The Complete Paintball Gift Guide For Every Player

The Complete Paintball Gift Guide For Every Player

With the holiday season quickly approaching, many paintballers are making their lists and checking them twice for the best paintball gear on the market. To help you make your list, Lone Wolf has put together our top equipment list for every kind of paintballer, beginner and professional alike. Whether you need a new marker or just some new accessories, we have the master paintball Christmas Gift Guide for you. 

Paintball Markers

A good paintball marker is one of the most important pieces of equipment that a player can have on the field. There is plenty of variety between paintball guns, and certain paintball guns are best in certain scenarios, so it’s important to do enough research before buying. Beginners will want an all-around great marker like the Empire Mini GS, which really shines in speedball but can also be used for woodsball. Professionals and advanced players on the other hand, would be thrilled by the DLX TM40

Best Beginner Speedball Gun

For a new paintball player hoping to find a paintball gun under the Christmas tree, the Empire GS Mini is a great beginner-friendly option and an all-around great marker. This paintball gun is best used for speedball but can certainly be applied for woodsball too. With multiple adjustable firing modes (including PSP, Millenium, Semi-Auto) and a wrap-around foregrip for improved accuracy and control, this option is perfect for a fast-paced game with a high rate of fire. Check out our review of the Empire Mini GS here.

Best Tournament Paintball Gun

With improved efficiency, water resistance and more, the Shocker AMP is at the cutting edge of paintball marker technology. Anyone in the paintball realm knows that this paintball marker is the tournament standard. It’s one of the lightest and slimmest professional-level tournament markers ever built. The Shocker® AMP will be the perfect gift for the tournament paintballer in your life. Check out our Shocker AMP review here.

Best Luxury Paintball Marker

As the luxury pick in our Christmas Gift Guide, this paintball gun has a higher price tag, but don’t let that scare you. The Luxe TM40 is the embodiment of the Luxe brand; sleek and modern yet instantly recognizable with its unmistakable handling. The Luxe TM40 is one of the best-looking and performing markers in paintball. For the paintballer who wants to be the best on the field, this is what they’ll want to see under the tree. Check out our Luxe TM40 review here.

Best Paintball Accessories

In addition to having the best paintball marker, having the best accessories will help make the game more enjoyable.

Virtue Vio Ascend Goggle

With a mid-range price tag, the Virtue Vio Ascend paintball goggles are a solid choice. The Virtue VIO Ascend is lightweight and comfortable while still providing maximum protection. These goggles come with standard necessities like a fog-resistant thermal lens and added extras like a scratch-resistant lens coating, making them a great affordable option. Check out our Virtue Vio Ascend review here.

Dye i5

DYE i5 goggles are the top-of-the-line goggles and the next evolution in paintball eye and face protection technology. The Dye i5 goggles have the e.VOKE communication system, making the i5 the most advanced goggle system in the industry today. For serious players with a tactical team who need instant communication on the field, these goggles are the only choice. Check out our Dye i5 review here.

Push Unite

Designed for comfort, the Push Unite Goggles features total face fit customization with high-performance ventilation. This state-of-the-art goggle from Push maximizes visibility on the field. With a universal fit and nose bridge adjustment system, this is a safe pick for a functional goggle that will fit almost anyone. See our Push Unite review here. 

Best Paintball Hoppers

Dye LT-R

For quality performance at a reasonable price, the Dye LT-R is a top pick for players that want fast-loading capability. The DYE Rotor platform is the number one choice in loader technology among paintball players. Get trusted quality and proven consistency for a mid-range price with the Dye LT-R. Check out our Dye LT-R video review here.

Virtue Spire IV



This latest model of the Spire family has a new look that luxury paintballers will love–the Virtue Spire IV. An automatic feeder, backwards compatibility with earlier Virtue models and stronger, more reliable glass-filled nylon make this option worth the money. Check out our Spire IV review here.

Halo Too



As the most affordable paintball hopper in our paintball gift guide, the Empire Halo Too is the best performing paintball loader for the money. The new, matte black poly-carbonate shell can withstand any hit and can easily fit 180 paintballs. For beginner and intermediate players, this is an easy best choice. See our video review of Halo Too here.

Spire IR2



From beginners to serious players, the Virtue Spire has become an established brand name in the loader scene all around the world. The Virtue Spire IR2 is paintball's best value-to-performance loader. Not quite Virtue’s Spire IV, but more advanced than the Halo Too, this is a great mid-range option with quality performance from a trusted brand. Check out our review of the Spire IR2 here.

Best Protective Equipment

HK Army Crash Knee Pads

Stay safe on the field with HK knee pads, arm pads, and more. Designed for high-impact performance, the HK Army Crash Knee Pads offer enhanced durability. Their dual-layered pad system absorbs shock and reduces knee joint impact so you can play without pain for longer. See our video review of the Crash knee pads here.

HK Army CTX Arm Pads


The HK Army CTX Arm Pads offer enhanced comfort and durability. With neoprene arm support, built-in gloves, and breathable sleeves, these arm pads are beloved by paintballers worldwide. See our CTX arm pad review here.

HK Army Diggerz X 1.5 Hight Top Cleats



Designed for competitive paintball, the HK Army Diggerz X 1.5 Hight Top Cleats give maximum traction while playing on astroturf, grass, mud, and dirt. Players concerned about traction on the field will light up when they see these under the tree. With the Diggerz X1, you’ll never have to worry about losing traction again. Check out our Diggerz review here.


If you’re looking to give the gift of paintball this holiday season, we hope our Paintball Gift Guide helps improve your search. Our list of the top paintball gear choices, with details on which equipment is best for different scenarios, makes your buying decision easier. In addition to all of these great selections, Lone Wolf’s online store has hundreds of other options for the best paintballing experience.