Carbon C Spec Highlight Lens

The C-Spec Lens series is designed and manufactured to provide the most advanced paintball optics available. Featuring 15 unique options for a comprehensive selection of lenses for every playing condition.

Highlight (HL) Series lens options are designed for use in bright and direct sunlight and provide the lowest light transmission to your vision. HL lenses minimize glare by decreasing white balance and sharpening contrast. Performance HL lens options feature injected tint and a mirror coating with a low Variable Light Transmission (VLT%).


  • Wide Vision Injected Polycarbonate Lens
  • Contrast Specific VLT Technology
  • Thermal Anti-fog Inner Seal
  • Anti-glare Mirror Coating
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Printed CRBN and C-SPEC Logo
  • Protective Sleeve with SPECS