Paintball Bolt Kits

Paintball Bolt Kits

Having the right bolt for your paintball gun can drastically improve your performance and reduce the amount of broken paint you end up shooting. A well-engineered bolt with smooth action not only reduces the chances of paintball breakage but also enhances the overall precision and accuracy of your shots. It also smooth loading into the breach of the barrel and helps with cleaner shot trajectory and accuracy.

The efficiency of the bolt system can also have a substantial effect on your marker's performance. A high-end bolt can reduce the marker's air consumption per shot, leading to increased shot counts on a single air tank or cartridge. This means you can stay in the game longer without needing to refill your tank which can be a key advantage in a competitive round of speedball.

Super Stanchy Customs Gamma Core Super Soft Bolt

The Super Stanchy Customs Super Soft Bolt is an upgrade designed to unlock the full potential of your Planet Eclipse Gamma Core marker. It offers several notable features, including the elimination of bolt roll back, resulting in a smoother and quieter shot. Additionally, this bolt enhances shot consistency and allows you to use more fragile, brittle paintballs, reducing the risk of breaks in the barrel. A notable advantage is its compatibility with various Planet Eclipse Gamma Core markers, including the ETHA 2, EMEK, EMF100, CS2, CS2 Pro, and the Gtek series (Original, 160R, 170R, and M170R). Whether you're seeking improved performance or greater flexibility in your paintball marker, the Super Soft Bolt is a valuable addition to consider.

Planet Eclipse Gamma Core ST3 Bolt Kit

The Planet Eclipse Gamma Core ST3 Bolt Kit is a specialized upgrade designed for all Gamma Core markers and serves as a replacement component for the standard bolt in CS2 and CS2 Pro models. This kit features a Soft Tip Bolt, which includes a spare Soft Tip insert, making it gentle on paintballs and reducing the risk of breaks. It's compatible with a wide range of Planet Eclipse markers, including the CS2 Pro, CS2, Gtek 170R, Gtek M170R, Gtek 160R, Gtek, Gmek, ETHA2, EMF100, and EMEK. Whether you're seeking improved performance or a more paintball-friendly bolt for your marker, the ST3 Bolt Kit offers a versatile solution.

DLX Luxe Ice Encore Bolt System

The Luxe Encore Ice Encore Bolt System offers two variants for backward compatibility with all pre-X Luxe platforms, ensuring the correct latching mechanism for your marker. It boasts a low operating pressure, eliminating the need for soft or cushioned bolt faces and reducing paintball breakage and felt recoil. The Encore's cycle timing is optimized for a speed of up to 15bps, minimizing the impact on the paintball for a smoother shot. The ICE coating, short for internal, ceramic elastomer, reduces maintenance and enhances cold weather performance for all Luxe users, revitalizing older markers. Notably, the Encore bolt system operates without springs, simplifying maintenance and increasing reliability, even for older Luxe platforms.