higher price point and more complex designs. If you have issues it can be more difficult to service the hopper yourself; check our YouTube channel and search for your hopper to see maintenance and service tips. Additionally, because they are battery powered, there is also the risk of running out of battery life while on the field. Consider a rechargeable battery if you plan on playing for long periods of time.

Tiers and Features

Electronic hoppers are often graded as entry, intermediate and professional for different styles of play, and they vary in features like fire rate, capacity and construction.  

Fire Rate

Electronic hoppers have a quicker firing rate in general. However, at the professional level, the firing rate can reach up to 30 paintballs per second, which is much faster than entry-level hoppers. 


At the high end, hoppers can hold up to 200 paintballs, which is useful in competition or for frequent players. However, entry-level players often do not need a hopper with a capacity that high. 


Hoppers are available in different sizes and shapes, allowing you to choose a style that you like. Also, more practically, the design and material of the hopper will factor into the weight, which matters on the field. Professional-level hoppers may be heavier, but they will also be larger and more durable. 

Next Steps

For more information about paintball hoppers that are electric and all of your other paintball needs, browse our inventory of hoppers and accessories or check out our hopper reviews at Lone Wolf Paintball. 

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best paintball pants

The 9 Best Paintball Pants of 2021

Paintball is an exhilarating sport that can lead to many hours of adrenaline-pumped action with friends. Yet, paintball can also hurt if you're not correctly equipped!

When looking for the best paintball pants, there's a lot to consider. Your pants need to protect you while giving you the flexibility you need. It also doesn't hurt if they're comfortable too!

Below, we'll go over 9 of the best paintball pants, as well as discuss the factors you should consider before purchasing. 

1. HK Army TRK Joggers

hk army paintball pants

The TRK Joggers are a strong start with a perfect blend of style and function. 

As "jogger" paintball pants, the TRKs are cut similarly to track pants. The legs slim towards the ankle, keeping pant legs away from your boots.

The TRK is made from a premium poly-knit blend. This makes them lightweight and flexible but also durable. The material is comfortable and breathable. 

The pants come with reinforced knees to take more punishment leaping in and out of cover. The legs are also ventilated, helping you keep cool. 

HK Army included zipped waterproof pockets in addition to standard side pockets. Please don't stick your brush in them, though! There are dedicated squeegee pockets to keep your pockets paint-free. 

To top it all off, the pants come with embroidered detailing to add to their style.

When it comes to price, the TRK Joggers are middle of the road at about $109.95. 

Also, be sure to check out our video review

2. HK Army Track Joggers

hk army track joggers

Jogger pants are great for fast matches with less emphasis on waiting and covering.

If you're looking for affordable paintball pants in this category, HK Army has you covered with the Track Joggers. These quality pants come in at only $59.

Like their newer brethren, the Track Joggers are made of a premium poly-knit blend. These pants have fewer features and are more lightweight to boot. 

The Joggers feature waterproof zipper pockets similar to the TRKs. The Joggers also feature zipped, waterproof ankle cuffs. These can be opened if you need a little bit of ventilation on a hot day!

The Track Jogger still maintains the same slim profile, though. 

The Track Jogger shares the same black and grey aesthetic as the TRK. It comes with its own unique embroidered designs as well. 

We've covered these pants in a video review if you're looking for more. 

3. HK Army HSTL Pants

hk army hstl pants

If you're looking for something more sporty, the HSTL Pants by HK Army are a great pick. 

These paintball pants were made for comfort. With their lightweight material and breathable mesh interior, the HSTL pants will keep you cool in a busy match. The mesh seat of the pants provides excellent flexibility as well.

The outer padding covering the rest of the pants is exceptionally durable. Padded legs will keep you free of welts, while the padded groin will keep more sensitive areas safe. 

The sportier design of these pants lends way to more reinforcement at the waist. Belt loops are included as well if you want to use belts and pouches for equipment. 

The HSTL comes with padded knees for rough matches in choppy terrain. The legs come in a slimmer profile and feature an adjustable ankle. The ankle can be tightened and secured with velcro to keep from dragging. 

In all, these versatile paintball pants will run you around $109. We've reviewed these pants and their matching jersey on YouTube

4. Exalt T4 Pants

exalt t4 paintball pants

For sportier pants with more to boast about, you should check out the Exalt T4

The T4 offers a great deal of protective padding. With pads at the hips and groin, you won't have to worry about welts. The T4 also comes with kevlar reinforced padded knees!

These pants feature mesh "flex zones" to protect you without getting in the way. The mesh lines the interior of the pants as well. The breathable mesh helps vent heat from your pants to keep you cool. 

The T4 comes with dual drawstrings in place of typical button snaps. The drawstrings are not only more durable but more easily adjustable. It's hard for these paintball pants not to fit well!

The T4 features zipper thigh pockets for carrying extra equipment. The pants also feature dual swap pockets to keep your gear paint-free. 

This pair of versatile paintball pants will cost you roughly $109. Make sure to check out our video review too!

5. HK Army V2 Freeline Joggers

hk army freeline joggers

If you're looking for quality and versatility, the V2 Freeline Joggers are a superior choice.

These paintball pants by HK Army use cutting edge fabrics. These fabrics are flexible but also extremely lightweight! This allows for padded flex zones that don't compromise your protection. 

The tapered jogger fit flows into elastic ankles that keep pant legs from dragging. The adjustable velcro waist belt helps ensure a comfortable fit. 

The breathable mesh liner makes the pants comfortable to wear and wicks moisture away. Ventilation in the legs and crotch relieves you of excess heat to help keep you cool. 

The V2 Freeline Joggers feature ballistic kevlar padded knees, as well as a padded crotch for extra protection. 

These high-quality paintball pants will run you somewhere in the ballpark of $179. For more on these pants and their relaxed-fit variant, check out our video review

6. Infamous Trainer Joggers

infamous paintball joggers

If you're looking for simple but effective pants, Infamous' Trainer Joggers are a perfect choice. 

These joggers were designed to be no-nonsense paintball pants. Their lightweight material makes them flexible and durable. The pants come with back pockets, as well as swab pockets. 

The drawstring waist rib-stitch ankles ensure a comfortable fit without frills. 

These joggers certainly don't lack style, though. The Trainers come with sublimated designs along the legs and waist. 

These durable but straightforward paintball pants cost $99, making them a solid middle-of-the-road choice. 

Make sure to check out our video review for more details. 

7. Infamous Team 1 Pro Joggers

infamous team 1 pro joggers

Simple doesn't necessarily need to mean conceding quality. The Team 1 Pro Joggers by Infamous certainly prove that. 

These thoughtfully engineered pants were designed to take a beating in competitive matches. Lightweight but durable 4-way stretch fabric moves with you even in rough conditions. The sweat-wicking fabric keeps you dry and dries out quickly. 

The Team 1 pants feature the same comfort-fit waist and ankles as the Trainers. 

The Team 1's, however, feature Weatherproof YKK zippered pockets. These durable pockets will keep gear or valuables safe and sound in any arena. 

In addition to their eye-catching designs, the Pro Joggers also feature velcro loops. These loops can be used for your favorite velcro patch!

These high-quality competition-ready pants cost $129. 

8. HK Army Hardline Pants

hk army hardline joggers

For rugged pants ready for the most demanding competition, the Hardline pants are a strong lead. 

A mixture of fabrics provides a balance of flexibility and protection. On average, though, these pants have a bit more in terms of impact point coverage. 

Breathable mesh ventilates the legs and crotch without sacrificing flexibility. Zippered leg ventilation allows you to add extra ventilation when needed.

Between the Hardline's six integrated pockets, you won't lack space for your paintball equipment. Flexible ballistic kevlar knee padding, meanwhile, helps you kneel without too much strain. 

These rugged and ready paintball pants cost $164. 

9. HK Army TRK Joggers - Chad YAYA Bouchez Series

hk army joggers chad yaya

If you've read through this list, you might have noticed a lot of black hues. If you're looking for a bit more color in your paintball pants, look no farther than the TRK Jogger Chad YAYA Bouchez series!

These stylish paintball pants come with the versatility and durability of HK Army's earlier entry. Their lightweight material is flexible and breathable, making these pants comfortable to wear. 

The Chad YAYA Bouchez series comes with a custom gold coloration. These pants feature leopard print vertical leg designs for a unique flair you can't miss. Embroidered detailing adds an extra touch to bring the aesthetic together. 

These undeniably stylish paintball pants cost $119. Be sure to check out the other Chad YAYA Bouchez gear in our video review!

Things To Consider When Looking For Paintball Pants

Suggestions help, but if you're new to paintball, you might not know what to look for in your gear.

When it comes to paintball pants, you need to strike a balance between form and function. Your pants need to protect you not just from paintballs but the elements as well. They'll also need to be flexible and fit properly, or you'll spend the entire match in misery!

There are three key factors to consider with any pair of paintball pants.


Consider the environment that you're playing in when looking at the materials of your paintball pants. Thicker fabrics, while offering more protection against paintballs, might not vent as well. On the other hand, lighter materials might not absorb impacts.

Most dedicated paintball pants combine multiple materials to strike that essential balance. They might feature lighter materials in flex areas or mesh to create ventilation zones. 


Ultimately, your pants need to fit well to provide balanced performance. Ideally, you need a secure but not overly tight waist. You'll often be carrying lots of gear and need the extra support. Sagging pants can lead to tripping.

Additionally, you'll need to ensure that your pants aren't too tight or too loose. If you prefer a looser fit to your paintball pants, make sure to find a pair with elastic or velcro-secured ankles. On the inverse, don't make your pants too tight, or you could restrict movement.


The material of your pants matters a lot when it comes to protection. Some pants offer padding around typical impact zones such as the legs and hips. Others offer dedicated protection for sensitive areas like the groin. 

Knee padding is essential for more than paintball protection. You'll be ducking in and out of cover a lot and knee pads help reduce the strain from these many posture changes!

Final Thoughts

Paintball pants are only the start of your kit. Lone Wolf Paintball has you covered on your pants, guns, and more when it comes to paintball equipment. We're paintball enthusiasts at our core, and we want to put the best gear in your hands!

Check out our selection of paintball pants, gloves, and other protective gear today.

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guide to airsoft guns

The Ultimate Guide to Airsoft Guns

Airsoft is an immersive and rewarding hobby, from pitched battles between rival teams to a lazy afternoon shooting targets. After all, what could be better than getting the drop on the self-proclaimed "best guy,” or gal, on your team and bragging about it online

Yet, airsoft guns can get a little technical. Knowing what kind of gun to buy for your needs and how to take care of it can be overwhelming. 

Whether you're just starting out or getting back into the sport after a hiatus, we can help get you up to speed. Read on for a quick breakdown of airsoft weaponry and how they work. 

Airsoft Gun 101: What Is An Airsoft Gun And How Does It Work?

The average airsoft gun is a 1:1 replica of a real-life firearm. From the eponymous AK-47 to prototypes such as the XM8, there's no end of selection! 

Airsoft guns tend to be made of lighter materials, such as plastics and polymers. 

There are, however, "training" weapons that are composed of the same materials as real firearms. It is illegal in some states to own these, however. Make sure you consult with your state's laws before searching for airsoft guns for sale.

In place of powder-fired bullets, airsoft weaponry uses air or springs to fire airsoft pellets or BBs. The firing method varies (and we'll discuss those methods in a bit), but BBs are always fired at a low velocity. While getting shot still hurts, you'll ultimately walk away with a little welt at the worst!

The BB is the typical airsoft ammo you're probably thinking of: tiny balls of plastic or lightweight metal. Airsoft pellets, however, mimic real bullets to a degree. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and "calibers" in much the same fashion.

Airsoft Gun 102: The Different Kinds of Airsoft Weaponry

There are four varieties of airsoft guns using different firing methods. It's hard to say that one form is "better" than the other. Often, which kind of gun you get should be based on your needs.

We'll break down the different types of airsoft guns and give you some ideas for how they can be best used. 

Spring Powered Guns

The traditional air gun tends to be the most simple, using tightly coiled springs to fire pellets. These classic weapons need to be pumped or "cocked" to fire each shot. You'll tend to find a lot of single-shot hunting-type weapons in this configuration. 

Not every spring weapon is an official Red Ryder, carbine action, 200-shot, range model air rifle, though. Many come in the shape of modern firearms such as the M4A1 or the Colt 1911. 

Spring rifles tend to have a more significant range dropoff, and their power is lacking compared to other kinds of air weaponry. They are, however, highly reliable in the field. Because there's no power or gas supply, spring guns are only limited by how much ammo you have!

Spring weapons are a great intro to airsoft weaponry, as they're simple to use and maintain. They also make excellent reserve weapons for pros, especially pistols that can be drawn and fired quickly. 

Spring weapons are also fantastic for close range where accuracy isn't as important. A quick hand and a quality spring rifle could catch even an automatic electric-wielding opponent off guard!

Automatic Electric Guns (AEG)

Electric airsoft guns are the next step up from spring weapons. As you've probably guessed, these battery-powered weapons can fire in full auto. 

Because they have a mechanical delivery system, electric guns are a force to be reckoned with in the field. In addition to being capable of automatic fire, they pack more power and tend to shoot more accurately. 

An automatic electric gun makes an excellent primary weapon in most game scenarios that can be played in paintball or airsoft. A quality electric ASL rifle could allow you to lay down suppressing fire just as easily as placing precise shots to pick off opponents. 

If you were looking to be a squad's machine gunner or let out your inner Sylvester Stallone, electric airsoft machine guns are also on the market!

The obvious downside to an AEG would be the battery. As the battery runs low, the rifle will begin to slow down. Batteries often take a few hours to charge, meaning you can't "quickly" recharge and get back into action. However, batteries and chargers of varying capacities exist to keep you on the field for longer periods of time.

Using an AEG as your primary would likely require either a backup battery or a reserve weapon (though you should always have a reserve weapon!) However, something to remember is that an automatic rifle doesn't always need to fire in full-auto! Try alternating between auto and semi-auto to save ammo and battery power. 

Even if you're a beginner, AEG's are still relatively easy to pick up. They do require more attention to maintenance, however. Make sure you study your gun's user manual carefully and maintain it regularly. 

Gas-Powered Guns

Gas-powered guns are a tricky piece of equipment. If you're new to airsoft, we recommend holding off on gas guns until you get a bit of experience beneath your belt. 

As the name implies, gas-powered airsoft guns use compressed gas to propel projectiles. Gas weapons are powerful, but their accuracy is atrocious. They're called "pellet hoses" for a reason!

The CO2 gas canisters most commonly used in gas guns tend to run out relatively quickly. Unlike a battery that might last a few hours, a CO2 canister might not even last past your current clip. Replacing canisters in the field is possible but cumbersome. 

Because of their questionable accuracy, a gas gun isn't recommended as a primary weapon if you intend to play matches. They make excellent reserve weapons, however.

Furthermore, many players choose to equip their rifles with red dot sights to more accurately cast off shots. Sights typically work across weapons, and therefore serve as a good investment for primary and backup weapons. 

Gas weapons also prove to be a decent CQB weapon for squeezing off a torrent of rounds at close range. 

Hybrid Guns

Hybrid guns are a relatively recent innovation. These intricately designed weapons are intended to provide the closest experience to using a firearm. 

Hybrid guns can either be powered by gas or batteries and function similarly to their common brethren for the most part. Where they diverge, however, is their ammunition. 

These weapons are "round per shell," meaning the ammunition they use mimics a real bullet, casing, and all! Each trigger pull fires a pellet from within the rifle and ejects the casing. These pellets tend to have caps to provide a realistic flash, smoke, and popping sound. 

Because these weapons are meant to be as close to the actual gun as possible, they tend to be used more for re-enactment and range shooting.

As these are still relatively new on the market, there isn't as wide a selection as the other firing types. 

Airsoft Gun 103: The Anatomy Of An Airsoft Gun

Regular maintenance is essential to keeping your airsoft arsenal functioning properly. Even with proper care, though, guns can still break. 

Knowing the components of an airsoft gun is essential to diagnosing what went wrong and what parts to order. Maintenance and repair procedures vary from weapon to weapon, but the components tend to be the same. 

The actual quality of the stock parts of any given gun can vary. Upgrading an airsoft gun immediately after purchase is reasonably common. Before you get into the guts of your weapon, you should probably learn how it works!

Below, we'll take a look at the standard airsoft gun components and how they function. 

The Spring And Spring Guide

The spring is the propelling force behind every BB or pellet fired. 

The spring's primary duty is to force all of the air out of the firing cylinder. This forcibly ejects the BB. Higher-quality springs can handle faster firing and are less prone to breaking. 

The spring guide is a small tube attached to the rear of the spring. This tube keeps the spring aligned with the barrel during firing, preventing it from becoming too twisted. 

The Piston And Piston Head

The piston is the actual component that forces the air from a cylinder. 

Attached to the front of the spring, the piston helps push air into the firing cylinder when the weapon is cocked. The piston head, attached at the very front, pushes the air out of the cylinder when fired. 

The Cylinder And Cylinder Head

The firing cylinder serves as the airtight chamber to hold the loaded ammunition. 

The cylinder helps compress the air during firing, forcing it through the head at the end of the chamber. The cylinder head is a tight tube that the pellet will travel through. The narrow opening helps force the projectile down the barrel at a high enough velocity to use in matches or range shooting. 

The Air Nozzle

The air nozzle is the vestibule between the cylinder and the rifle. Sitting at the end of the cylinder head, the nozzle forces the pellet and air out of the gun. 

Wrap Up of Airsoft Guns

Getting started with airsoft can be easy to learn but challenging to master. Knowing how your airsoft guns operate and the parts that go in them give you a solid base to not only start your new airsoft hobby but can help you get your weapon tuned in just right!

Contact us to get started with airsoft gear or want to add something new to your arsenal. Founded by enthusiasts, Lone Wolf Paintball has over 30 years of experience in airsoft and paintball. From equipping hobbyists to running matches on our fields, we live for paintball and airsoft!

Check the airsoft gun offerings at Lone Wolf to find your first (or next) airsoft rifle today!

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paintball marker

Markers 101: A Guide to Paintball Guns for Beginners

The first sanctioned paintball game was played on June 27, 1981 in a forest near Henniker, New Hampshire. In the 40 years since, countless players have joined in on this adrenaline-inducing action sport. 

If you're a fan of first-person shooter video games, paintball could be a great way for you to get off the couch and into the action. However, many would-be paintball players find the sport intimidating, especially when it comes to paintball guns.

Fortunately, all paintball guns, also called markers, are composed of the same basic parts and work on the same principle. A hopper holds the paintballs, a tank of compressed gas provides the propulsion, and the barrel controls the accuracy and speed of your shot.

Read on for an in-depth look at how all the components of a paintball gun work together. 


paintball marker breakdown

Marker is simply another name for a paintball gun. The term harkens back to the first-ever paintball guns. In the 1960s, cattle ranchers and forest workers used paint guns to "mark" choice livestock or trees due for felling.

Markers come in all different sizes, shapes and specifications. Let’s take a look at the different types and components of markers to build a better understanding.

Mechanical and Electric Markers

Markers can either be mechanical or electric. While one offers distinct advantages over the other, it's important to understand the difference.

Mechanical markers are semi-automatic guns. When you pull the trigger, a bolt forces the paintball into the barrel. One trigger pull fires one paintball.

With electric paintball guns, the firing process is governed by a circuit board. The circuit board connects to solenoid valves, which allow the gun to fire automatically. Electric markers can be programmed to fire at different rates, which isn't possible with a mechanical marker.

Many players will argue that electric markers are simply superior to mechanical markers. The trigger is easier to pull, they're more accurate, and they can fire at a much quicker rate.

Paintball Gun Body

The body of your paintball gun houses the bolt, trigger frame, and valve. These are the most important components when it comes to firing your marker. The bolt pushes the paintball into the firing position, the valve seals it in place, and the trigger causes the gun to fire.

Most marker bodies are made of aluminum, due to their lightweight but durable nature.

The marker body is also where you'll be able to express your personal style. Many marker bodies are anodized or milled to give each gun a distinctive appearance. 


The hopper or loader holds your paintball rounds, and most hoppers can hold around 200 rounds. There are three common types of hoppers.


As their name suggests, gravity-fed hoppers rely on gravity to feed paintballs into the marker through a tube at the bottom of the hopper. They're always fastened to the top of the marker.

Gravity-fed hoppers are some of the most inexpensive hoppers and work best when paired with a mechanical marker. They are, however, prone to jamming, but proper maintenance can help so it doesn’t jam as often. 


Agitating hoppers make use of a battery-powered propeller to prevent jamming. This allows the paintballs to enter the marker more rapidly, improving your rate of fire and reducing the likelihood of your gun jamming at an important point in the game.


Force-fed hoppers are even more efficient than agitating hoppers. A spring-loaded valve or a belt pushes the rounds into the marker. Electric markers should always be paired with a force-fed hopper, as these hoppers are the only ones capable of keeping up with an electric marker's rate of fire.

Air Tank

The air tank holds the compressed air or gas that fires the round out of the paintball gun. You'll have the choice between high-pressure air (HPA) or carbon dioxide. 

HPA is preferred by professionals and anyone who takes paintball seriously. Nitrogen, the gas that most HPA air tanks use, is much more stable than carbon dioxide. This helps keep your shooting rate and performance consistent. 

Air tanks range in size from just 13 cubic inches (cu in) to 90 cu in, with 50 cu in and 68 cu in being the most common sizes. Shorter players will want a tank on the smaller end of the spectrum.

Tanks also have a pressure rating, which denotes how much HPA you can fit in them. The more gas a tank can hold, the more rounds it can fire.

Pressure is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI), and 3000 PSI and 4500 PSI tanks are the most popular. 


Your marker's barrel directs your shots. Barrels can be short or long and have different bore and threading. 

Short barrels are excellent when it comes to close-range shooting. They're also lighter, which makes it easier to traverse the field. They tend to use less gas than longer barrels. However, they are loud and less accurate for longer distance shots.

On the other hand, long barrels are perfect for precision shooting. They are incredibly accurate and can fire very quietly, though they often come across as more cumbersome and difficult for close range encounters.

Bore refers to the diameter of the opening of the barrel. You'll need to match the bore with the size of your paintball. Most paintballs are .50 or .68 caliber.

Threading is the final factor to consider when looking at barrels. It's what allows you to screw your barrel into your marker. Make sure to research the threading on your marker before purchasing a barrel.

Barrels aren't universal, and each marker is designed to accommodate different threading. However, thread adapter kits allow you to use any barrel on any marker. They're relatively inexpensive and don't affect your shooting abilities.

Where to Buy Paintball Guns

Paintball guns can seem complex and intimidating to a new player, but breaking them down piece by piece makes it simple to understand how each component fits together.

The marker body is the main part of the gun and houses the important firing mechanisms, the hopper holds your rounds, the air tank holds the compressed air that fires the paintball rounds, and the barrel directs your shots.

Now that you understand the anatomy of a paintball gun, buying a paintball gun should be at least a little easier. At Lone Wolf Paintball, we’ve also created these Beginner Gun Paintball Packages to help make your decision a little easier. These beginner marker packages are a great place to start, and give you the basics you’d need to start playing paintball.  

We have also created many helpful YouTube videos on this subject, especially this one titled “What Paintball Gun Should I Buy?” This video and many of our review videos will be helpful as you go to make your decision. 

Last, check out Lone Wolf Paintball's catalog of products for beginners. From markers to barrels, they have everything you need. Contact us at any point to ask any questions you may have, our experts are here to help!

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Our Top 10 Fave Paintball Memes

Our Top 10 Fave Paintball Memes

Aah memes. They've become part of our lives, and we wouldn't have it any other way. You've probably grown to love them as much as we do. They're all over Facebook, Youtube, and even TikTok these days.

If you're one of the 30% of people who send memes every single day (or even the 55% that send once a week), you're one of us. If you’re one of the select few who send paintball memes, buckle up.

Today, we'll look at our top 10 favorite paintball memes. They're great to share with your teammates and friends.

Paintball Memes

Sometimes, all that keeps you going week to week is a good joke. Whether it's the always classic paintball knife meme or some other funny paintball memes, a good laugh can get you up and at it on a Monday morning.

And that's just what paintball memes do. They get us through the day with laughter and help us see things in a new light while we're at it.

The worst thing about paintball is cleaning your gear after every single day of play. It feels like an awful lot of work when it comes to breaking down and cleaning, oiling your gun, recovering your hopper. The list goes on and on, but thankfully there's a paintball meme out there that depicts our pain.

Please enjoy our collection of the absolute best.

1. Jim Carrey - Dumb and Dumber

jim carrey paintball meme

We all remember Jim Carrey's performance in Dumb and Dumber. It launched a thousand jokes and lives on in our memories. Sure, it's been almost 30 years since it was released, but the sight of Jim popping out of the car window looking pleased as punch still gives us the giggles.

You know that feeling, the one that bubbles up inside you when you remember tomorrow is paintball day? Just remember, stick your head out the window and smile because life is good!

2. Ralph Wiggum: Snake Diver

ralph wiggam snake dive paintball meme

Oof. Snake dives. Everyone's got a story of their first snake dive, and we'll be damned if Ralph Wiggum doesn't embody all the stories. But, of course, we've all felt the horror of an unexpected core sample too.

Don't be like Ralph. Keep your marker up. Keep your arms forward. Poor Ralph.

3. Nasty Gearbag

nasty gearbag paintball meme

If you've ever opened a gear bag after an extended break, you know all about the smell. Even a couple of days' holiday means your gear bag is going to have a nasty odor.

Our man Cleveland is the best for the understated, flat statement, and his "Oh, that's nasty" from Family Guy is absolutely iconic. That makes this easily a top funny paintball meme

4. Kermit's Thinking of You

kermit paintball meme

You find yourself drifting off at work, not thinking about your projects. Perhaps you're a little distracted during the morning commute. We know what's on your mind.

We've got some good news for you. Paintball is absolutely thinking about you too. In fact, it's missing you terribly, and you should probably call it. Don't leave it till next week. Make up with Paintball today.

5. It's Honest Work

honest work paintball meme

Let's set the scene. You're chasing a particularly speedy fellow baller. You know he's hunkered down behind one of the doritos, but you're not sure which. You spot a flash of color, and you know you've got him.

And then you hear the noise. You know the one, the one that means your ASA is leaking. With a sigh, you hang your head and start calling positions. It's not glamorous, but it's honest work.

6. Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday

monday paintball meme

Sometimes the week is rough. There's not much you can do about it, so you might as well suck it up and have fun. Monday, your marker won't behave. Tuesday, your hopper pops, spraying all over the place.

Wednesday, you thought, would be better, and then you faceplanted over a snake. Thursday, there's something jammed in your barrel (don't look into it!), and Friday? Well, on Friday, the adrenaline got the best of you, and you had a good puke. Roll on, weekend.

7. Very Few People Care About D4

spongebob paintball meme

Aah Spongebob. He's always great for a chuckle. Or, in this case, a shot directly to the feels. If you've ever enthusiastically answered the question "So, what are you up to this weekend?" then you'll know what this is like.

Nobody really seems to care that you're painting. And even fewer people care that you're taking part in D4. It's just easier to suck it up, move on and splatter some paint with some friends.

8. We Must Go to Work So We Can Afford Paintball

gollum paintball meme

Work's a life hazard. The only good thing it gives us is cash to spend on gear. We've never felt more like Gollum than early on a Monday morning when we know we have to do something productive to support our habit.

We all know it's tough. We all know it's expensive. But, we're all in this together. So, just smile, nod, and think of the weekend.

9. Creating a Trendy Paint Wasting Meme

trendy paintball meme

Admittedly, this one had us laughing out loud. We're sure we've made the head of GI Sportz a very wealthy man. If you've got a big enough loader, you'll clear a case at a time easily. You know how that feels.

Sure, you get the good memes out of it, but is it really worth the price? Absolutely. There's nothing like the smell of paint in the morning.

10. Don't Give In

thanos paintball meme

A double bar on a pregnancy test means one single thing. Your paintball futures have been snapped. Thanos style. Buying a house, raising a family, getting a proper car, saving for college. These are all things that almost automatically exclude paintball gear.

But, think of it this way - if you have kids, you're basically building your own team. Imagine how epic it'll be one day when you, your wife, and your kids roll up, fully kitted out and ready to win. Nothing like junior tossing you a full reload pack just as your hopper runs out.

Where Do I Find Paintball Memes?

You can find good memes pretty much anywhere. A cursory google search will land you with a good few. We’ve compiled our favorites in a series of Youtube videos. If you’re ready to take the next step, join our Paintball Memes Facebook Group and share your own memes.

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What is Zombie Paintball?

What is Zombie Paintball?

Imagine you're running around a field, in the middle of paintball war, surrounded by your fellow soldiers. You hear soldiers to your left and right communicating through radios that they are near death and need assistance. Just then, you see the enemy approaching, advancing toward their targets and firing shots at anything that moves. What would you do?

    This is what zombie paintball is all about. Of course, not all zombie paintball is created equal and different fields will do it in different ways, but here we’ll share the basics of zombie paintball and how we do it at our outdoor Metamora Field.

    Basic Rules of Zombie Paintball

    The basic rules of most paintball games are the same. If you get hit, you're out until someone taps you on the shoulder saying it's okay to stand up again. However, with zombie paintball; the rules will vary from location to location. Some locations play that if you get hit, that is your death- dictated by a special kind of paint that is very florissant in color and sticks out like a sore thumb in the dark.

    The way we play zombie paintball at our outdoor field is via a hay or wagon ride! The Zombie Paintball at Metamora is a covered wagon ride with fixed mounted guns where people get to shoot at zombie’s but never get shot at themselves. So our version is built more for entertainment purposes and not a traditional paintball game.

    What Do You Need?

    If you are playing zombie paintball the traditional style, before you can play, you must make sure that your paintball equipment is calibrated for the game. This means making sure that you have the right clothing and footwear to ensure your comfort and mobility. This usually means full-body clothing made for paintball- something like a coverall or jumpsuit with long sleeves that can be pulled down over your arms.

    If you are going to be joining us at Metamora Outdoor Field in Lapeer, Michigan, we still suggest dressing similar to how you would a normal paintball game as it does get chilly in the evening times this time of year. That said, you won’t need any of the typical safety gear and padding as for our style of zombie paintball, you won’t be getting shot at. 

    mounted paintball gun wagon zombie paintball

      Where Can I Go to Play?

      Do you live close enough to Michigan?

      Our outdoor paintball field Metamora is hosting the Massacre at Metamora Zombie Hunt this October. Click the link above for the Massacre at Metamora Zombie Hunt to get your tickets, bring your friends, and come play zombie paintball with us!

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      what paintballs are made of

      What Are Paintballs Made Of? The Only Guide You'll Need

      Paintball guns were originally developed by forestry workers to mark trees and areas for felling. However, it was not long before someone realized that taking out your friends with paintballs is much more exciting. But what exactly are these projectiles made of?

      Luckily, they are both safe and straightforward to use. Read on as we answer the question: what are paintballs made of?

      What Are Paintballs Made Of?

      The paintball filling is a liquid paint mixture that marks your friends on impact. However, it is not like the paint you would use on your house or paint used for industrial applications. 

      While the quantities and paint mixes differ, most manufacturers use polyethylene glycol and water-based dyes as main ingredients. The glycol is used because it has a very low freezing point, around -15 degrees Fahrenheit. This means paintballs will not freeze in even frigid cold conditions. 

      Rather, paintballs are simply more likely to shrink in colder weather. This may cause problems with discharging through gun barrels, so it is advised that you refrain from playing in very cold environments. 

      Some paintballs may contain oil-based paints. These are not recommended, as they are harsher on guns and equipment. They also have no real benefits over paintballs that contain water-soluble dyes. 

      How are Paintballs Made?

      Paintball manufacturing starts in a factory where the paint is first produced. After, the paint is sent to another factory where it will be cased and turned into a paintball. 

      To produce complete paintballs, manufacturers use a gelatinous substance to encase the paint, similar to the process of encasing a pill. It is no surprise that early paintballs came from pharmaceutical factories, as the equipment was already in place. Specialist machines create paintballs and they run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to keep up with demand. 

      Workers will start by loading two strips of gelatin into the encapsulating machine. The gelatin moves through rotating drums that have divots and shape the casing. Once shaped, a precise amount of paint gets injected into the capsule before the two strips become sealed together. 

      At this point, the case of the paintball is warm and soft. The paintballs will then tumble into a drying machine, which hardens them and creates their round uniform shape. They are then removed and left to air dry before undergoing a quality control check. 

      Drying times can vary depending on the factory and make of the paintball. Once complete, they get loaded onto a hopper, which sorts the paintballs by weight. They are then packaged and sent to stores. 

      Are Paintballs and Their Shells Biodegradable?

      Paintballs, and paintball as a hobby, have little impact on the environment if some rules are adhered to. For instance, it’s best practice to pick up old shells, batteries, and trash after a game has been played. 

      Luckily, environmentally friendly paintballs are the norm. All paintballs have a shell made from gelatin which will dissolve over time. The real problem comes with the paint inside. 

      Balls that have water-soluble dyes pose no problem. They will wash away in the rain or water and not leave any harmful chemicals in the environment. These paintballs also have polyethylene glycol as a filling. 

      Paintballs that contain oil can be harmful to the environment. If left lying around, they could also cause damage to any animals that may ingest them. Biodegradable paintballs are for sale at most paintball and adventure hobby retail outlets. 


      FAQs for Paintballs

      Quality paintballs are generally safe and cause no harm. However, there are different types and many questions regarding their storage and transportation. 

      Are Paintballs Washable?

      PEG paintballs are washable. Ideally, you should try to remove paint from your clothing as soon as possible to avoid staining. Some of the brighter colors have a tendency to be hard to remove if they are left to dry on clothing. 

      There are two ways to do this. The first is to simply hose the clothing down after playing, then get changed. You could soak them in water and laundry detergent, or simply give them a spin in the washing machine. 

      You really don't need to be harsh to clean paint. Avoid using any chemicals like bleach and powerful stain removers. You only need warm water, so don't place clothes in a boiling wash as it may damage the rest of the clothing. 

      Are Paintballs Edible?

      Non-toxic paintballs are the standard and should not cause major harm if ingested. However, that does not mean they are designed to be eaten. They will not taste very pleasant. 

      Paintball fillings are non-toxic in case some happen to go into your mouth. The shells will not easily dissolve if you chew or swallow them. Shells also cause problems with the digestive systems of animals, so avoid letting pets get into paintball supplies. 

      How to Store Paintballs

      The best way to store paintballs properly is in a temperate environment, with dry and cool conditions. Airtight containers and ziplock bags are a great place to keep them. 

      If the paint gets cold, it will harden and become brittle. This will cause problems when it moves through the barrel of the gun. If they are too warm, they will be soft and won't explode on impact. 

      Remember that paintballs are perishable, and won't last forever. When stored, make sure you rotate them so they keep their shape and do not go flat. 

      Playing a Game

      Now that you know what paintballs are made of, you can get stocked up on paintballs and start a game. Find some friends and go out to the field. 

      For the best paintball equipment, Lone Wolf Paintball should be your first stop. From guns to goggles, we can provide everything you need. Check out all of our product reviews and select the best setup for your next excursion. 

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