Top 5 Paintball Gear Bags, Best Paintball Bags in 2024

A paintball roller bag is a specialized gear bag for paintball players, designed to transport a large amount of paintball equipment. See the best paintball gear bags of 2024!

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Best Paintball Knee Pads in 2024

Paintball knee pads are a great extra piece of protective equipment to keep your knees safe and bruise-free. See the best options to choose from for 2024...

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Top 5 Paintball Elbow Pads, Best Paintball Elbow Pads in 2024

Paintball elbow pads are a great addition to your paintball loadout to keep your arms and elbows safe from unnecessary injuries. See our top picks for 2024...

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Top 5 Paintball Guns: Best Paintball Guns in 2024

You guys have asked for it: our lineup of the best paintball guns in 2024. With so many new flagship markers on the field, 2024 is shaping up to be one of the best years ever in paintball! This review will focus on the best overall markers in paintball which tend to be the top-line tournament markers. For reviews of other kinds of markers, head over to our YouTube channel where you can find reviews of the best paintball markers in each category.

Dye M3+

The Dye M3+ with MOS Air is a state-of-the-art paintball marker that builds upon Dye's renowned DM series platform and has earned itself a place on our list of best markers in 2024. It incorporates cutting-edge technologies and innovations alongside features that Dye fans know and love. Notable upgrades include the new Dye Slide Lock Airport (SLAP) ASA system which has a shielded, snag-resistant design for hassle-free air supply connection. The M3+ also features the advanced FL-21 Bolt System which features tool-less removal for easy maintenance. The 2-stage flex face bolt tip provides optimal performance with features like dwell independence, breech pressure insensitivity, and active recoil cancellation for consistently smooth and quiet firing. 

Further improvements are the Hyper 6s Pro for enhanced air dynamics and easier servicing, and the 4th Generation Eye Pipe System for fast, effortless maintenance. The intuitive MOSair OS provides precision tuning, player profiles, a pressure sensor, and cable-free charging. Ergonomically, the M3+ boasts an hourglass UL frame design, dual-density sticky grips, and an adjustable trigger. These ergonomic features offer exceptional handling and stability for high-performance handling in the middle of a firefight.

Planet Eclipse CS3

The Planet Eclipse CS3 paintball marker sets a new bar with cutting-edge technology to dominate the field. The OP Core drivetrain features a fully decoupled drive, auto dwell dynamics, and sub-100 PSI operating pressure for efficiency and consistency. The ergonomic design includes a higher hand position, longer grip pitch, and two-piece wraparound grips for comfort and functionality. The five-point adjustable trigger allows total control over shots. The S63 Pro barrel system combines style and performance with honed aluminum bodies and PWR inserts for tuning. Finally, the modular marker electronics incorporate Bluetooth, an upgraded comms board, and app connectivity for easy tuning and maintenance. With aggressive styling, dynamic components, and optimized internals, the CS3 provides speed, accuracy, and efficiency to overpower opponents and level up your game.

Planet Eclipse Ego LV2

The Planet Eclipse Ego LV2 solidifies its place among the best paintball guns of 2024 by carrying forward an 18-year legacy of redefining performance and reliability standards. Building on the acclaimed LV1, the LV2 features an updated body design, expanded internal volume, and the new Cure FT bolt configuration allowing operation at an incredibly low 115psi for an ultra-quiet, smooth shot. Hoseless construction, toolless wraparound grips, an ergonomic foregrip housing advanced HPR/LPR components, and easy access to the new modular electronics package with USB/Bluetooth capability elevate the player experience. Unmatched versatility comes from extensive adjustability for competition or tinkering, including HPR, LPR, dwell, rammer speed, and optional weights. The innovative Shaft S63 barrel with quick-change Eclipse PWR inserts provides pinpoint accuracy straight from the box. With its groundbreaking design and attention to detail, the Planet Eclipse Ego LV2 upholds its iconic name as one of the finest markers available in 2024.

Field One Force

Standing out among the best paintball guns of 2024 is the Field One Force - a re-imagined spool valve design masterfully blending durability, performance, and comfort. At its core is the highly efficient yet low-maintenance Force Nucleus engine, powered by a unique dual Power Select system utilizing either AA batteries or an optional LiPo battery pack. User-friendly features like the GripShift adjustable fit, LeverLock feedneck, and Cam Drive ASA make setup a breeze. The included AccuLock Barrel System provides superior precision across diverse paint brands while securely locking inserts in place. Rigorously tested in harsh environments, the Force exemplifies Field One's commitment to quality through its unparalleled warranty and customer support.


Perhaps the most anticipated paintball marker of 2024 is DLX Luxe IDOL. This flagship marker redefines the renowned Luxe line with refined ergonomics, an all-metal minimal yet striking aesthetic, and a host of innovative features. The redesigned Freak XL barrel boasts an aggressive style, easy maintenance, and the classic Luxe sound signature. Every surface has been meticulously reworked to enhance performance, reduce weight, and boost reliability. A new HD screen built into the grip simplifies setup with instant information access, while replaceable screens cut costs. User-requested upgrades include an unshrouded barrel, redesigned eye covers, a secure front grip cover, a rebuildable feed tube lever, and a permanently attached top jewel. The improved ASA opens fully flat, constructed from durable nitrided stainless steel. A metal backstrap enhances grip without tools and allows easy access to the battery, charging port, and tournament lock. To say the least, we’re excited to see how the DLX Luxe performs in the many tournaments of 2024!

Final Thoughts

2024 will certainly be one of the most exciting years ever for paintball. As the year continues, the tournament results as well as player testimonies will help establish and solidify the pecking order of the newest flagship paintball markers. To get the best tournament set up today, take a look at our online store for the best variety of paintball equipment anywhere. Happy paintballing!

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Lone Wolf’s Picks for Electric Paintball Hoppers

Lone Wolf’s Picks for Electric Paintball Hoppers

Choosing the right electric paintball hopper is a critical decision for any paintball enthusiast. The right hopper can significantly enhance your game, ensuring a smooth, consistent feed of paintballs and preventing frustrating jams in the heat of battle. With a myriad of options on the market, selecting the ideal hopper can seem overwhelming. Lone Wolf is here to simplify your search by presenting our curated list of the best electric paintball hoppers. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player looking to upgrade your equipment, our guide is designed to help you make an informed choice. Continue reading for our expert recommendations!

The Role of Electric Hoppers in Paintball

Electric hoppers play a pivotal role in modern paintball, transforming the way players engage in the sport. These devices, using electronic components to actively feed paintballs into the marker, significantly enhance the paintball experience by ensuring a steady and reliable supply of ammunition during play. This reliability is crucial during fast-paced games where the ability to shoot quickly and consistently can be the difference between victory and defeat.

The technology behind electric hoppers is designed to address the limitations of gravity-fed systems, which can struggle with feed rates and are prone to jamming when firing rapidly. Electric hoppers use a variety of mechanisms, such as agitating paddles or force-feed systems, to actively push paintballs into the marker. This technology ensures that the feed rate—the speed at which paintballs are fed into the marker—keeps pace with the marker's firing rate, eliminating gaps in fire that can occur with manual or gravity-fed hoppers.

Moreover, advanced electric hoppers incorporate anti-jamming features that detect and clear potential blockages before they can interrupt the flow of paintballs. This is particularly important for players who engage in high rates of fire, where even a brief jam can compromise performance and potentially the outcome of a game. By leveraging sensors and intelligent software algorithms, these hoppers can adjust their feeding mechanism in real-time, ensuring a smooth operation under various conditions.

How to Select the Best Electric Paintball Hoppers

Selecting the best electric paintball hopper involves careful consideration of several key factors to ensure that the device complements your playing style and meets the demands of your paintball marker. The feed rate and consistency are extremely important; a hopper must be able to feed paintballs at a speed that matches or exceeds your marker's firing rate. Consistency in feeding prevents fluctuations in performance, ensuring a steady stream of paintballs during rapid fire scenarios.

Capacity is another critical factor. A hopper with a larger capacity can hold more paintballs, allowing for longer play without the need for frequent reloads. However, a larger hopper can also mean additional weight and a bigger target for opponents. Finding the right balance based on your play style and the game's demands is essential.

Durability and battery life are intertwined considerations. A durable hopper constructed from high-quality materials can withstand the rigors of intense play and adverse conditions. Concurrently, battery life and efficiency determine how long your hopper can operate before needing a recharge or battery replacement. A hopper with poor battery life can be a liability in extended play sessions or tournaments.

Compatibility with different markers is also vital. Not all hoppers fit all paintball guns, so it's important to ensure that the hopper you choose is compatible with your marker to avoid issues with mounting and feeding. 

Lastly, ease of maintenance is crucial for long-term performance. A hopper that is easy to disassemble, clean, and reassemble ensures that you can maintain it properly, preventing malfunctions and extending its lifespan. Look for hoppers with clear instructions and accessible components to facilitate hassle-free maintenance.

Dye LT-R

The DYE LT-R loader combines cutting-edge DYE Rotor technology with exceptional feed rates and reliability, all at an affordable price. It offers smooth, rapid feeding with a toolless, low-profile design that holds 200 balls. Features include adjustable feed tension, an anti-jam trigger, and a spring-loaded floor tray for optimal performance. The LT-R is highly efficient, powered by 3 AA batteries for over 80,000 shots, and supports easy customization with optional color kits, quick feeds, and high capacity tops, making it a versatile choice for players seeking quality and performance.

For a full review of the Dye LT-R, take a look at our helpful YouTube review video below:

Virtue Spire IR2

The Virtue Spire IR2 is a high-performance loader renowned for its innovative features, including programmability and tool-less maintenance. Virtue, a leader in paintball electronics, has designed the IR2 with a low-profile for minimal interference and optimal shot accuracy. It matches the capacity of other popular loaders, eliminating the need for players to adjust to a different amount of paintballs. A significant upgrade in the IR2 is its reliable and agile drive system, boasting a "jam-proof" design achieved through specific shape, material, and feeding mechanism choices. Maintenance is simplified with a completely toolless assembly, facilitating quick cleaning. Notably, the Spire IR2 performs exceptionally well under various conditions, including rain, without jamming. It also comes equipped with a speed feeder and a ramp, considered by many as essential accessories for optimal performance.

For a full unboxing and review of the Virtue Spire IR2, take a look at our comprehensive YouTube video review below:


Bunkerkings CTRL Loader

The Bunkerkings CTRL loader revolutionizes paintball with its lightweight, compact design and the industry-first Angle Indicator, enhancing aiming precision without firing. Its perfectly balanced profile improves field of view and handling on any gun, while its jam-proof internal geometry and soft feed fingers ensure reliable, gentle paint handling. Enhanced with proactive feeding logic and a magnetic assembly for easy maintenance, the CTRL is the lightest 200-round loader available. It combines advanced technology from the Spire III platform with user-friendly programming, making it a top choice for players seeking performance and convenience. This loader's design significantly elevates gameplay, offering unmatched balance, durability, and efficiency on the field.

For a full video review of the Bunkerkings CTRL Loader, take a look at our YouTube video below:

Dye Rotor R2

The Dye Rotor R2 introduces groundbreaking advancements in paintball loader technology, combining ease of use with unprecedented feed rates and the first-ever capacity flexibility. Engineered with feedback from both professionals and customers, the R2 features a multi-capacity shell, enabling users to switch between 200 and 260 rounds instantly without additional components. Its innovative Rapid Release lid system simplifies quick changes between Quickfeeds and traditional lids, complemented by a 15% larger opening for faster loading. The R2 incorporates new circuit board logic with a Reload Alert System and Dynamic Force Control, ensuring consistent, gentle feeding of paintballs. This evolution of the Dye Rotor platform continues to set the standard in loader technology, reaffirming its position as the top choice among players globally.

Take a look at our helpful YouTube video below to see a full review of the Dye Rotor R2 loader:


Virtue Spire V

The Virtue Spire V hopper is the culmination of over a decade of research and development, offering players the pinnacle of paintball hopper technology at a competitive price. It enhances the game with faster feeding speeds and features toolless components for easy maintenance, catering to all levels of paintball enthusiasts. Its electronics, a significant redesign for this model, include three infrared sensors and an accelerometer for precise, jam-alerting feed control, ensuring compatibility and seamless integration with Virtue paintball markers. Additionally, the Spire V is designed for durability and ease of maintenance, with a hinged shell for tool-free access and a rugged, easy-to-clean exterior. Available in several striking colors, complete with a color-matching speed feed and rain lid, the Spire V stands out not just for its advanced functionality but also for its aesthetic appeal, making it a top choice for players aiming to enhance their performance on the field.

For a full review of the Virtue Spire V and to see how it compares to the Spire IV, take a look at our helpful YouTube video below: 


Selecting the best electric paintball hopper is essential for any player aiming to elevate their game. The right hopper not only ensures a reliable feed of paintballs but also enhances your overall experience by minimizing disruptions caused by jams. Our top picks for electric paintball hoppers will hopefully give you a good starting point to begin evaluating for yourself which option will work best for you. As always we recommend doing your research before making a decision. To help you find the best information, go take a look at our YouTube channel for the most comprehensive paintball reviews and recommendations. Additionally, take a look at our online paintball store to see the widest selection of electric paintball hoppers available anywhere.

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Best 5 Paintball Air Tanks to Dominate the Field

Best 5 Paintball Air Tanks to Dominate the Field

Choosing the right paintball air tank is crucial for any player looking to dominate the field. The tank you select not only powers your marker but also influences your mobility, play style, and overall performance. With the variety of options available, choosing the best air tank can be as challenging as picking the perfect paintball gun. In an effort to help you make the best decision for your paintball air tank, we put together a list of the top 5 paintball air tanks to help you make an informed decision. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or new to the sport, continue reading to discover the tanks that will help you outperform the competition.

Why Air Tank Quality Matters

The quality of a paintball air tank impacts not just the performance of your marker, but also the consistency and reliability of your shots during a game. Paintball air tanks serve as the fuel for your marker, providing the necessary propulsion for paintballs. These tanks come in two primary types: CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and HPA (High-Pressure Air), each with distinct characteristics and impacts on gameplay.

CO2 tanks, once the standard in paintball, are known for their affordability and wide availability. However, CO2's performance causes temperature fluctuations, leading to inconsistent shot velocities and potentially freezing the bolt in your paintball marker. On the other hand, HPA tanks, which utilize compressed air, offer a superior alternative. HPA provides a more consistent output pressure and the temperature is less variable than is the case for CO2. This consistency is crucial for players aiming for precision and reliability in their shots.

Beyond the propulsion source, high quality air tanks can be both economical or have a high price tag. However, the more advanced paintball air tanks will usually be made of a combination of aluminum and carbon fiber. The regulators are also key piece of the paintball air tank and can affect the performance of your marker, especially when it comes to operating pressure.
For answers to all of your paintball tank questions, take a look at our helpful air tank FAQ YouTube video:

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Paintball Air Tank​​

When selecting a paintball tank, several critical factors must be considered to ensure it meets your specific needs and enhances your performance on the field. One of the foremost considerations is the tank's capacity, which determines how many shots you can fire before needing a refill. A larger capacity tank allows for extended playtime, making it ideal for longer matches or scenarios where refilling options are limited. However, the trade-off typically involves increased size and weight, which leads to the next crucial factors: weight and size. A lighter and more compact tank can significantly improve mobility and endurance, especially in fast-paced games or for players who prefer a more agile playstyle. Balancing capacity with weight and size is essential to find the right tank that won't hinder your movement or tire you out prematurely.

The material of the tank also plays a vital role in its durability and overall weight. Tanks are commonly made from aluminum or carbon fiber, with carbon fiber being the lighter and more durable option, albeit at a higher price point. The investment in a carbon fiber tank can be worthwhile for serious players looking for the best balance between weight and resilience.

Additionally, the quality of the tank's regulator is paramount. A high-quality regulator ensures consistent air flow to the marker, providing stable shot velocity and accuracy. This consistency is crucial for competitive play, where precision can make the difference between hitting or missing your target.

Finally, compatibility with your marker cannot be overlooked. Not all tanks work with every paintball gun, and ensuring that your tank's output pressure and connection type match your marker is essential for optimal performance. Some markers require specific pressure levels that only certain tanks can provide, making it crucial to check compatibility before making a purchase.

In sum, choosing the right paintball tank involves a careful consideration of capacity, weight and size, material, regulator quality, and compatibility. Balancing these factors according to your play style, the frequency of play, and the specifics of your marker will lead you to the best tank for your needs, ultimately enhancing your paintball experience.

For a full analysis of the best paintball tanks, take a look at our comprehensive YouTube video review:

HK Army Aluminum 48/3000 Air Tank

The HK Army Aluminum 48/3000 Air Tank offers a solid alternative to carbon fiber options, featuring a standard high-pressure regulator preset at an 800 psi output. These tanks, popular among HK Army paintball accessories, boast a capacity of 48ci / 3000psi and include a fill level gauge for easy monitoring. Ideal for players looking for reliable and durable equipment, these tanks are recommended for those interested in upgrading their gear. 

Ninja Lite Air Tank

The Ninja Lite Air Tank stands out for being lighter than typical carbon fiber tanks and is one of the lightest DOT-approved tanks in the USA. Available in sizes of 45, 50, or 68 cubic inches with a capacity of 4500 psi, these tanks are made from DOT-approved carbon fiber and come with a 5-year hydro test certification. They are notable for their versatility, offering up to 1350 shots per fill depending on the marker, and feature adjustable pressure with included shims for outputs of 800psi, 700psi, 550psi, or 450psi. Proudly made in the USA, these tanks are designed for players seeking lightweight, high-performance air systems.

Ninja SL2 Air Tank

The Ninja SL2 Air Tank represents a significant leap forward in the paintball industry, setting a new standard as one of the lightest tanks available thanks to extensive engineering efforts by Ninja. These tanks surpass their predecessors in lightness and are available in a variety of sizes and colors. They are DOT-approved, feature the high-performance Ninja Pro V2 regulator, and allow for the mounting of any Ninja 4,500 psi rated regulators. Key features include options of 68 or 77 cubic inches, a 4500 psi capacity, a 5-year hydro test certification, and the capability to deliver up to 1350 shots per fill, varying by marker. The Pro V2 regulator, notable for its preset 800 psi output, is fully adjustable and boasts enhancements such as a new ball valve seal for 30% increased flow, improved seal integrity, and 360-degree rotation. Pressure can be adjusted with included shims to achieve outputs of 800 psi, 700 psi, 550 psi, or 450 psi. Proudly made in the USA, the Ninja SL2 is designed for players seeking the ultimate in lightweight, high-performance air systems.

HK Army AeroLite "Extra Lite" Air Tank

The highly anticipated HK Army AeroLite "Extra Lite" Air Tank has been introduced to meet the demand for an ultra-lightweight tank. Designed for top-tier performance, this state-of-the-art tank is made in the USA and caters to players seeking the lightest equipment without compromising on quality.

Powerhouse Featherweight Air System

The Powerhouse Featherweight Air System claims the title for the lightest paintball tank currently available on the market. These tanks come with the prestigious Tri-Label UNISO certification, meeting the highest paintball standards and ensuring worldwide acceptance due to their DOT and TC certifications. Offered in three sizes (68ci, 78ci, and 88ci), they cater to different play styles and needs, allowing players to choose based on the game's pace or their preference for air capacity. Pairing these tanks with the latest generation Powerhouse TKO Regulator enhances their performance, making it arguably the best air system in paintball. The Featherweight Air System is the epitome of innovation, combining ultra-lightweight carbon fiber tanks with a high-performance regulator, setting a new benchmark for air systems in the sport.


Finding the best air tank for paintball can be a daunting challenge with all of the different air tanks on the market. We hope that you've found this article helpful and that it provides a little guidance about which air tank is best for you. If you still have more questions, contact us today and one of our friendly associates will help answer your questions. For an even better selection of professional and beginner air tanks, head on over to Lone Wolf Paintball's online store where you'll find a wide range of air tanks at excellent prices!

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Top 5 Barrels and Barrel Kits to Upgrade Your Marker

Top 5 Barrels and Barrel Kits to Upgrade Your Marker

One of the first upgrades that many players look for after getting their paintball gun is the addition of a barrel upgrade or barrel kit. Most stock barrels are just fine for the occasional paintballer. However, those who want that extra level of performance often opt for improving their barrels.

Barrel upgrades usually affect three different areas: 

  1. Air efficiency
  2. Report
  3. Accuracy and distance.

Barrel upgrades and barrel kits help to increase air efficiency by reducing the amount of air that escapes around the paintball while it’s still in the barrel. This means that less air must be used on each shot to propel the paintballs down the barrel which ultimately translates into more shots per tank. The “report” or the noise of a shot is also reduced as a result. This may not be a main concern for most players unless they prefer stealth, however it is still a benefit. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the accuracy and distance of a paintball shot can be improved by an upgraded barrel or barrel kit. 

What Is a Barrel Kit?

Paintballs, made of gelatin, glycerin, and other materials, are sensitive to environmental conditions, with their size fluctuating in response to changes in temperature and humidity. Although designed to be .68 caliber, paintballs can expand or contract due to the temperature, affecting their performance. Warm and humid conditions can cause the shells to swell and become bouncier, while colder conditions can lead to smaller, more brittle shells that break easily. These size variations can impact the accuracy, air efficiency, and noise level of paintball markers. A loose fit in the barrel results in decreased accuracy and increased air and noise output, whereas too tight of a fit may cause the paintballs to break inside the barrel.

To address these issues, barrel kits have been developed, offering a versatile solution to accommodate the changing size of paintballs. These kits typically come with multiple barrel diameters, allowing for an optimal fit that minimizes the risk of breaking paintballs. Barrel kits vary in design, including one-piece, two-piece, and three-piece barrel systems with different sized fronts, backs, and inserts.

How Do You Use a Barrel Kit?

Installing a barrel kit typically takes no more than 10 minutes and requires minimal instruction. To ensure the best performance with your barrel kit, it's essential to test the paintballs you plan to use on the day of play. Insert one of your game-day paintballs into the barrel kit to start and observe how the paintball sits in the barrel. A paintball that easily rolls out indicates the barrel's bore is too big, leading to potential problems with air efficiency, accuracy, and increased noise from the paintball marker.

Conversely, if the paintball is stuck and doesn't move, the barrel's inner diameter is too small, increasing the likelihood of breaking paintballs during use. The goal is to find a bore size where the paintball fits snugly without being overly tight. To test this, try blowing the paintball through the barrel by placing your mouth on one end. The ideal bore size allows the paintball to be blown out easily while ensuring a good fit within the barrel. Keep in mind, if you're using fragile paintballs or playing in cold weather, opt for a barrel kit with an inner diameter slightly larger than the optimal size to compensate for any changes in the paintballs' condition during play.

Our Top 5 Barrel Upgrades and Barrel Kits

For a full review of our top 5 barrel kits of 2024, take a look at our helpful YouTube review video:

Planet Eclipse Shaft S63 Pro Barrel Kit

The Planet Eclipse Shaft S63 Pro Barrel Kit features a 3-piece design with Eclipse PWR Inserts for improved shot consistency and control. It includes a precision-engineered tip for accuracy and quieter shots, along with 8.5" color-coded bore control inserts to accommodate different paintball sizes and reduce breakages. The system also has a tactile back section with customizable rubber sleeves in five colors, designed for better grip and ease of use. The package comes with an Autococker barrel back, barrel tip, and five PWR Inserts (.677 to .693), offering a straightforward and effective solution for paintball players seeking performance improvements.

For a full review of the Planet Eclipse S63, take a look at our comprehensive review video below:

Freak XL 2.0

The Freak XL 2.0 Stainless Steel Barrel Kit updates paintball barrel technology by extending the control bore length to 8 inches, which provides a 6 feet per second velocity increase over the original Freak system. It features a range of insert sizes from .679 to .695, laser-engraved for identification, and is compatible with GoG/Ion/Luxe or Autococker thread patterns. The kit's stainless steel construction offers durability and precision, with unique porting and styling on the barrel backs and fronts. Designed to enhance performance with reduced recoil and quieter shots, the kit includes a 14" polished black front, a dust black Autococker back, an 8-piece Boremaster insert kit, and a barrel case, making it a practical choice for improving paintball gameplay.

For a full review of the Freak XL 2.0, take a look at our review and test shooting video below:

Carbon IC PWR Nano Barrel

The Carbon IC PWR Nano Barrel Kit, compatible with markers that use Autococker Barrel Threads, introduces an innovative design that combines lightweight materials with advanced functionality. The kit includes a Carbon IC PWR Barrel Back, a Nano Barrel Tip, and seven PWR Inserts ranging from .679 to .691. Its design features a lightweight injected carbon barrel back, integrated with aluminum threads for enhanced rigidity and weight reduction, and a micro ported aluminum barrel tip designed for sound reduction and prevention of water and debris entry.

To see the Carbon IC PWR Nano Barrel’s debut, take a look at our videos below:


The Dye UL-S Barrel Kit, a 6-Piece exclusive to Lone Wolf Paintball, stands out with its unique bore sizes and color choices. It continues DYE's tradition of precision, offering a 7-inch control bore for enhanced accuracy and consistency. The kit, which requires matching Dust or Gloss finishes for backs and tips, is designed for optimal performance with features like multi-stage precision honing to eliminate ball spin and a quiet shot. It includes Autococker Quick threads for compatibility with all DYE barrel tips and comes with bore sizes ranging from .678" to .686". The UL-S Barrel Tip, notable for its progressive porting and ultra-quiet shot, further refines accuracy, embodying over 20 years of DYE's leadership in barrel design.

For a review of the Lone Wolf Paintball Dye UL-S barrels, take a look at our YouTube video below:


The HK Army LAZR Barrel Kit, designed with precision and aesthetics in mind, offers unmatched performance thanks to its meticulously honed barrel bores, ensuring uniform diameter and a smooth finish for exceptional accuracy. This kit allows for easy customization of the control bore with 8 interchangeable bore inserts and includes a barrel tip and four accent grips for personalization. Packaged in an HK Army Hard Shell Exo Barrel Case for protection, it features a high-quality aluminum two-piece barrel with EXO hard zipper case, bore sizes ranging from .678 to .692, and four color options for the removable barrel back grips (Red, Blue, Black, Grey).

Take a look at our comprehensive YouTube video review of the HK Army LAZR barrel inserts below for more information:

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right barrel kit for your marker and the environmental conditions is key to having a great time on the paintball field. While these are the best barrel upgrades and barrel inserts in our opinion, there are dozens more that you could choose for your marker that may work better. For a full selection of paintball barrel kits and other accessories, please visit Lone Wolf’s online store.

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Custom Paintball Guns: Upgrades and Additions for Your Marker

Custom Paintball Guns: Upgrades and Additions for Your Marker

Picking up a stock paintball marker and racing onto the field can be a lot of fun. In fact, in many cases markers are ready to go straight out of the box and do a great job at throwing paint down range. However, once players move beyond the “beginner” stage, they start looking at ways to improve their game by upgrading different parts on their markers. Many aftermarket paintball accessories can give players an extra edge, on top of providing a unique look. These parts may increase firing rate, improve reliability, or make your marker more accurate. Paintball guns can be endlessly modified, and the most advanced players often have different markers with different configurations for various scenarios.

Depending on your marker and gear, you can change out triggers, grips, bolt systems, and circuit boards, and even invest in specific ASA fittings or optics with distinct reticles. For those seeking an extra tactical advantage, adding a rail system to their marker allows for the attachment of various accessories such as scopes, lasers, and foregrips, tailoring the marker to specific playstyles or scenarios. With virtually limitless possibilities for customization, players can tailor their paintball guns to their preferences, optimizing their performance on the field.


Upgrading your paintball marker's trigger is an excellent starting point for enhancing its performance with immediate benefits. While factory triggers are functional, opting for custom triggers provides players with a heightened sense of reliability and confidence in each pull. In the fast-paced world of paintball, where speed and consistency are crucial, having a trigger that requires minimal effort and provides a seamless shooting experience can significantly prolong your presence in the game. A custom trigger can offer improved ergonomics, reduced trigger pull weight, and enhanced responsiveness, allowing you to react swiftly and maintain your focus on the field.


Even when pulling the trigger of a paintball marker, it's crucial to feel a sense of complete control over the gun. This is where custom grips play a significant role in enhancing performance. By providing a comfortable and ergonomic fit, custom grips allow you to mold your hands to the grip, ensuring a secure and natural hold. This improved grip enables smoother maneuverability of the marker, allowing for quick and precise movements on the field. Moreover, besides the functional advantages, custom grips also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the marker, giving it a more dynamic and personalized look that reflects your style. With the right grip, you can optimize both your handling and the visual impact of your paintball gun.


Your paintball marker’s bolt system plays a pivotal role in propelling projectiles downrange. A well-designed and smoothly operating bolt upgrade can significantly impact your gameplay. By minimizing the occurrence of broken paintballs, a reliable bolt system enhances both the effectiveness and accuracy of your shots. Furthermore, an optimal bolt system can improve the overall efficiency of your marker, maximizing its performance across different shot counts. Investing in a high-quality bolt system ensures consistent and reliable operation, allowing you to focus on your game without worrying about performance limitations. With a well-designed bolt system, you can experience improved shot accuracy, reduced ball breaks, and increased efficiency, ultimately elevating your paintball gameplay to new heights.

Circuit Boards

While paintball players often pride themselves on their skills and strategy, the significance of circuit boards should not be underestimated. These electronic components can work silently in the background, playing a crucial role in various aspects of marker performance. From monitoring shot counts to enhancing the rate of fire, circuit boards are a popular upgrade choice for players seeking that competitive edge on the field. Advanced circuit boards offer features such as programmable firing modes, adjustable dwell settings, and improved responsiveness, allowing players to fine-tune their marker's performance to match their playing style and requirements. By harnessing the power of circuit boards, players can unlock enhanced functionality and optimize their marker's capabilities, ultimately elevating their overall performance and outmaneuvering the competition.


ASA fittings play a vital role every time you fill up your paintball marker with air. It's essential to invest in a reliable ASA setup to ensure a worry-free experience without any leaks or the need for frequent replacements. Few things are more frustrating than eagerly preparing for a paintball session, only to discover that your marker has lost air overnight. By choosing a high-quality ASA fitting, you can trust in its durability and secure sealing, providing peace of mind and allowing you to focus on the game rather than potential equipment issues. A dependable ASA fitting ensures a consistent air supply, enabling uninterrupted gameplay and preventing any unexpected interruptions or disappointments due to air leakage.

Optics and Reticles

While it may be simple to make a paintball marker shoot, unlocking its full potential often requires the addition of a quality set of optics. Optics play a crucial role in enhancing accuracy and are another great way of upgrading your paintball gun for improved precision. Similar to other shooting sports, paintball players have a wide range of optics to choose from, including traditional scopes, red dot sights, and even advanced options like thermal scopes. Selecting the right paintball optics depends on factors such as budget, personal preference, and the specific game scenarios in which the player participates. Optics not only provide better target acquisition but can also aid in assessing distances, compensating for bullet drop, and improving overall situational awareness on the field. By investing in the appropriate paintball scopes, players can elevate their accuracy, precision, and tactical advantage, giving them a significant edge over their opponents


After a certain amount of time playing paintball, upgrading your paintball gun can turn into a hobby in its own right. One of the best ways to upgrade your marker is to stay up to date with the latest releases which can be found on Lone Wolf Paintball’s online store. We curate the best selection of paintball accessories and upgrades and can help you find the best upgrade for your marker. For the best selection of paintball equipment or for any questions you have, check out our online store or get in touch with our experts and happy paintballing!

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Can Paintball Masks Be Used for Airsoft?

Can Paintball Masks Be Used for Airsoft?

Paintball and airsoft are two distinct sports that have different safety requirements due to the nature of their projectiles. Paintball masks are specifically designed to withstand the impact of paintballs, which are larger and typically travel at higher speeds than airsoft BBs. These masks offer full-face protection and often include a robust lens system to prevent potential eye injuries. In contrast, airsoft masks are generally built to resist the smaller, lighter airsoft BBs and may not provide the same level of protection.

Using a paintball mask for airsoft is generally accepted because the mask's design exceeds the safety requirements for airsoft. The mask can effectively shield the user from airsoft BBs since they are less powerful than paintballs. On the other hand, an airsoft mask may not withstand the impact of a paintball hit. It could potentially break or allow the paintball to cause injury, especially in the eye region, which could lead to serious harm. Therefore, while it's safe to use a paintball mask for airsoft, it's not advisable to use an airsoft mask for paintball due to the risk of insufficient protection.

Paintball Vs Airsoft Equipment

To understand why paintball equipment can be used for airsoft, but airsoft equipment cannot be used for paintball, let's delve into a bit of physics. First, let's consider the size of the projectiles. The average airsoft pellet has a caliber of .177, while the average paintball measures .68. Additionally, airsoft pellets are lightweight, with the lighter ones weighing about .12 grams and the heavier ones around .2 grams. In contrast, paintballs weigh significantly more, approximately 15 times as much, at 3 grams. Furthermore, paintballs traditionally travel at slightly slower speeds, usually capped at around 275 feet per second to ensure player safety, whereas airsoft pellets can reach safe speeds of about 450 feet per second.

While airsoft pellets may travel faster, the crucial question is how much kinetic energy, measured in joules, each projectile can deliver upon impact. On the upper end, assuming a velocity of 450 FPS with a .2g airsoft pellet, an airsoft gun can deliver approximately 1.88 joules of energy. On the other hand, due to their significantly increased mass, paintballs have a much higher potential to transfer energy upon impact. A 3g paintball traveling at 275 FPS will deliver approximately 11.3 joules of energy, which is roughly 6 times more than that of a paintball.

Dangers of Using Airsoft Equipment for Paintball

Now, anyone who has experienced being hit by both a paintball and an airsoft pellet already intuitively understands these calculations and isn't surprised that paintball packs a greater punch. In practice, this means that paintballs have a significantly higher potential to inflict damage compared to airsoft pellets, although it's important to note that airsoft pellets are not completely safe either. Consequently, paintball equipment, such as body armor and goggles, must be capable of withstanding at least 12 joules of energy without breaking. Most paintball equipment is designed to withstand even higher levels of energy as an extra precaution. However, the majority of airsoft gear is not designed to endure the kind of damage caused by paintballs. In fact, if you had to choose between using airsoft equipment or no protection at all during a paintball game, it would be advisable to forgo any protection. Paintballs would easily penetrate airsoft equipment, turning it into dangerous shrapnel that could cause further harm.

Better Safe Than Sorry? The Pros and Cons of Using a Paintball Mask for Airsoft

Using a paintball mask for airsoft may be overkill (it is), and there are benefits and drawbacks to doing this. On the advantageous side, paintball masks provide a substantial degree of protection. These masks typically encompass the entire facial region, which is of particular benefit in the high-intensity sport of airsoft. The impact of an airsoft BB can cause considerable discomfort, especially when it strikes the face. Hence, the comprehensive coverage offered by a paintball mask - encompassing the eyes, forehead, cheeks, and occasionally the neck - is a notable benefit. Furthermore, these masks are renowned for their durability. Designed to withstand the substantial force of a paintball, these masks are undoubtedly resilient. A notable feature of many paintball masks is their anti-fog design, which reduces the likelihood of vision impairment during a game.

However, the use of paintball masks for airsoft is not without its potential drawbacks. One primary concern is the potential for limited visibility. The design of some paintball masks may restrict peripheral vision, a significant disadvantage in a sport like airsoft where threats can emerge from any direction. Furthermore, the mesh or lens of a paintball mask might not be adequately equipped to withstand the impact of the smaller, sharper airsoft BBs which can shatter upon impact, potentially causing damage. Additionally, the physical attributes of paintball masks can pose issues. They tend to be heavier and more substantial, which could hinder player mobility or comfort during the game. If a player is accustomed to the lighter airsoft masks, transitioning to a paintball mask could seem cumbersome. The final issue to consider is the compatibility of paintball masks with other equipment. It is possible that paintball masks may not fit well with earmuffs or communication devices typically used in airsoft, posing a practicality issue.


Whether you’re playing airsoft or paintball, protective gear is crucial for staying safe today so that you can have more fun tomorrow. Masks are just one of the many pieces of protective equipment that must be used in paintball and airsoft. Many players choose to use body armor, knee pads, and elbow pads–all of which are good ideas for both sports. Lone Wolf Paintball has curated the best selection of protective equipment and other paintball equipment for beginner and advanced players. Take a look at the world’s best selection of paintball gear on our online store and please let us know if you have any questions about our products. Happy paintballing!
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How to Clean a Paintball Mask

How to Clean a Paintball Mask

Having a clear paintball mask lens is extremely important when playing paintball, as it directly affects your ability to see and aim accurately, while also protecting your eyes from injury. A dirty lens can obscure your vision, making it difficult to track the movements of opponents or see where paintballs are coming from. This can make it hard to react quickly and effectively during gameplay, which can put you at a disadvantage and compromise your safety.

In addition to hindering visibility, a dirty lens can also increase the risk of injury. A dirty or scratched lens can obscure your field of view and cause you to trip on branches, logs and other obstacles on the paintball field. Keeping your mask and lens clean is crucial for enjoying the game and staying safe while playing.

Use Polycarbonate Spray

When cleaning your goggles, you must use polycarbonate spray as the cleaning solution. Polycarbonate spray is specifically designed for cleaning plastic lenses, such as those found on paintball masks, while glass cleaners are intended for use on glass surfaces. There are several reasons why you should use polycarbonate spray to clean a plastic lens instead of glass cleaner:

  • Chemical composition: Polycarbonate sprays are formulated with chemicals that are safe for use on plastic surfaces, including polycarbonate and other types of plastic used in the manufacture of paintball mask lenses. Glass cleaners, on the other hand, may contain chemicals that can damage or discolor plastic lenses, leading to cloudiness or reduced visibility.
  • Abrasiveness: Glass cleaners often contain abrasive ingredients, such as ammonia or vinegar, that can scratch or etch plastic surfaces. Polycarbonate sprays, on the other hand, are designed to be gentle on plastic lenses, without causing any scratches or other damage.
  • Anti-fog properties: Many polycarbonate sprays are designed to help prevent fogging on plastic lenses, which can be especially useful during intense physical activity, like playing paintball. Glass cleaners typically do not have anti-fog properties, which can lead to visibility problems during gameplay.

Use A Microfiber Cloth

Along with the polycarbonate spray, make sure you use a microfiber cloth when whipping the mask lens. Microfiber cloths are an excellent choice for cleaning paintball goggles because they are gentle on the lens and effective at removing dirt and grime. They're made from tiny fibers that are soft and won't scratch the lens or cause any damage. Plus, they're absorbent, which makes them great for cleaning paintball goggles. The microfiber cloth can quickly soak up any dirt or grime on the lens, leaving it clean and clear. Additionally, since microfiber cloths are non-abrasive, they won't leave behind any fibers or lint that could interfere with your vision during gameplay.

Another benefit of using a microfiber cloth to clean your paintball goggles is that they're reusable and washable. You can use them multiple times before needing to replace them, which makes them a more eco-friendly option than disposable cleaning products. Since they're reusable, you'll also save money in the long run. When your microfiber cloth gets dirty, simply toss it in the washing machine, and it's good as new. However, avoid heat-drying your microfiber cloth which can create hard microplastics which could damage your goggle lens. 

Cleaning Practices to Avoid for Paintball Mask Lens’

Beginner paintball players frequently make the error of incorrectly cleaning their paintball mask lens, such as using glass cleaner and paper towels or washing dual-pane lenses under running water. These cleaning methods can cause irreversible damage to the paintball lens.

Avoid Using Glass Cleaner

Using a chemical-based glass cleaner to clean a paintball lens is problematic because paintball lenses are not made of glass. Instead, they are typically made from a polycarbonate material that can deteriorate quickly if it's cleaned with a glass cleaner. Additionally, any protective coatings, such as anti-scratch or anti-fog, can be stripped away if they come into contact with glass cleaner. If you've ever seen a paintball mask with a splotchy lens, you've likely witnessed the damage caused by glass cleaner such as vinegar or windex.

Avoid Using Paper Towel

When examined under a microscope, the surface of paper towels or toilet paper is quite rough and abrasive, making it unsuitable for cleaning lenses. If you use such rough materials to clean a paintball lens, you'll end up leaving behind many tiny scratches on the lens surface. These scratches can build up over time and eventually force you to replace the lens or risk playing with reduced visibility.

Avoid Submerging Your Lens

While it's okay to clean a paintball lens with a slightly damp microfiber cloth, it's crucial to never soak a dual-pane lens underwater. When a dual-pane lens is submerged, water can easily penetrate the space between the two lenses and ultimately ruin the lens. A dual-pane lens consists of two lenses with a thin layer of air or nitrogen between them. If water infiltrates that space, it will become trapped and impossible to remove entirely. Consequently, condensation will accumulate between the two lenses and totally impair your vision.

When To Replace Your Lens

Sometimes your lens isn't dirty, it’s just old and worn, and it may be time to get a new lens. When you find that there are scratches that continually obstruct your view of the field and are interfering with your performance, we recommend changing your lens. It’s helpful to always carry at least one extra lens with you as this sort of damage can happen in an instant and not just gradually. Players also find that sudden changes in weather can affect their visibility. For example, red lenses are excellent for high-light weather and yellow lenses are great for low-light. Having contrasting lenses on hand can help you stay prepared for quick weather changes and get a competitive edge against those who didn’t bring the correct lens. 

Here at Lone Wolf Paintball, we have curated the best selection of paintball goggles and lenses to keep you playing longer, with better vision and more protection. For a full selection of paintball masks and lenses, check out our online store. If you have any questions, please contact us and our team will be happy to help you find the right paintball gear.
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How Far (And Fast) Can Paintball Guns Shoot?

How Far (And Fast) Can Paintball Guns Shoot?

“How far can this thing shoot?” is one of the first questions that any red-blooded paintballer asks when handling a paintball gun. The answer depends on a number of different factors such as air pressure, barrel style and more. However, this question is mostly a theoretical one since all fields have an FPS restriction. However, taking off all restrictions, how fast and far could your paintball go?

Paintball Range and Speed

To fully understand paintball gun capabilities, it is essential to know the following key concepts: safe range, effective range, and absolute range.

  • Safe Range: This term refers to the maximum distance at which a paintball can travel and still be considered safe upon impact. Generally, paintball guns are designed to shoot at a velocity of approximately 280 FPS. At this speed, paintballs can cause minimal injury or damage when proper safety gear is used. The safe range varies depending on factors such as terrain, wind, and paintball quality.
  • Effective Range: The effective range is the distance at which a paintball can accurately hit a target. For most paintball guns, the effective range falls between 75 and 150 feet. Beyond this distance, paintball trajectory and accuracy become less reliable. Effective range is also influenced by the quality of the marker and kind of propulsion (CO2 or HPA). Higher quality markers will have better accuracy as will those markers that use HPA.
  • Absolute Range: The absolute range is the maximum distance a paintball can travel before losing all momentum and falling to the ground. This range is typically around 200 to 300 feet, depending on factors such as the gun's velocity and environmental conditions. For highest absolute range, players can angle the marker at approximately 45 degrees and shoot. However, all accuracy goes out the window and this is merely an exercise to see whose marker can shoot the farthest.

Here is a video of us shooting the fastest paintball gun ever made

Increasing Your Paintball Gun’s Effective Range: Techniques and Accessories

Many paintball players are interested in increasing their guns' range to gain a competitive edge. Several techniques and accessories can help achieve this goal, such as changing the barrel length, increasing “hop up,” and other strategies.

Players can choose a better barrel or even use barrel inserts to ensure a snug fit for the paintball to the barrel’s bore. A longer barrel allows for better paintball guidance and stability during flight. However, a barrel that is too long may cause a decrease in velocity by causing too much drag and friction on the paintball. Selecting the correct bore size ensures an optimal fit between the paintball and the barrel, which can significantly improve accuracy as well as effective range.

Using Flatline and Apex barrel systems are also excellent ways of increasing a paintball gun’s effective range. These specialized barrel systems can increase a paintball gun's range by putting a backspin on the paintball, causing it to travel in a more level trajectory. This reduces the effect of gravity and air resistance on the paintball, allowing it to travel further before dropping.

For increased shot consistency and accuracy, Using an HPA tank instead of a traditional CO2 tank can be an excellent option. HPA has more consistency than CO2 and this consistency can, in turn, increase the effective range of a paintball gun.

Finally, modifying a paintball gun's velocity can extend its range, but doing so should be approached with caution and not for use during an actual paintball game. Increasing velocity may cause paintballs to break upon impact or inflict injury. It is essential to adhere to safety guidelines and not exceed recommended velocities.

First Strike Paintballs: Revolutionizing Range and Accuracy

For players who want the absolute maximum accuracy and range, first strike paintballs and first strike markers are the way to go. 

First Strike Design

The design of First Strike paintballs allows them to fly further and more accurately than traditional paintballs. These paintballs have an aerodynamic shape and stabilizing fins which set them apart from other paint munitions. In addition to being more aerodynamic, they have a more streamlined shape compared to conventional round paintballs. This design reduces air resistance and allows them to maintain a flatter trajectory over longer distances. These paintballs are also equipped with stabilizing fins that help maintain a steady flight path. The fins have the same function that rifling in a normal firearm barrel has and causes the projectiles to spin which significantly enhances accuracy.


First strike paintballs can effectively double the range of a paintball gun, with some users reporting accurate shots at distances of over 300 feet. However, first strike paintballs require paintball guns that are specifically made for first strike rounds. These rounds can’t simply be loaded into a regular marker as they’ll just get stuck or break in the barrel. Most frequently these markers look like milsim markers and are frequently used in multi-day scenario events. As a result, the increased range and accuracy offered by first strike paintballs can change the dynamics of a paintball game, providing a more tactical experience. Snipers and long-range players, in particular, can benefit from using first strike paintballs to pick off opponents from a distance while remaining hidden.

Safety Considerations and Limitations

While maximizing the range and speed of a paintball gun can provide a competitive edge, it is essential to consider the safety implications. The increased range achieved by using first strike paintballs or other range-enhancing accessories may result in higher impact velocities. Players should always chono their markers before entering the field and never adjust the velocity after chronoing. Doing so could lead to more painful impacts, or even injury and may result in permanent bans from paintball fields and injury lawsuits in extreme cases. When using paintball guns with enhanced range, it is crucial to ensure that all players wear appropriate safety gear, such as goggles, gloves, and padding. Additionally, adhering to the recommended safe velocities and following local regulations is vital for maintaining a safe and enjoyable paintball experience.


The best way to maximize the range and accuracy of your gun is to use the correct marker modifications like barrel inserts and HPA. First strike paintball guns are also an excellent way to enjoy paintball as a more tactical and precise player. To get the best selection of paintball marker modifications, first strike gear, and protective paintball equipment, visit the Lone Wolf Paintball Online store. We have curated the best selection of high-performance paintball equipment on the market and have made it available to you at the lowest prices. Happy paintballing!

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How To Fill a Paintball Tank

How To Fill a Paintball Tank

Air tanks are the unsung heroes of the paintball world and make the whole sport possible. Most of us don’t actually think about the tank until (inevitably) we run out of air on the field; an event announced by a pitiful farting sound escaping from your paintball marker. Most of the time, players remember to fill their tanks back up when the needle starts creeping towards the red. However, we’ve all experienced that one time where we forgot and had to call ourselves out to go refill in the middle of a game. As a result, many players have looked into getting their own home setups for tank refills. These options are often quite expensive and really only make sense for the most experienced and frequent players. However, it CAN be done.

Different Types of Paintball Tanks

Paintball markers are usually powered by CO2 and HPA (High-pressure air) and these two propulsion methods are not interchangeable. They have different operating temperatures and pressures. Using the wrong gas with the wrong gun can ruin both the tank and the gun. 

Paintball tanks usually cost anywhere from $50 to $200 depending on the type of air they use and what materials they’re made from. Carbon fiber tanks are a favorite among serious paintballers because of their light weight. However, many players choose aluminum for the lower price point.


CO2 tanks are the most common kinds of tanks for paintball neophytes since they’re cheaper to buy and easier to maintain. Compressed CO2 tanks hold the CO2 in liquid form and convert into a gas when released from the tank. This rapid expansion of gas and compact storage form in liquid gives players a large amount of gas to use per refill. While CO2 works well in moderate and high temperatures, once the air gets too cold, CO2 doesn’t work as well as HPA.


HPA on the other hand is a bit more costly to use because it is compressed atmosphere. The machines required to compress the atmosphere are more expensive and therefore everything surrounding HPA tanks is a bit pricier. However, HPA generally performs better than CO2 does. It can be stored under higher pressures and also generate more power. HPA also causes less wear and tear on the pieces and is therefore better to use with high-end paintball markers.

Check Your Paintball Tank’s PSI

It’s important to know what PSI your tank is rated for to avoid underfilling or overfilling the tank. HPA tanks are usually rated for 3000 PSI to 4500PSI. CO2 tanks, on the other hand, operate at a lower PSI—around 1800. Some players have tried refilling their tanks with consumer air compressors or even gas station air compressors. Apart from the fact that the attachments don’t fit, these compressors only work at around 300 PSI which means they’re far too weak to meaningfully fill a paintball tank. Don’t try to use these machines or modify your tank’s connector to be able to use these kinds of compressors; it won’t work and may even damage your equipment!

Filling Your Paintball Tank With an Air High-PSI Compressor

This next set of instructions is for players and businesses running HPA with a special high-pressure air compressor. Once you’ve determined your tank’s PSI, complete the following steps:

Step 1: Attach Your Tank to the Fill Hose

On your tank, there will be a visible rubber O-ring that prevents air from escaping. Ensure that the O-ring is properly attached, otherwise air will escape. Next pull the attachment collar back to expose the fill needle on the hose. Insert the needle into the tank’s nipple and jiggle it to make sure it’s firmly attached. That’s right. We said it; jiggle that nipple!

Step 2: Fill The Tank Slowly

Once the tank is connected, slowly release the air into the tank to prevent catastrophic failure. There should be a button or lever on the regulator. Slowly move this button or lever and fill intermittently towards the maximum pressure.

Step 3: Watch the Gauges

As you’re filling your paintball air tank, keep an eye on the gauge that shows tank PSI. The regulator on the compressor will also have a gauge which you should watch. These two gauges should be moving with a similar velocity which will indicate a successful tank refill.

Step 4: Avoid Hot Filling Your Paintball Tank

Hot fills occur when you fill the tank too quickly and the air heats up too quickly. As we all learned in school, hot air has greater volume so that when it cools down, the PSI in your tank will have dropped even though you didn’t fire anything; the air volume essentially shrinks. The only way to avoid hot-filling is by taking your time and being patient with the filling process—don’t let too much air in at once.

Step 5: Release Pressure From the Air Compressor

This is a crucial step to avoid damaging the tank. When you are done filling the tank, the air compressor will still be pressurized with air. Use the release valve on the air compressor to let the air out. It will make a loud sound but this is normal. Make sure you complete this step before disconnecting your tank from the compressor.

Step 6: Remove the Air Hose

Once you’ve released the pressure on the air compressor, release the hose connecting the compressor to the air tank. Just pull the collar back up and the residual air pressure should automatically blow the hose away from the nipple. No need to shake it this time (unless you want to!).

Filling Your Paintball Tank with a Fill Station

When filling a tank with a fill station like a SCUBA tank, follow the following instructions while still keeping in mind the best practices from filling with a compressor:

  1. Connect the fill station to the SCUBA tank.
  2. Attach your paintball tank to the SCUBA fill station.
  3. Make sure the release valve on the fill station is in the closed position.
  4. Gradually open the primary valve to allow air to enter the paintball tank until the gauge indicates that it's full.

When filling with CO2, follow the following steps while still keeping in mind the best practices from filling with a compressor:

  1. Before filling your CO2 tank, stabilize the temperature by refrigerating it.
  2. Ensure that the fill station is securely connected to the bulk CO2 tank.
  3. Attach the paintball tank to the fill station.
  4. Turn the primary valve on the CO2 fill station tank.
  5. Gradually open the valve on the fill station to allow air to enter the paintball tank until it's full.


Having your own rig for refilling paintball tanks makes sense if you’re an avid paintballer or if you own a paintball field. This is a great way to add value to other players or make sure that your tanks never run out of air. To help players get ready and stay ready for the next game, Lone Wolf Paintball put together the best outfitting in air systems and air tanks. Take a look at our online store to see our favorite air systems and happy paintballing!
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