Custom Paintball Guns: Upgrades and Additions for Your Marker

Custom Paintball Guns: Upgrades and Additions for Your Marker

Picking up a stock paintball marker and racing onto the field can be a lot of fun. In fact, in many cases markers are ready to go straight out of the box and do a great job at throwing paint down range. However, once players move beyond the “beginner” stage, they start looking at ways to improve their game by upgrading different parts on their markers. Many aftermarket paintball accessories can give players an extra edge, on top of providing a unique look. These parts may increase firing rate, improve reliability, or make your marker more accurate. Paintball guns can be endlessly modified, and the most advanced players often have different markers with different configurations for various scenarios.

Depending on your marker and gear, you can change out triggers, grips, bolt systems, and circuit boards, and even invest in specific ASA fittings or optics with distinct reticles. For those seeking an extra tactical advantage, adding a rail system to their marker allows for the attachment of various accessories such as scopes, lasers, and foregrips, tailoring the marker to specific playstyles or scenarios. With virtually limitless possibilities for customization, players can tailor their paintball guns to their preferences, optimizing their performance on the field.


Upgrading your paintball marker's trigger is an excellent starting point for enhancing its performance with immediate benefits. While factory triggers are functional, opting for custom triggers provides players with a heightened sense of reliability and confidence in each pull. In the fast-paced world of paintball, where speed and consistency are crucial, having a trigger that requires minimal effort and provides a seamless shooting experience can significantly prolong your presence in the game. A custom trigger can offer improved ergonomics, reduced trigger pull weight, and enhanced responsiveness, allowing you to react swiftly and maintain your focus on the field.


Even when pulling the trigger of a paintball marker, it's crucial to feel a sense of complete control over the gun. This is where custom grips play a significant role in enhancing performance. By providing a comfortable and ergonomic fit, custom grips allow you to mold your hands to the grip, ensuring a secure and natural hold. This improved grip enables smoother maneuverability of the marker, allowing for quick and precise movements on the field. Moreover, besides the functional advantages, custom grips also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the marker, giving it a more dynamic and personalized look that reflects your style. With the right grip, you can optimize both your handling and the visual impact of your paintball gun.


Your paintball marker’s bolt system plays a pivotal role in propelling projectiles downrange. A well-designed and smoothly operating bolt upgrade can significantly impact your gameplay. By minimizing the occurrence of broken paintballs, a reliable bolt system enhances both the effectiveness and accuracy of your shots. Furthermore, an optimal bolt system can improve the overall efficiency of your marker, maximizing its performance across different shot counts. Investing in a high-quality bolt system ensures consistent and reliable operation, allowing you to focus on your game without worrying about performance limitations. With a well-designed bolt system, you can experience improved shot accuracy, reduced ball breaks, and increased efficiency, ultimately elevating your paintball gameplay to new heights.

Circuit Boards

While paintball players often pride themselves on their skills and strategy, the significance of circuit boards should not be underestimated. These electronic components can work silently in the background, playing a crucial role in various aspects of marker performance. From monitoring shot counts to enhancing the rate of fire, circuit boards are a popular upgrade choice for players seeking that competitive edge on the field. Advanced circuit boards offer features such as programmable firing modes, adjustable dwell settings, and improved responsiveness, allowing players to fine-tune their marker's performance to match their playing style and requirements. By harnessing the power of circuit boards, players can unlock enhanced functionality and optimize their marker's capabilities, ultimately elevating their overall performance and outmaneuvering the competition.


ASA fittings play a vital role every time you fill up your paintball marker with air. It's essential to invest in a reliable ASA setup to ensure a worry-free experience without any leaks or the need for frequent replacements. Few things are more frustrating than eagerly preparing for a paintball session, only to discover that your marker has lost air overnight. By choosing a high-quality ASA fitting, you can trust in its durability and secure sealing, providing peace of mind and allowing you to focus on the game rather than potential equipment issues. A dependable ASA fitting ensures a consistent air supply, enabling uninterrupted gameplay and preventing any unexpected interruptions or disappointments due to air leakage.

Optics and Reticles

While it may be simple to make a paintball marker shoot, unlocking its full potential often requires the addition of a quality set of optics. Optics play a crucial role in enhancing accuracy and are another great way of upgrading your paintball gun for improved precision. Similar to other shooting sports, paintball players have a wide range of optics to choose from, including traditional scopes, red dot sights, and even advanced options like thermal scopes. Selecting the right paintball optics depends on factors such as budget, personal preference, and the specific game scenarios in which the player participates. Optics not only provide better target acquisition but can also aid in assessing distances, compensating for bullet drop, and improving overall situational awareness on the field. By investing in the appropriate paintball scopes, players can elevate their accuracy, precision, and tactical advantage, giving them a significant edge over their opponents


After a certain amount of time playing paintball, upgrading your paintball gun can turn into a hobby in its own right. One of the best ways to upgrade your marker is to stay up to date with the latest releases which can be found on Lone Wolf Paintball’s online store. We curate the best selection of paintball accessories and upgrades and can help you find the best upgrade for your marker. For the best selection of paintball equipment or for any questions you have, check out our online store or get in touch with our experts and happy paintballing!

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Can Paintball Masks Be Used for Airsoft?

Can Paintball Masks Be Used for Airsoft?

Paintball and airsoft are two distinct sports that have different safety requirements due to the nature of their projectiles. Paintball masks are specifically designed to withstand the impact of paintballs, which are larger and typically travel at higher speeds than airsoft BBs. These masks offer full-face protection and often include a robust lens system to prevent potential eye injuries. In contrast, airsoft masks are generally built to resist the smaller, lighter airsoft BBs and may not provide the same level of protection.

Using a paintball mask for airsoft is generally accepted because the mask's design exceeds the safety requirements for airsoft. The mask can effectively shield the user from airsoft BBs since they are less powerful than paintballs. On the other hand, an airsoft mask may not withstand the impact of a paintball hit. It could potentially break or allow the paintball to cause injury, especially in the eye region, which could lead to serious harm. Therefore, while it's safe to use a paintball mask for airsoft, it's not advisable to use an airsoft mask for paintball due to the risk of insufficient protection.

Paintball Vs Airsoft Equipment

To understand why paintball equipment can be used for airsoft, but airsoft equipment cannot be used for paintball, let's delve into a bit of physics. First, let's consider the size of the projectiles. The average airsoft pellet has a caliber of .177, while the average paintball measures .68. Additionally, airsoft pellets are lightweight, with the lighter ones weighing about .12 grams and the heavier ones around .2 grams. In contrast, paintballs weigh significantly more, approximately 15 times as much, at 3 grams. Furthermore, paintballs traditionally travel at slightly slower speeds, usually capped at around 275 feet per second to ensure player safety, whereas airsoft pellets can reach safe speeds of about 450 feet per second.

While airsoft pellets may travel faster, the crucial question is how much kinetic energy, measured in joules, each projectile can deliver upon impact. On the upper end, assuming a velocity of 450 FPS with a .2g airsoft pellet, an airsoft gun can deliver approximately 1.88 joules of energy. On the other hand, due to their significantly increased mass, paintballs have a much higher potential to transfer energy upon impact. A 3g paintball traveling at 275 FPS will deliver approximately 11.3 joules of energy, which is roughly 6 times more than that of a paintball.

Dangers of Using Airsoft Equipment for Paintball

Now, anyone who has experienced being hit by both a paintball and an airsoft pellet already intuitively understands these calculations and isn't surprised that paintball packs a greater punch. In practice, this means that paintballs have a significantly higher potential to inflict damage compared to airsoft pellets, although it's important to note that airsoft pellets are not completely safe either. Consequently, paintball equipment, such as body armor and goggles, must be capable of withstanding at least 12 joules of energy without breaking. Most paintball equipment is designed to withstand even higher levels of energy as an extra precaution. However, the majority of airsoft gear is not designed to endure the kind of damage caused by paintballs. In fact, if you had to choose between using airsoft equipment or no protection at all during a paintball game, it would be advisable to forgo any protection. Paintballs would easily penetrate airsoft equipment, turning it into dangerous shrapnel that could cause further harm.

Better Safe Than Sorry? The Pros and Cons of Using a Paintball Mask for Airsoft

Using a paintball mask for airsoft may be overkill (it is), and there are benefits and drawbacks to doing this. On the advantageous side, paintball masks provide a substantial degree of protection. These masks typically encompass the entire facial region, which is of particular benefit in the high-intensity sport of airsoft. The impact of an airsoft BB can cause considerable discomfort, especially when it strikes the face. Hence, the comprehensive coverage offered by a paintball mask - encompassing the eyes, forehead, cheeks, and occasionally the neck - is a notable benefit. Furthermore, these masks are renowned for their durability. Designed to withstand the substantial force of a paintball, these masks are undoubtedly resilient. A notable feature of many paintball masks is their anti-fog design, which reduces the likelihood of vision impairment during a game.

However, the use of paintball masks for airsoft is not without its potential drawbacks. One primary concern is the potential for limited visibility. The design of some paintball masks may restrict peripheral vision, a significant disadvantage in a sport like airsoft where threats can emerge from any direction. Furthermore, the mesh or lens of a paintball mask might not be adequately equipped to withstand the impact of the smaller, sharper airsoft BBs which can shatter upon impact, potentially causing damage. Additionally, the physical attributes of paintball masks can pose issues. They tend to be heavier and more substantial, which could hinder player mobility or comfort during the game. If a player is accustomed to the lighter airsoft masks, transitioning to a paintball mask could seem cumbersome. The final issue to consider is the compatibility of paintball masks with other equipment. It is possible that paintball masks may not fit well with earmuffs or communication devices typically used in airsoft, posing a practicality issue.


Whether you’re playing airsoft or paintball, protective gear is crucial for staying safe today so that you can have more fun tomorrow. Masks are just one of the many pieces of protective equipment that must be used in paintball and airsoft. Many players choose to use body armor, knee pads, and elbow pads–all of which are good ideas for both sports. Lone Wolf Paintball has curated the best selection of protective equipment and other paintball equipment for beginner and advanced players. Take a look at the world’s best selection of paintball gear on our online store and please let us know if you have any questions about our products. Happy paintballing!
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How to Clean a Paintball Mask

How to Clean a Paintball Mask

Having a clear paintball mask lens is extremely important when playing paintball, as it directly affects your ability to see and aim accurately, while also protecting your eyes from injury. A dirty lens can obscure your vision, making it difficult to track the movements of opponents or see where paintballs are coming from. This can make it hard to react quickly and effectively during gameplay, which can put you at a disadvantage and compromise your safety.

In addition to hindering visibility, a dirty lens can also increase the risk of injury. A dirty or scratched lens can obscure your field of view and cause you to trip on branches, logs and other obstacles on the paintball field. Keeping your mask and lens clean is crucial for enjoying the game and staying safe while playing.

Use Polycarbonate Spray

When cleaning your goggles, you must use polycarbonate spray as the cleaning solution. Polycarbonate spray is specifically designed for cleaning plastic lenses, such as those found on paintball masks, while glass cleaners are intended for use on glass surfaces. There are several reasons why you should use polycarbonate spray to clean a plastic lens instead of glass cleaner:

  • Chemical composition: Polycarbonate sprays are formulated with chemicals that are safe for use on plastic surfaces, including polycarbonate and other types of plastic used in the manufacture of paintball mask lenses. Glass cleaners, on the other hand, may contain chemicals that can damage or discolor plastic lenses, leading to cloudiness or reduced visibility.
  • Abrasiveness: Glass cleaners often contain abrasive ingredients, such as ammonia or vinegar, that can scratch or etch plastic surfaces. Polycarbonate sprays, on the other hand, are designed to be gentle on plastic lenses, without causing any scratches or other damage.
  • Anti-fog properties: Many polycarbonate sprays are designed to help prevent fogging on plastic lenses, which can be especially useful during intense physical activity, like playing paintball. Glass cleaners typically do not have anti-fog properties, which can lead to visibility problems during gameplay.

Use A Microfiber Cloth

Along with the polycarbonate spray, make sure you use a microfiber cloth when whipping the mask lens. Microfiber cloths are an excellent choice for cleaning paintball goggles because they are gentle on the lens and effective at removing dirt and grime. They're made from tiny fibers that are soft and won't scratch the lens or cause any damage. Plus, they're absorbent, which makes them great for cleaning paintball goggles. The microfiber cloth can quickly soak up any dirt or grime on the lens, leaving it clean and clear. Additionally, since microfiber cloths are non-abrasive, they won't leave behind any fibers or lint that could interfere with your vision during gameplay.

Another benefit of using a microfiber cloth to clean your paintball goggles is that they're reusable and washable. You can use them multiple times before needing to replace them, which makes them a more eco-friendly option than disposable cleaning products. Since they're reusable, you'll also save money in the long run. When your microfiber cloth gets dirty, simply toss it in the washing machine, and it's good as new. However, avoid heat-drying your microfiber cloth which can create hard microplastics which could damage your goggle lens. 

Cleaning Practices to Avoid for Paintball Mask Lens’

Beginner paintball players frequently make the error of incorrectly cleaning their paintball mask lens, such as using glass cleaner and paper towels or washing dual-pane lenses under running water. These cleaning methods can cause irreversible damage to the paintball lens.

Avoid Using Glass Cleaner

Using a chemical-based glass cleaner to clean a paintball lens is problematic because paintball lenses are not made of glass. Instead, they are typically made from a polycarbonate material that can deteriorate quickly if it's cleaned with a glass cleaner. Additionally, any protective coatings, such as anti-scratch or anti-fog, can be stripped away if they come into contact with glass cleaner. If you've ever seen a paintball mask with a splotchy lens, you've likely witnessed the damage caused by glass cleaner such as vinegar or windex.

Avoid Using Paper Towel

When examined under a microscope, the surface of paper towels or toilet paper is quite rough and abrasive, making it unsuitable for cleaning lenses. If you use such rough materials to clean a paintball lens, you'll end up leaving behind many tiny scratches on the lens surface. These scratches can build up over time and eventually force you to replace the lens or risk playing with reduced visibility.

Avoid Submerging Your Lens

While it's okay to clean a paintball lens with a slightly damp microfiber cloth, it's crucial to never soak a dual-pane lens underwater. When a dual-pane lens is submerged, water can easily penetrate the space between the two lenses and ultimately ruin the lens. A dual-pane lens consists of two lenses with a thin layer of air or nitrogen between them. If water infiltrates that space, it will become trapped and impossible to remove entirely. Consequently, condensation will accumulate between the two lenses and totally impair your vision.

When To Replace Your Lens

Sometimes your lens isn't dirty, it’s just old and worn, and it may be time to get a new lens. When you find that there are scratches that continually obstruct your view of the field and are interfering with your performance, we recommend changing your lens. It’s helpful to always carry at least one extra lens with you as this sort of damage can happen in an instant and not just gradually. Players also find that sudden changes in weather can affect their visibility. For example, red lenses are excellent for high-light weather and yellow lenses are great for low-light. Having contrasting lenses on hand can help you stay prepared for quick weather changes and get a competitive edge against those who didn’t bring the correct lens. 

Here at Lone Wolf Paintball, we have curated the best selection of paintball goggles and lenses to keep you playing longer, with better vision and more protection. For a full selection of paintball masks and lenses, check out our online store. If you have any questions, please contact us and our team will be happy to help you find the right paintball gear.
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How Far (And Fast) Can Paintball Guns Shoot?

How Far (And Fast) Can Paintball Guns Shoot?

“How far can this thing shoot?” is one of the first questions that any red-blooded paintballer asks when handling a paintball gun. The answer depends on a number of different factors such as air pressure, barrel style and more. However, this question is mostly a theoretical one since all fields have an FPS restriction. However, taking off all restrictions, how fast and far could your paintball go?

Paintball Range and Speed

To fully understand paintball gun capabilities, it is essential to know the following key concepts: safe range, effective range, and absolute range.

  • Safe Range: This term refers to the maximum distance at which a paintball can travel and still be considered safe upon impact. Generally, paintball guns are designed to shoot at a velocity of approximately 280 FPS. At this speed, paintballs can cause minimal injury or damage when proper safety gear is used. The safe range varies depending on factors such as terrain, wind, and paintball quality.
  • Effective Range: The effective range is the distance at which a paintball can accurately hit a target. For most paintball guns, the effective range falls between 75 and 150 feet. Beyond this distance, paintball trajectory and accuracy become less reliable. Effective range is also influenced by the quality of the marker and kind of propulsion (CO2 or HPA). Higher quality markers will have better accuracy as will those markers that use HPA.
  • Absolute Range: The absolute range is the maximum distance a paintball can travel before losing all momentum and falling to the ground. This range is typically around 200 to 300 feet, depending on factors such as the gun's velocity and environmental conditions. For highest absolute range, players can angle the marker at approximately 45 degrees and shoot. However, all accuracy goes out the window and this is merely an exercise to see whose marker can shoot the farthest.

Here is a video of us shooting the fastest paintball gun ever made

Increasing Your Paintball Gun’s Effective Range: Techniques and Accessories

Many paintball players are interested in increasing their guns' range to gain a competitive edge. Several techniques and accessories can help achieve this goal, such as changing the barrel length, increasing “hop up,” and other strategies.

Players can choose a better barrel or even use barrel inserts to ensure a snug fit for the paintball to the barrel’s bore. A longer barrel allows for better paintball guidance and stability during flight. However, a barrel that is too long may cause a decrease in velocity by causing too much drag and friction on the paintball. Selecting the correct bore size ensures an optimal fit between the paintball and the barrel, which can significantly improve accuracy as well as effective range.

Using Flatline and Apex barrel systems are also excellent ways of increasing a paintball gun’s effective range. These specialized barrel systems can increase a paintball gun's range by putting a backspin on the paintball, causing it to travel in a more level trajectory. This reduces the effect of gravity and air resistance on the paintball, allowing it to travel further before dropping.

For increased shot consistency and accuracy, Using an HPA tank instead of a traditional CO2 tank can be an excellent option. HPA has more consistency than CO2 and this consistency can, in turn, increase the effective range of a paintball gun.

Finally, modifying a paintball gun's velocity can extend its range, but doing so should be approached with caution and not for use during an actual paintball game. Increasing velocity may cause paintballs to break upon impact or inflict injury. It is essential to adhere to safety guidelines and not exceed recommended velocities.

First Strike Paintballs: Revolutionizing Range and Accuracy

For players who want the absolute maximum accuracy and range, first strike paintballs and first strike markers are the way to go. 

First Strike Design

The design of First Strike paintballs allows them to fly further and more accurately than traditional paintballs. These paintballs have an aerodynamic shape and stabilizing fins which set them apart from other paint munitions. In addition to being more aerodynamic, they have a more streamlined shape compared to conventional round paintballs. This design reduces air resistance and allows them to maintain a flatter trajectory over longer distances. These paintballs are also equipped with stabilizing fins that help maintain a steady flight path. The fins have the same function that rifling in a normal firearm barrel has and causes the projectiles to spin which significantly enhances accuracy.


First strike paintballs can effectively double the range of a paintball gun, with some users reporting accurate shots at distances of over 300 feet. However, first strike paintballs require paintball guns that are specifically made for first strike rounds. These rounds can’t simply be loaded into a regular marker as they’ll just get stuck or break in the barrel. Most frequently these markers look like milsim markers and are frequently used in multi-day scenario events. As a result, the increased range and accuracy offered by first strike paintballs can change the dynamics of a paintball game, providing a more tactical experience. Snipers and long-range players, in particular, can benefit from using first strike paintballs to pick off opponents from a distance while remaining hidden.

Safety Considerations and Limitations

While maximizing the range and speed of a paintball gun can provide a competitive edge, it is essential to consider the safety implications. The increased range achieved by using first strike paintballs or other range-enhancing accessories may result in higher impact velocities. Players should always chono their markers before entering the field and never adjust the velocity after chronoing. Doing so could lead to more painful impacts, or even injury and may result in permanent bans from paintball fields and injury lawsuits in extreme cases. When using paintball guns with enhanced range, it is crucial to ensure that all players wear appropriate safety gear, such as goggles, gloves, and padding. Additionally, adhering to the recommended safe velocities and following local regulations is vital for maintaining a safe and enjoyable paintball experience.


The best way to maximize the range and accuracy of your gun is to use the correct marker modifications like barrel inserts and HPA. First strike paintball guns are also an excellent way to enjoy paintball as a more tactical and precise player. To get the best selection of paintball marker modifications, first strike gear, and protective paintball equipment, visit the Lone Wolf Paintball Online store. We have curated the best selection of high-performance paintball equipment on the market and have made it available to you at the lowest prices. Happy paintballing!

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How To Fill a Paintball Tank

How To Fill a Paintball Tank

Air tanks are the unsung heroes of the paintball world and make the whole sport possible. Most of us don’t actually think about the tank until (inevitably) we run out of air on the field; an event announced by a pitiful farting sound escaping from your paintball marker. Most of the time, players remember to fill their tanks back up when the needle starts creeping towards the red. However, we’ve all experienced that one time where we forgot and had to call ourselves out to go refill in the middle of a game. As a result, many players have looked into getting their own home setups for tank refills. These options are often quite expensive and really only make sense for the most experienced and frequent players. However, it CAN be done.

Different Types of Paintball Tanks

Paintball markers are usually powered by CO2 and HPA (High-pressure air) and these two propulsion methods are not interchangeable. They have different operating temperatures and pressures. Using the wrong gas with the wrong gun can ruin both the tank and the gun. 

Paintball tanks usually cost anywhere from $50 to $200 depending on the type of air they use and what materials they’re made from. Carbon fiber tanks are a favorite among serious paintballers because of their light weight. However, many players choose aluminum for the lower price point.


CO2 tanks are the most common kinds of tanks for paintball neophytes since they’re cheaper to buy and easier to maintain. Compressed CO2 tanks hold the CO2 in liquid form and convert into a gas when released from the tank. This rapid expansion of gas and compact storage form in liquid gives players a large amount of gas to use per refill. While CO2 works well in moderate and high temperatures, once the air gets too cold, CO2 doesn’t work as well as HPA.


HPA on the other hand is a bit more costly to use because it is compressed atmosphere. The machines required to compress the atmosphere are more expensive and therefore everything surrounding HPA tanks is a bit pricier. However, HPA generally performs better than CO2 does. It can be stored under higher pressures and also generate more power. HPA also causes less wear and tear on the pieces and is therefore better to use with high-end paintball markers.

Check Your Paintball Tank’s PSI

It’s important to know what PSI your tank is rated for to avoid underfilling or overfilling the tank. HPA tanks are usually rated for 3000 PSI to 4500PSI. CO2 tanks, on the other hand, operate at a lower PSI—around 1800. Some players have tried refilling their tanks with consumer air compressors or even gas station air compressors. Apart from the fact that the attachments don’t fit, these compressors only work at around 300 PSI which means they’re far too weak to meaningfully fill a paintball tank. Don’t try to use these machines or modify your tank’s connector to be able to use these kinds of compressors; it won’t work and may even damage your equipment!

Filling Your Paintball Tank With an Air High-PSI Compressor

This next set of instructions is for players and businesses running HPA with a special high-pressure air compressor. Once you’ve determined your tank’s PSI, complete the following steps:

Step 1: Attach Your Tank to the Fill Hose

On your tank, there will be a visible rubber O-ring that prevents air from escaping. Ensure that the O-ring is properly attached, otherwise air will escape. Next pull the attachment collar back to expose the fill needle on the hose. Insert the needle into the tank’s nipple and jiggle it to make sure it’s firmly attached. That’s right. We said it; jiggle that nipple!

Step 2: Fill The Tank Slowly

Once the tank is connected, slowly release the air into the tank to prevent catastrophic failure. There should be a button or lever on the regulator. Slowly move this button or lever and fill intermittently towards the maximum pressure.

Step 3: Watch the Gauges

As you’re filling your paintball air tank, keep an eye on the gauge that shows tank PSI. The regulator on the compressor will also have a gauge which you should watch. These two gauges should be moving with a similar velocity which will indicate a successful tank refill.

Step 4: Avoid Hot Filling Your Paintball Tank

Hot fills occur when you fill the tank too quickly and the air heats up too quickly. As we all learned in school, hot air has greater volume so that when it cools down, the PSI in your tank will have dropped even though you didn’t fire anything; the air volume essentially shrinks. The only way to avoid hot-filling is by taking your time and being patient with the filling process—don’t let too much air in at once.

Step 5: Release Pressure From the Air Compressor

This is a crucial step to avoid damaging the tank. When you are done filling the tank, the air compressor will still be pressurized with air. Use the release valve on the air compressor to let the air out. It will make a loud sound but this is normal. Make sure you complete this step before disconnecting your tank from the compressor.

Step 6: Remove the Air Hose

Once you’ve released the pressure on the air compressor, release the hose connecting the compressor to the air tank. Just pull the collar back up and the residual air pressure should automatically blow the hose away from the nipple. No need to shake it this time (unless you want to!).

Filling Your Paintball Tank with a Fill Station

When filling a tank with a fill station like a SCUBA tank, follow the following instructions while still keeping in mind the best practices from filling with a compressor:

  1. Connect the fill station to the SCUBA tank.
  2. Attach your paintball tank to the SCUBA fill station.
  3. Make sure the release valve on the fill station is in the closed position.
  4. Gradually open the primary valve to allow air to enter the paintball tank until the gauge indicates that it's full.

When filling with CO2, follow the following steps while still keeping in mind the best practices from filling with a compressor:

  1. Before filling your CO2 tank, stabilize the temperature by refrigerating it.
  2. Ensure that the fill station is securely connected to the bulk CO2 tank.
  3. Attach the paintball tank to the fill station.
  4. Turn the primary valve on the CO2 fill station tank.
  5. Gradually open the valve on the fill station to allow air to enter the paintball tank until it's full.


Having your own rig for refilling paintball tanks makes sense if you’re an avid paintballer or if you own a paintball field. This is a great way to add value to other players or make sure that your tanks never run out of air. To help players get ready and stay ready for the next game, Lone Wolf Paintball put together the best outfitting in air systems and air tanks. Take a look at our online store to see our favorite air systems and happy paintballing!
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Do Paintballs Stain Clothes?

Do Paintballs Stain Clothes?

For most players, the last thing they’re thinking about in the middle of a paintball firefight is whether or not those paintballs are going to ruin their clothing. However, once they get done with a hard day on the paintball field, they’ll realize just how dirty your clothes have gotten. New players especially often wonder… Do paintballs stain clothes? To answer this question we’ve put together a list of things to consider when playing paintball.

What Are Paintball Made Of?

Paintballs are made of dyed gelatin with a hard outer shell to keep the paint inside of the paintball. The gelatin and the dyes have varying degrees of water solubility meaning that they come out when washed with water soap and water in a washing machine. Since most paintballs are water soluble, they will not stain clothes.

However, not all paintballs are made equal. Some paint is made with high quality ingredients that are easy to wash out but there’s a lot of paint made with inferior coloring and ingredients which actually makes the paintballs more painful and less likely to break. Unfortunately you can’t control the type of paint that other players put in their guns especially when price is the deciding factor. The highest quality paintballs are brittle since they break more easily on impact; these paintballs are also made with higher quality ingredients.

Regardless of the quality, paintballs are biodegradable and are generally made with some mixture of water, glycerine, sorbitol, and polyethylene glycol. However the different dyes have their own chemical composition which depend on the companies that make them.

What Are Your Clothes Made Of?

In addition to lighter colored clothing, the materials your clothes are made of can influence staining severity. Synthetic fibers are less likely to stain because they aren’t as absorbent as other materials like cotton. This is why many paintball companies make clothing out of synthetic fibers like polyester mixed with elastic. 

In addition to the material your clothing is made of, you should also consider what color it is. First, lighter colored shirts are more likely to have mild staining and discoloration after getting hit. This is to be expected and with advanced knowledge, you can use appropriate attire to avoid staining. Dark clothing is ideal to help prevent staining.

Another thing to consider is the amount of time that passes before washing your clothes. Paintballs were made water soluble to avoid staining, however, if you don’t wash your clothes within a few hours of coming off the field, it is more likely that your clothing will stain. If you play in light-toned clothing and then let it sit for a few days after playing, your clothes will almost certainly have stains.

How to Remove Paintball Stains

Removing paintball stains isn’t difficult if you know what to do and what to look for:

  1. Act quickly: As soon as you’re done playing paintball, remove your clothes. You may even want to consider bringing a change of clothes to the field to avoid getting your car dirty too. Paintball stains that are caught early are much easier to remove than those that have had time to set into the fabric.

  2. Rinse with cold water: Once you’re home or at a place where you can wash, begin by rinsing the stained area with cold water. This helps to loosen the dye from the fabric so that it doesn’t stick there. Avoid using hot water, as it can cause the stain to set further into the material.

  3. Use a stain remover: Apply a pre-treatment stain remover or laundry detergent directly to the stain and gently rub it into the fabric. Allow the stain remover to sit for at least 15 minutes to help break down the dye.

  4. Wash in cold water: Wash the clothing in cold water with a mild detergent, following the care instructions. If possible, add a color-safe bleach to the washing cycle to help lift the stain further.

  5. Check before drying: After washing, examine the clothing for any remaining traces of the stain. If the stain persists, repeat steps 2 through 4. Avoid placing the garment in the dryer until the stain is entirely removed, as the heat can set the stain permanently into the fabric.

  6. Dry according to care instructions: Once you've successfully removed the stain, dry the clothing following the manufacturer's care instructions. Air-drying is generally the safest method, as it helps to avoid potential heat damage from the dryer.

Why Paintball May Ruin Your Clothes

Paintball may not stain your clothes because of the paint rather because all the diving and sliding may ruin your clothes. While this can happen in speedball, clothing damage is most frequent in woodsball. Players can get muddy, dirty, wet and more in woodsball. There are also more ways to rip and tear clothing on stray branches or bunker corners in woodsball. Speedball, because of all the sliding, can also cause wear and tear with clothing. Grass stains and turf burns are more likely in speedball than paint stains are. However, because of the high likelihood that your clothing may get stained or damaged, we recommend playing paintball in older clothes that you’re okay with losing or damaging.

What To Wear For Paintball

For players who are merely renting equipment and playing for an afternoon once or twice a year, we recommend wearing old clothing when playing paintball. However, if you plan on playing paintball more frequently, it’s best to invest in some real protective paintball equipment and gear. The best gear is made with breathable fabric to help wick sweat away and keep the paintballs from staining. Good paintball gear also provides padding in all of the right areas to help protect you from the impact of shots and diving. Carbon protective gear as well as HK Army Protective gear are excellent brands to begin with.


At the end of the day, paintballs will likely not stain your clothing. However you shouldn’t wear clothes that you care about to go play paintball. In fact, many professional players purchase their own clothing, uniforms, and protective equipment so they don’t have to worry about ruining their clothes. To help players find the right clothing for the type of game they’re playing Lone Wolf Paintball has put together the best collection of paintball clothes, paintball gear, and protective equipment. For more information or to find a complete selection of our paintball equipment for sale, visit our online store.
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Lone Wolf’s Guide to Paintball Shoes and Footwear

Lone Wolf’s Guide to Paintball Shoes and Footwear

Paintball is an exciting game that requires good equipment, especially shoes. You need comfortable shoes that help you move quickly and easily, since players engage in a lot of running, jumping, and walking. Good shoes not only help you move better, but also protect your feet from things like rocks and sticks. Wearing great shoes can even give you an advantage over other players. It can be hard to choose the right paintball shoes because there are so many options out there. 

Things to Consider When Choosing Paintball Shoes

Regardless of the sport or outdoor activity you're participating in, the footwear you choose has a significant and crucial impact. Regardless of that activity, selecting the right pair is essential, but this is especially true with paintball. There are several different factors you should take into account when making a choice of paintball footwear. To help you decide, we've made a guide for you. Here are the things to look for when buying paintball shoes.


Ensuring a proper fit for your paintball shoes is straightforward. Similar to regular footwear, it's crucial to find the “goldilocks” size that isn't too big or small. Wearing shoes that fit correctly can enhance your gameplay by allowing you to focus on the game rather than discomfort from your toes being cramped or the shoe slipping off. Shoes with improper fitting can cause distractions and irritation, while overly tight ones can result in pain. Either are a distraction or even potentially dangerous and may result in losing a game.


Since paintballing primarily takes place outdoors, it's crucial to have footwear that can withstand harsh environmental conditions and the rugged terrain of woodsball fields. These may include water, sand, stones, and other natural obstacles such as broken branches. If you plan on playing paintball regularly, it's essential to invest in durable, resilient shoes that can endure rough terrain and last a long time. After all, nobody wants to replace their footwear every couple of months.


Ultimately, paintball is a physically demanding sport that involves running and sliding into various positions. With this in mind, it's crucial to have paintball shoes that provide exceptional traction. When selecting shoes, make sure they have cleats, especially for speedball, and solid treads for woodsball. This will help your foot grip the ground firmly, regardless of how quickly or in which direction you move.


The fastening mechanism–laces, tension string, velcro–is very important when it comes to comfort and reliability. Whether you prefer lace-up or slip-on shoes depends on personal preference. However, if you're concerned about your shoes slipping off, it's best to choose shoes with laces, allowing you to tie strong and secure knots for added support.

Speedball Vs Woodsball Shoes

Your selection of footwear will ultimately depend on the type of paintball scenario you’re playing. Speedball shoes will require cleats to better grip on the turf when sprinting. In speedball, players are often sprinting from bunker to bunker so having enough grip is crucial for speedball shoes. Woodsball on the other hand can require lots of walking and much less sprinting than speedball. In this case, boots are a much better footwear option than speedball cleats are. Players should look for hiking boots or even military boots that have strong ankle support and protect you from roots, downed branches and more. These boots should also be comfortable for walking over long distances. Woodsball fields often cover tens and sometimes hundreds of acres of land which requires players to walk long distances.

Lone Wolf Recommendations

To help players make the best paintball shoe choices, we’ve put together a small list of our favorites. 

LT Diggerz X1

The LT Diggerz X1 and LT Diggerz X1.5 High Top cleats are an excellent option for speedball paintball shoes and are our personal favorites! These amazing cleats are designed specifically for competitive paintball and offer compression ankle support on both the high ankle and low ankle versions. The cleats were created to maximize traction while playing on synthetic turf, natural grass, and muddy surfaces. Each cleat offers 15 traction points so slipping and sliding will never be a problem. 

These amazing cleats feature:

  • Excellent ankle support
  • Memory foam insole
  • High-performance construction
  • Flexibility for full range of motion
  • Zipper mesh bag

Under Armour Men's Sportlight Lux Mc 2.0 Football Shoe

Beyond purpose-made paintball cleats, nearly any sporting cleat will do whether it’s soccer or football cleats. Our favorites is the Under Armour Men's Sportlight Lux Mc 2.0 Football Shoe. This is an excellent choice for players because of the amount of grip and ankle support given by the shoe. It was built with an ultra lightweight composite material and really locks your ankle into the shoe for increased stability and zero slippage.

Merrell Moab 2 8” Tactical Waterproof

The Merrell Moab 2 8” Tactical Waterpoof boots are some of the best outdoor/all-purpose boots on the market and are ideal for woodsball players. Merrell is one of the most highly regarded outdoor footwear brands and is guaranteed to deal with the wear and tear of nearly any woodsball field. The tactical boots are waterproof but also lightweight and extremely comfortable. Merrell made these boots to last and withstand the content beating caused by hiking, paintballing, and other rugged outdoor activities.


Finding the right footwear for paintball is crucial to enjoying the sport and, more importantly, winning as much as you can. To make sure you’re properly outfitted to win at paintball, Lone Wolf has collected the broadest selection of different paintball equipment on the internet. For any paintball needs, whether it’s footwear, ammunition, markers, or protective gear, take a look at Lone Wolf’s online store for the best equipment on the market.

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Paintball Gear for Women: 5 Top Picks

Paintball Gear for Women: 5 Top Picks

Paintball is an intense sport that attracts both men and women seeking a thrill. In recent years, women have been taking up the game and showing that they can compete just as fiercely on the paintball field as men can. With the rise in female participation, there has been a growing demand for women's paintball gear designed specifically for the unique needs of female players. We wanted to create a guide for women to help choose the best paintball gear for their own unique needs to promote a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable experience on the field.

What Not to Wear

At the end of the day, paintball is a sport that presents a fair amount of danger for mild and moderate injury. As such, the main consideration for women who play paintball is the type of clothing that they should wear to help eliminate any unnecessary injury. Many websites sell women's paintball clothing that are form-fitting and offer little, if any, protection. The truth is that this type of paintball clothing will likely lead to substantial bruising and other injuries. While these clothing items may look cute and attractive, they’re perhaps the farthest thing from good paintball attire and should be avoided at all costs. Even clothing like sweatpants and a sweatshirt is better.

Having Style on the Field

Showing off on the field is just a part of the great game of paintball. However clothing is not a good way to show off style. Instead, nearly everything within paintball–markers, goggles, bags, loaders, and more–is modular and modifiable. Changing these areas are great ways of expressing style within paintball.

Lone Wolf’s Top 5 Picks of Paintball Gear for Women

1) Slide shorts

Slide shorts are a crucial piece of equipment for any player but especially for women. Slide shorts help cushion the impact when diving, sliding, and moving from one bunker to the next. Our favorite are the Infamous PRO DNA Slide Shorts which have excellent padding and protection. These shorts not only provide padding from dives, slides, and falls, but they also provide protection from paintball strikes. They’re also very durable, breathable, and stretchy to keep you cool, comfortable, and moving quickly.

2) Protective gloves 

Gloves are another piece of gear that women (and really any player) won’t want to miss out on. Not only do gloves provide protection against paintball impact, they’re also great for getting a better grip on your market in cold weather and wet weather. Some paintball gloves, like the HK Army Hardline, have a hard plastic exoskeleton to help protect from paintballs and other impacts. 

3) Elbow and Knee Pads

For more protection on the extremities, we also recommend that female paintball players look at elbow and knee pads. Great elbow pads like the Carbon SC Elbow Sleeves not only have elbow protection but also offer protection for the forearms. Carbon also makes high quality knee pads (the Carbon CC Knee Pads) with impact resistant foam. As with anything that carbon makes, the materials can take a beating while also being lightweight and breathable. 

4) Padded Chest Protector 

One of the most important pieces of paintball gear for women is a padded chest protector. Getting hit with a paintball anywhere can hurt. However, women should take extra measures to protect their chests from the impact of a paintball because of how sensitive the area is. A good chest protector will have padding that covers the entire abdomen, but with a special focus on the chest area. We recommend the Gen X Global Deluxe Chest Protector since it has the greatest amount of protection and comes with elastic straps to fit as snugly as comfortable.

5) Thermal Goggles

One problem that many female paintball players run into with frequency are foggy goggles. Fogging is common with women because their hair can block the vents and cause heat and humidity to build up in the goggles. This not only makes the game less fun, but it can also be dangerous when some players try to remove the goggles while still in the line of fire. The two goggles that we can recommend to help avoid fogging are the Virtue VIO series of goggles and the Carbon Zero series of goggles. The VIO has the Virtue Stealth Visor Fan attachment and the Carbon Zero has the Carbon Zero Storm Fan. Both of these fans, along with the thermal lens attachments, do an excellent job of keeping fogging to a minimum within the goggles.

Other Essential Protective Gear

When it comes to paintball attire, comfort and protection are crucial. Women's paintball clothing should be lightweight, breathable, and durable. Here are some essential clothing items to consider:


Look for paintball pants designed for women with a tailored fit and adjustable waistbands to ensure comfort and mobility. These pants should have reinforced knee and hip padding for added protection.


Choose a paintball jersey specifically designed for women, featuring moisture-wicking fabric and a contoured fit. It should provide ample ventilation and have padding in the shoulder and elbow areas for added protection.

Sports bras

A high-impact sports bra is essential for providing proper support during intense paintball action. Look for moisture-wicking fabrics and adjustable straps for the best fit.

Base layers

Moisture-wicking base layers, such as compression shirts and leggings, can help regulate body temperature and wick away sweat, keeping you comfortable throughout the game.


One of the best rules for women who play paintball is to dress and outfit themselves just like any other paintball player. It’s almost never a good idea to use tight-fitting clothing like yoga pants or similar styles of clothing because of the likelihood of injury. For the best selection of women’s paintball gear, Lone Wolf Paintball is ready to outfit women and to answer any questions and help you with your selection. Take a look at our online store of clothing and other paintball gear for the best selection in all of paintball and happy paintballing ladies!
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How to Play and Win Woodsball Paintball

How to Play and Win Woodsball Paintball

Woodsball paintball is an exciting and strategic outdoor team sport that takes the adrenaline rush of paintball to a whole new level. The advantage of Woodsball is that it can be played nearly anywhere there are large swathes of uninhabited woods. The natural terrain and setting of the game require quick thinking, teamwork, strategy, and the best paintball equipment. Anyone from brand new players to seasoned professionals can enjoy the game of woodsball. Whether you’re a pro or just getting started in your paintball journey, we put together this guide to help you strategize and win your next woodsball engagement.

What is Woodsball?

Woodsball is one of the most popular versions of paintball which is played in (you guessed it) the woods! Players face off on two or more teams to use their woodsball paintball guns to eliminate players on the other team by marking them with paint. There are many different types of mini-games that can be played in a woodsball scenario such as capture the flag, simple elimination, capture and defend, zombie survival, and more. 

There are a few requirements to play woodsball. First, the woodsball field can’t be close to any structures or roads that might get hit by a stray paintball. Occasionally, woodsball fields will have netting surrounding the field to stop any paintballs. Woodsball fields may also have man made structures or they may be entirely natural, depending on the location and the style of gameplay. In regards to the field size, they can range anywhere from a few acres to a few square miles. Woodsball games on larger fields tend to attract thousands of different players.

Rules of Woodsball

The rules of woodsball paintball are straightforward. First, all players must wear proper safety gear, including masks, and use paintball markers that adhere to field regulations. The game begins with a signal from the referee. Before the referee begins the match, players must stay within certain boundaries at opposite ends of the field. During gameplay, players must remain within the designated play area or they risk getting lost or disqualified by a referee. A player is eliminated if they are hit by a paintball that breaks on their body or equipment. Paintballs can bounce and, while it stings, the player is not out unless the paintball breaks and leaves a mark with paint. Once eliminated, the player must raise their hand, call "out," and promptly leave the playing area. Each field may have additional rules to promote fun and fair sportsmanship among all players.

Paintball Gear

Choosing the right paintball marker for woodsball is crucial to winning the match. For beginners, a reliable and easy-to-use marker like the Empire Mini GS or the Planet Eclipse EMEK is recommended. Other woodsball games are run as military simulation (MilSim) events. The best markers for these events are MilSim markers like Tippmann TMC Elite. Experienced players may opt for more advanced markers with features like electronic triggers and adjustable firing modes. Each player must consider their own playing style and budget when selecting their marker.

Camouflage and Clothing

Wearing the appropriate clothing is essential in woodsball. Players will wear different types of clothing and concealment based on how large the game and field are. This frequently ranges anywhere from shorts and a t-shirt (not recommended) to full ghillie suits. As a general rule of thumb, using dark and earthy colors is better than using light colors as it helps players blend into the mottled forest shadows. In addition, we recommend wearing comfortable boots with good ankle support and using gloves and knee pads for additional protection.

Tactical Equipment

Carrying tactical equipment can enhance any player’s performance. For small fields, a good-quality paintball harness or vest will allow players to carry extra paint. For longer games with bigger fields, players may also want to carry a radio, a sidearm, food, water, and other essential items. For games that last hours, we recommend carrying a hydration pack.

Protective Equipment

Protective equipment like goggles and body armor are also necessary to avoid serious injury. While paintballs are not lethal, they can still damage the eyes, ears, and nose which is why players must use goggles. Other protective equipment such as knee pads and forearm guards aren’t required but are still recommended to avoid injury when diving and sliding. 

Essential Woodsball Strategies

There is no single strategy to win all paintball games. However, approaching the game with precision, forethought, and tactics can mean the difference between winning and losing.


Effective communication is the foundation of any successful woodsball team. Using radios or designated hand signals to relay information about enemy positions, movements, and strategies can be an effective way of communicating with teammates. Players should always be aware of their teammates' locations, and work together to coordinate attacks and defensive maneuvers.

Stealth and Movement

In woodsball, remaining unseen and unheard is crucial. While it can be difficult with extra equipment and a marker, try to move quietly and carefully through the terrain, using trees and bushes for natural coverage. Many fields have man-made bunkers and obstacles for players to hide behind. These can be as beneficial and act as cover, but they can also trap players in a corner. Constant movement and advancement are also key to winning the match. However, when moving, avoid creating a silhouette against the skyline. Keep in mind that slow and deliberate movement is often more effective than running and making noise.

Flanking and Cover Fire

The two most important strategies/concepts within paintball are flanking and cover fire. Frequently these two are often used in conjunction with each other. Flanking is where the team splits into two or more groups. One group engages with the other team as a distraction as the other group goes around and attacks them from the side or from behind. Cover fire is often used in conjunction with a more direct “leapfrog” strategy where two or more people run from cover to cover while their other teammates shoot to keep the opposing team down.


Paintball gives players hours of fun, entertainment, and team building. While even losing is fun (a bad day in the field is better than a good day in the office), winning gives players a sense of accomplishment not found in other areas of life. To help equip players for victory, Lone Wolf Paintball offers the best selection of paintball equipment like markers, protective equipment, paintballs, and more. We’ve even put together Woodsball beginner packages to help you get started. For the best selection of beginner and professional paintball equipment, take a look at Lone Wolf’s online paintball store.

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Pro Paintball Guns for Top-Tier Players

Pro Paintball Guns for Top-Tier Players

Crushing the competition requires professional paintball guns that perform time and time again. This type of paintball gun does come with a higher price tag, but it’s often paired with unparalleled quality that players can depend on. The longevity, performance, and durability of professional paintball guns far exceed the quality of markers more suited to recreational use. Professionals choose particular markers to dominate the field and complement their skills. 

Factors to Consider when Buying Professional Paintball Guns

Choosing the right professional paintball gun requires taking a good look at several aspects. Price is probably one of the bigger factors, next to performance and serviceability. In addition, professional players carefully consider quality and the manufacturer’s warranty before choosing their marker.


Almost all paintball guns have a certain stylized look, but it’s more important for professionals to determine how well they perform on the field. Professional paintballers will want to evaluate how reliable the internal components are and what issues owners run into. Many of these questions can be answered by reading and watching reviews of the different markers.


Performing reliably in gameplay is one thing, but cleaning and servicing are another. Professional paintball players look for markers that are easy to service and require minimal maintenance. This includes cleaning external and internal parts, as well as replacing any damaged parts. 


Nine times out of ten, paintball players will pay a bit more for quality. This is especially true for professionals, who know that quality markers are durable and are often a prerequisite for any tournament. With such a large investment, professionals are more willing to trust a quality brand, even if it means paying more. 


Though warranties are more of a side note for most professional paintball players, it’s always a good idea to have this guarantee. Warranties speak to the quality of the company as well as the marker being purchased. Ideally, professionals invest in a marker that doesn’t require using the warranty. 


The DLX TM40 contains the aesthetics of the Luxe brand combined with optimized internals to give every player an edge in competition. The marker itself is simple in design yet stunning in performance. With countless drivetrain redesigns aimed at improving shot quality and efficiency, nothing handles a paintball quite like the DLX TM40. The new mechanical conversion doesn’t require a single tool either. 

Truly a competition-grade paintball marker, the Luxe TM40 has proven itself time and again in competition. Compared to other markers, the TM40 prioritizes ergonomics to improve any player’s game. The DLX TM40 does command a higher price tag, but it holds all the potential a player needs to rise to the top and win the game. 

Planet Eclipse CS3

The world has yet to see the full potential of the Planet Eclipse CS3 paintball marker. This particular gun is available in several color schemes with plenty of slick internal components to keep players on the cutting edge. Plus, it builds on the reliability that Planet Eclipse is known for. 

In addition to a Fully Double Decoupled drive and auto dwell dynamics, the CS3 incorporates a longer grip that allows for more ergonomic contact. This paintball gun is extremely efficient, actuating each shot with less than 100 PSI. An adjustable trigger gives players customizability. The Planet Eclipse CS3 does require a bit of technical knowledge to understand the interior electronics, but seasoned players shouldn’t have too much trouble learning the platform.

Dye M3+

With a stunning metallic color scheme and potent internals to match, the Dye M3+ makes a statement that’s hard to ignore, both on and off the field. This particular marker features the latest in design and advancements to give players a leg up in any competition. It even comes in a hard case players can use to protect the marker during travel. 

The Dye M3+ is based on the DM series platform. Combining superior performance with the convenience and confidence that players need results in a platform that reduces recoil, allows for multiple player profiles, and features some of the best ergonomics found in a paintball marker. The FL-21 Bolt System incorporates a two-stage flex bolt tip in an all-aluminum frame. 

Compared to other professional paintball guns on the market, the Dye M3+ is a platform built to dominate with fully optimized internal components. The higher price tag reflects hours of research and development spent refining this professional marker for a better experience right out of the box. 

Planet Eclipse LV2

The all-new Planet Eclipse LV2 seamlessly combines proven components with cutting-edge technology. Increased ergonomic maneuverability characterizes the toolless rear grips, which house sealed pushbuttons. An increased internal volume aids the new Cure FT bolt design in delivering a powerful punch with barely the sound of a whisper.

Planet Eclipse tunes this marker to be competitive straight out of the box. However, players can micro-tune this marker to their heart’s content. This can seem overwhelming for players not comfortable with tuning, but it’s an additional feature that serious players are sure to appreciate. Plus, Planet Eclipse includes a two-year manufacturer warranty to protect such an investment. 

Field One Force

The compact frame of the Field One Force hides a deceptively capable marker beneath the surface. This affordable option combines an industry-leading warranty with solid components proven to help players improve their game on any field. It may not be the most expensive or sophisticated marker on the market, but it certainly holds its own against the competition. 

Through extensive research, Field One developed the Force Nucleus engine. This drivetrain meshes efficiency and performance for a reliable marker ready for action. GripShift technology allows players to customize the fit of their marker and the AccuLock Barrel System ensures accuracy. In addition, the Field One Force runs on either AA batteries or a LiPo battery to bring an element of versatility to the mix. 


Paintball players wanting to step up their game should consider investing in professional equipment for next-level performance and quality. These professional paintball guns bring with them a certain value and prestige, which can take any skill set to the next level. The best markers and other equipment are currently in stock right now at the Lone Wolf Paintball online store. Check out our wide selection of professional paintball markers and accessories to dominate the field.

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The 101 on Paintball for Kids

The 101 on Paintball for Kids

Paintball games can be incredibly fun. For young kids, however, playing paintball can be too painful and difficult to enjoy the sport. Sometimes it’s better to start with easier games than jump right into working with a complicated device such as a paintball marker. That’s where gel blasters and other toys come into play. 

Gel blasters, nerf guns, airsoft guns, and gotcha guns are a great substitute for paintball, especially for younger kids. These projectiles don’t require as much preparation or leave as big of a mess as paintballs do. In fact, they can feel less painful as well. Young children can still have fun playing games similar to paintball without risking injury or confusion on the field. 

Paintball Alternatives For Kids

Gel blasters aren’t the only paintball alternative for kids. Indeed, many of the same dynamics and mechanics can be practiced with airsoft, nerf, and gotcha. While the rules of the game might be the same, the risk of injury is less with these paintball alternatives.


Airsoft guns are one of the more prominent alternatives to paintball. Many paintball fields also host airsoft events. Airsoft guns typically use similar functions as a paintball marker, except the air feeds a small plastic pellet, or BB, rather than a paintball. These BBs can do damage to sensitive spots such as the eyes and sting quite a bit. As such airsoft is often reserved for older kids from the ages of 10+, though this is at their parents’ discretion. It takes a bit more mechanical knowledge to understand what an airsoft can do and how to operate it, at least in contrast to a basic Nerf gun or gel blaster. Many airsoft guns also use compressed air or C02, which requires safety precautions at all times. 


Foam darts take the sting out of playing Nerf. These toys are sold in nearly every store and offer small children a chance to role-play without a lot of risks involved. The shape of the Nerf darts and the short puff of air required to propel them in flight mean they lose energy quickly. Plus, it’s a relatively cheap pastime to get into and can be a great way to have some fun with friends and family; adults often find nerf to be a great way to play with their kids as well! 

If you want to introduce your child to the world of paintball and airsoft, starting with Nerf can help them understand the rules of the game. At the same time, this type of gameplay should be supported with discussions about safety and intent. But with any Nerf gun, the risks are relatively low. 

Gel Blasters

Many consider gel blasters to be the link between paintball and airsoft. Gel blasters use small gel balls as ammunition. Games can be played in a small space with family members or in larger settings with bigger groups. Most gel balls are biodegradable and don’t leave any lasting damage. However, players should still avoid shots to the face and wear face protection during gameplay. 


If your child has grown into paintball but you want to start them out with a simple marker, check out gotcha. This type of paintball is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. You can easily wash it away with water. Many people play gotcha indoors because it’s practically just as safe as Nerf. Plus, some munitions are reusable, making them an affordable pastime as well. 

Benefits of Paintball for Kids

Playing paintball-like games can offer kids several benefits. These include learning how to work together, getting some exercise, and relieving stress. 


Working as a team to accomplish a task is part of gameplay, especially when it comes to paintball. Kids can learn how to communicate with each other effectively, strategizing on how they want to win the competition. Competitiveness is also a skill they can develop in a healthy environment. 


There’s no better exercise for kids than running around a field chasing after each other. In addition to getting out their energy, kids can also gain inspiration to get outside and interact with one another in a physical environment. 

Stress Relief

The benefits of being in nature and relieving stress are undeniable when it comes to paintball and its alternatives. Kids can play with each other and focus their minds on what’s going on in the game, rather than what’s happening in their lives. This can be a great way to deal with emotions in a healthy way and bond with friends and family at the same time. 

Safety Equipment for kids

These paintball alternatives we’ve been talking about are safer than paintball. However, safety is still a priority, so you should invest in and use protective equipment

Face Mask

Targeting your opponents with a projectile means that said projectile can often end up in a bad place, such as your eye. That’s why it’s important to protect your face and eyes with a face mask and goggles, whether it’s during a paintball match or when playing with Nerf, airsoft, or gel blasters. 


Even tiny bones in a small child’s hand are vulnerable to injury with paintball alternatives. The best way to avoid these injuries is to invest in gloves they can wear. These gloves often come with additional protection for knuckles to prevent any mishaps on the field. 

Chest Protectors

With harmless projectiles used during gameplay, it may seem like overkill to wear a chest protector. However, many games played outside or even in a gymnasium can involve the risk of injury. In this case, it’s better to invest in a quality chest protector than fret over torn clothing, bruises, or other injuries to the ribs and chest. 


No matter which type of projectile you use for your paintball alternative game, you’re going to need clothing that will help you along the way. These games are still physically intense, sometimes requiring you to move about quickly and slide or dive. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a quality pair of pants to rely on. 


You can have just as much fun with paintball alternatives as you would with the popular sport. Airsoft, Nerf, and gotcha games can all help young kids learn how to play the game and have fun at the same time. Plus, these alternatives are safer and don’t require as much expensive gear. 

If you’re looking for a place to get your paintball alternative gear, check out Lone Wolf Paintball. We offer gel blasters, protective equipment, and more alternative accessories and gear to fit you and your kids out for battle, whether it’s using gel balls, Nerf darts, or anything in between. For the best selection of gel blasters and paintball guns, visit Lone Wolf’s online store.

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Affordable Paintball Guns to Get You Started

Affordable Paintball Guns to Get You Started

Playing paintball can help you destress, recharge, and have fun with your friends and family all year round. However, you’ll need a few critical pieces of gear to get started, namely a paintball gun. If you’re looking for an entry-level paintball gear without the hefty price tag, you’ve come to the right place. 

Our list of the best paintball guns you can purchase as a novice will help point you in the right direction. When you start your journey off right, upgrading your gear and learning more about the sport comes as second nature. Start yourself off with one of the six paintball guns we’ve chosen below to dominate the field and live to paintball another day. 

Top 6 Starter Paintball guns

1) Planet Eclipse Etha 3

This electronic marker does require a battery, but you couldn’t tell where it installs in the sleek and ergonomic body lines. The Planet Eclipse Etha 3 features a quick-release bolt assembly with a toolless grip removal so you can maintain your new paintball marker with ease. In addition, the aluminum low-rise feedneck and aluminum blade trigger shed pounds without sacrificing accuracy. 

The composite framework of the Etha 3 features a single-piece frame and foregrip. The POPS ASA assembly, DefTek offset feed, and ambidextrous LED status indicator give it plenty in the functionality department. Plus, you can rely on the Gamma Core spool valve drivetrain for accurate and reliable results, every time. 

2) Empire Mini GS

The Empire Mini GS features a Mini engine, hose-less design, clamping feedneck, and on/off ASA. This next-gen platform incorporates a wrap-around rubber foregrip that allows you to drop in the Redline OLED board without switching the foregrip out. Anti-chop break-beam eyes help this marker respond accurately and efficiently while the two-piece barrel features porting and are micro-honed for pinpoint results. 

3) HK Army SABR 

If you’re looking for a paintball gun that’s entry-level in price but an enjoyable experience nonetheless, check out the HK Army SABR. Use the included Allen keys to adjust the velocity to fit your paintball field’s regulations and double-finger trigger to ensure you’re making the best hits. There’s an easily-adjustable chronograph on the rear of this HK paintball marker, which runs off either compressed air or C02. 

The HK Army SABR requires little in the way of maintenance. This marker features a high-grade aluminum body with a ported barrel and internal gas-through grip. The adjustable clamping feedneck ensures the safe transfer of your paintballs. You can also easily remove the Delrin bolt for cleaning and repair. 

4) Planet Eclipse Emek 100

Entry level as the price may be, the Planet Eclipse Emek 100 features the performance and technology associated with the brand, in addition to reliability and overall quality. The Gamma Core spool valve drivetrain acts as the main engine, housed by the GRN composite body and aluminum inner body core. This paintball marker is PAL enabled so you can use a PAL Loader System if you desire. Planet Eclipse also configured this paintball marker with a DefTek offset feed, a hose-less air transfer system, and mechanical components that don’t require a battery.

5) Tippmann Cronus 

Not all entry-level paintball markers have to be black and bulky. Instead, you can purchase a military simulation (or mil-sim) style marker from Tippmann. The Tippmann Cronus features both black and tan color schemes that easily distinguish this marker as similar to a military issue. The in-line bolt system complements a ported barrel with front and rear sights atop it. There are four Picatinny rails to accessorize upon. If you find yourself bored with the basic look of the Tippmann Cronus, simply add on optional upgrade materials for a customized look. 

6) Dye Rize CZR

Dye Rize CZR has an entry-level price for a high-end capable paintball marker. Complete with a Precision True Bore barrel and Dye Cam Lever feedneck, this paintball marker is both accurate and comfortable to use in the field. The internal anti-chop eyes and patented Rize Fusion bolt provide seamless operation of the marker, in addition to the RAMP solenoid. With a low operating pressure of about 135 PSI, this marker will have you playing for hours with friends, family, and fellow paintball enthusiasts. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Starter Paintball Gun

When choosing a beginner paintball gun, you should think about how much you want to spend in addition to how easy to use, durable, and upgradeable that marker is. You can easily find a starter paintball gun that costs under $100. However, you may want to look more around the $150-$200 mark to get the most for your money. 

More expensive paintball markers, however, are not always easier to use. Instead, you’ll want to find a platform that makes sense to you, especially in terms of how it works and how to maintain it. Durability is key if you’re going to be playing a lot of paintball and want something that will take as many shots as you do. 

Plus, it’s easier to justify spending a lot of money on a starter paintball gun if you can upgrade it later. The availability of upgrade parts will determine which paintball markers are worth the upfront investment. 

Tips for Beginner Paintball Players

Knowing how to play paintball is one thing, but learning the game is another. When you first step out onto the field, make sure you’ve got all the necessary safety gear you need. Most fields will require players to wear specific gear, such as goggles and face masks. Pay attention to and abide by these rules to have a good time, rather than focusing on avoiding injury or getting kicked off the field. 

Choosing a good paintball field and team can also help you make the most of your investment. Teams should be supportive and play by the rules for the enjoyment of all. The best paintball fields allow for dynamic situations where ground cover varies from run-down buildings and broken-down vehicles to stripped helicopters and hollowed-out airplanes. The more immersive an experience you can have, the better.  


Investing in a paintball marker does take a bit of cash, though it can be worth it if you find you like playing paintball games with friends. At the same time, that doesn’t mean you have to fork over a chunk of change to find a reliable, durable, and worthy paintball marker to start out with. Instead, you should check out the beginner markers we’ve highlighted above to get the most out of your gameplay. 

If you’re looking for more paintball gear and accessories for beginners, check out Lone Wolf Paintball online store for the best selection in all things paintball. Our affordable prices give you the chance to get into paintball without a large upfront investment. We offer some of the best beginner gear to help start your paintball journey off on the right foot.

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