Paintball Tools

Paintball Tools

Paintball gun maintenance is essential for various reasons and can require a variety of tools. Regular maintenance, including cleaning and lubrication, ensures that the marker functions at its best, resulting in more consistent shots, improved accuracy, and fewer misfires. Maintenance also enhances the marker's reliability, reducing the chances of jams or malfunctions during gameplay and minimizing frustrating downtime.

Proper and consistent maintenance also contribute to the marker's durability by protecting it from the wear and tear caused by dirt, debris, and paint splatter. Safety is another critical aspect; a well-maintained marker is less likely to misfire or experience unexpected issues that could potentially harm players. Finally, maintaining your marker ensures consistency in its performance, allowing players to develop their skills effectively. Make sure you’re equipped with the right tools to maintain your paintball gun both on and off the field!

H2K Tank Tool

The Patent Pending H2K Tank Tool offers a safe and efficient solution to prevent damage to air tank regulators and marker seals. It allows for the secure venting of air in your tank and the removal of the regulator without risking damage. Instead of potentially damaging your regulator by forceful removal, or risking leaks by draining your tank through your marker, the Tank Tool ensures a fast, safe, and effective way to service your tank regulator while preserving its integrity.

Planet Eclipse Hex Key Tool Kit

The Planet Eclipse Allen Wrench Set includes all of the wrenches needed to work on your Planet Eclipse marker and most other paintball markers as well.

Dye Flex Multi Tool w/ Lanyard

The DYE FLEX Multi-Tool is a versatile and compact tool designed with various functions tailored for DYE series markers, making it a valuable resource for paintball players. This tool, reminiscent of MacGyver's problem-solving skills, is equipped with a range of Allen keys and additional features like a phillips screwdriver, hex key for macro-line fittings, flathead screwdriver and bottle opener, and a V wedge knife. It also includes a lanyard to prevent loss. While specifically designed for DYE markers, this unique Multi-Tool can also prove handy for other marker types, making it an all-in-one solution for various paintball marker needs.

Ullman Pick & Hook Set Steel 6-5/16in

The Ullman PH-4 Pick and Hook Set is a versatile tool collection suitable for various tasks. Crafted from durable high carbon polished steel with just the right flexibility, these tools are perfect for tasks like O-ring removal and marking metal surfaces. Their aluminum handles provide a comfortable grip, and each tool comes in its own protective container for safe storage. Whether you're working on your bike or car, the Ullman PH-4 Pick and Hook Set is a valuable addition to your toolkit, ensuring hassle-free tasks.

Adrenaline Titanium Nitride Hex Tool Set

The Adrenaline Titanium Nitride Folding SAE Hex Tool Set is a versatile folding set of 9 SAE hex keys, originally designed for paintball use, specifically for Luxes and Shockers. It includes sizes from .05" to 3/16" and features the 7/64" and 9/64" wrenches, which are not standard in Shocker or Luxe toolkits but can be useful. The Titanium Nitride coating ensures durability, corrosion resistance, and protection against wear, while Black Nickel plating prevents rust on remaining hardware. The wrench sizes are clearly marked, and the set bears the Adrenaline logo.

Carbon 1/8" Velocity Key w/ Lanyard

Keep your marker field legal with the Carbon 1/8" Velocity Key w/ Lanyard! This 1/8" allen key fits the HPR adjustment screw on all Planet Eclipse markers and the Dye DSR. It is also field legal per the modern NXL Rulebook