Airsoft Gas & BBs

Airsoft Gas and BBs

Airsoft propellants and projectiles will ever be a source of debate–which is better and for what application? Green gas and CO2 are both excellent options for non-electric airsoft guns, however, there are differences. Depending on your airsoft gun’s power and even the type of airsoft gun, you may want to opt for BBs that weigh slightly more or slightly less, as their weight can affect accuracy and range. Whatever your playing style and preferences are, Lone Wolf Paintball is your go-to online airsoft and paintball store.

Airsoft Gas

Airsoft gas essentially comes in two different presentations–green gas and CO2. Unlike paintball guns, airsoft guns do not use high-pressure air for propulsion because airsoft guns don’t use refillable tanks the way that paintball markers do. 


Umarex 12-gram CO2 cartridges are designed for convenient and disposable use in paintball pistols, airsoft guns, and other air guns that require a 12-gram CO2 cartridge. These cartridges are rigorously tested to maintain high standards of cleanliness and performance, ensuring optimal functioning of your paintball pistol, airsoft gun, or air gun for consistent shooting experience across various seasons. Their key features include providing clean and reliable power, with a focus on quality testing for cleanliness and reliability.

Green Gas

Elite Force Fuel is a premium green gas specifically designed for use with Elite Force gas blowback airsoft guns. Keep your airsoft magazines full and ready to play! Please note that there are shipping restrictions on the number of canisters we can send in a single shipment. If you need more than four, please order multiple shipments.

Airsoft BBs

Airsoft BBs come in .2g and .25g weights and can be biodegradable or solid plastic. Biodegradable BBs have the benefit of dissolving into the earth after a few months whereas plastic BBs tend to stick around longer.

The Elite Force .2g and .25g Bio BBs are premium, biodegradable airsoft ammunition designed to ensure both accuracy and environmental responsibility. These .25g BBs are particularly suited for airsoft sniper rifles and high-powered AEGs, providing an optimal balance of weight and performance. The .2g BB’s on the other hand are more suited to paintball pistols and lower-powered AEGs.

The Elite Force Tactical gaming BBs are high-quality airsoft ammunition, tailored for high-end scenario tactical and military-style gaming. Aimed at serious players, they come in both .20 gram and .25 gram weights, catering to precision-driven airsoft games. These BBs are ideal for military simulation (milsim) and police force training, emphasizing accuracy and performance in demanding gaming environments. Please note when ordering that all airsoft BBs come in quantities of either 2700 or 5000 rounds per container. 

Players Want to Know…

Frequently asked questions by airsofters

What is green gas made of?

Green gas is called green gas because it is biologically derived. Green gas is essentially propane mixed with a few other additives. As a result, the gas is flammable but is one of the best propulsion options for airsoft applications.