Paintball Gloves

Keep yourself safe on the field with top quality paintball gloves from manufacturers like Carbon, Exalt, HK Army, Infamous and Valken!


Paintball Gloves

The best way to understand and appreciate the utility of paintball gloves is by getting hit in the hand–just one time should be enough to convince you! For most players, paintball gloves are a necessity when playing paintball. In fact, we recommend that even players who are renting for a day pick up their own set of gloves because of the many benefits of wearing them. Nearly all players agree–getting hit directly on the hands and fingers is one of the most painful places to get hit by a paintball, especially at close distances. On the back of the hand, especially the fingers, the skin is thin and bleeding can happen with direct finger hits. Many paintball gloves are also reasonably priced ($10 - $15) so it makes sense to invest in armored gloves. More experienced players also have a wide array of options and are similarly encouraged to get a great pair of paintball gloves. 

What To Look For In Paintball Gloves

If you’re just playing for a day and renting equipment, you should look for gloves that don’t break the bank but also keep your hands as protected as possible. Our favorite gloves for one-day renters are the Valken Alpha Finger Gloves. These gloves come armored with padding and a hard outer plastic shell to keep your hand protected against the worst of the impact. The best part? They’re only $10 and can be used as generic work gloves as well. In fact, they’re great for yard work, landscaping, and hardscaping even after you’re finished playing paintball.

Players who are willing to invest a little bit more in their gloves should also look for better grip. While gloves certainly help to protect your hands, that’s not all they do. They can also help you get a better purchase on your paintball maker in wet conditions or if you get paint on your hands. Players also love the better grip when refilling the loader in the middle of a firefight or changing out tanks that are difficult to get a solid grip on. For players looking at paintball gloves with better grip, we recommend the Exalt Death Grip Glove

Different Types of Paintball Gloves

There are three main types of paintball gloves, each with their own advantages. Armored gloves come without coverage after the first knuckle. However, the surface area of the hands are covered with hard plastic that prevents much of the pain when hit. Half-fingered gloves have the index and middle fingers cut off at the first knuckle which allows for the best range of motion for firing fingers. The ring and pinky fingers are left covered to maximize protection while also allowing for uninhibited range of motion. Finally, traditional gloves offer full hand coverage on all five fingers.

What’s the Best Type of Paintball Glove?

The best type of paintball glove will depend on the scenario you’re playing and how much experience you have. However, generally woodsball scenarios should favor protection (hard shell) over streamlined appearance. Speedball scenarios on the other hand should favor streamlined appearance over protection. In speedball, every millimeter counts so choosing a smaller glove is best.