Carbon Pod Packs & Pods

Carbon Pod Packs & Pods

The Carbon brand of paintball gear is one of the most highly esteemed brands currently operating in the paintball space. They are known for producing high-performance, lightweight, and durable paintball equipment. Professional players are especially big fans of Carbon because of the lightweight nature of the different equipment they produce, allowing them to be faster on the field. 

Carbon paintball gear is also very robust and able to withstand the punishing wear and tear of professional paintball games and tournaments. In addition to their pods and pod packs, their product selection includes paintball clothing, barrels, and other accessories such as goggles. While Carbon is generally considered to be of superior quality, the price is also reflective of the higher quality that players receive from Carbon equipment.

What Sizes Do Pod Packs Come In?

Carbon Pod Packs come in two main sizes: small - medium and large - extra large. The pod packs are made of a stretchy material so there’s quite a bit of room for error. However, for best results, players should use their shirt size as a guide. If you wear a small or medium-sized shirt, the best option for you is the small to medium-sized pod pack. However, if you wear a large or XL shirt, then you should choose the large - extra large pod pack. Remember that a good fit is highly recommended for these pod packs. They are meant to fit flush with your body and create a low-profile way to carry extra pods. Having the wrong sizing may compromise the fit.

What Are Carbon Pod Packs and Pods Made of?

The Carbon pod packs are made of stretchy, highly-breathable material. This material is perfect for the summer heat, especially in the south. The material is moisture-wicking and helps keep players dry and comfortable. This also helps secure a snug fit to your body and maintain a low profile.

How Many Pods Can They Carry?

Carbon pod packs can hold five different pods. The elastic system used to secure the pods is extremely durable and holds the pods snugly to avoid dropping the pods. However, the pods are not difficult to remove and slide easily from the pack when pulled.

Heat-Sensitive Plastic

One of the great features that Carbon has integrated into its pods is heat-sensitive plastic. The advantage of having this heat-sensitive plastic is that players understand the thermal expansion and contraction of their paintballs. The color of the pod changes to help players understand which barrel inserts they should be using for the best results.

Pod Capacity

Carbon pods have a very similar capacity as the rest of the other pods on the market. Each pod can hold around 180 paintballs.