Carbon Goggles & Accessories

Carbon C Spec Lowlight Lens


  • Rose - Clear Mirror
  • Orange Fade - Clear Mirror
  • Yellow - Clear Mirror
  • LT Grey - Red Mirror
  • +1
Carbon C Spec Midlight Lens


  • Rose Fade - Red Mirror
  • Cyan Fade - Cyan Mirror
  • Tungsten Fade - Gold Mirror
  • Clear Fade - Silver Mirror
  • +1
Carbon C Spec Highlight Lens


  • Grey - Red Mirror
  • Grey - Cyan Mirror
  • Grey - Leaf Mirror
  • Grey - Silver Mirror
  • +1
Carbon Zero Storm Fan


  • Black Matte
Carbon OPR


  • Black
  • Navy
  • Orange
  • Red
  • +3
Carbon OPR Lens


  • Clear
Carbon Goggle Case


  • Black

Carbon Goggles and Accessories

Carbon goggles are some of the most beloved goggles on the paintball market and provide an excellent balance of price and value. The goggles are injection molded to form-fit your face and head for maximum protection while still maintaining mobility and a wide field of vision. 

Like all of Carbon’s other products, their goggles are built to last with highly durable yet lightweight materials. The low-profile designs make Carbon goggles a perfect fit for intermediate and advanced players who perhaps play in a league. One of the most outstanding features of Carbon goggles is the easy lens change system, allowing for quick lens changes depending on the weather or if you get hit in the mask. Features like this highlight the amount of thought and engineering that have gone into Carbon masks. Players who trust Carbon end up loving their purchase.

Carbon Zero Pro

The Carbon Zero Pro is Carbon’s most advanced Goggle system. The masks are as low-profile as possible while still providing protection to the player. The Zero pro has Carbon’s proprietary lens change system for easy lens changes. The mouth and chin guard also creates the perfect balance of mobility and safety.

Carbon Zero SLD

The Carbon Zero SLD is very similar to the Zero PRO (see below) and is a favorite of many professional paintball players. The mask comes fully equipped with Carbon’s quick lens-change system and ultra-lightweight materials. For a full review of the Carbon SLD, see our video below:


The main accessories that Carbon offers with their goggles are lowlight, midlight, and highlight lenses and the Carbon Zero Storm Fan extractor fan to help prevent goggle fogging. The fan is a player favorite, especially in hot and humid weather to keep the goggles from fogging up.

Players Want to Know

Frequently asked questions by players…

How Do I Change the Lens on Carbon Goggles?

On the inside of the carbon goggles next to the ear protectors, the headband connects to the body of the goggles. To change the lenses, simply pull the headband inwards where it connects to the goggle frame and twist 90 degrees. The headband will disengage and the lens will easily pop out. For a better explanation of how to change the lens on carbon goggles, take a look at our video on this.

What Is the Difference Between the Zero Pro and Zero SLD?

The difference between the Zero Pro and Zero SLD is minimal. The Zero Pro’s mouth and ear protection is made with a more flexible material than the Zero SLD. This is the main difference between the two goggles. Professional players tend to opt for the Zero Pro to reduce the likelihood of breakage.

What Is the Difference Between Less Coverage and More Coverage?

The difference between the “Less Coverage” and “More Coverage” SLD and PRO masks is the size of the mask. Obviously, the “more coverage” version is larger and has greater facial coverage than the “less coverage” version. Additionally, the “more coverage” version has a 2” head strap while the “less coverage version only has 1.5” inches. Players who are concerned about being the smallest target possible will want to use the “less coverage” mask while players concerned with personal safety (or just large heads) will want “more coverage.” For more information, take a look at our video here.