Paintball Repair Kits

Paintball Repair Kits

Maintaining your paintball gun is crucial for several reasons and may necessitate a variety of tools and replacement parts. Regular upkeep, which includes cleaning, applying lubrication, and replacing worn-out parts is essential to optimize the marker's performance. This leads to more reliable shots, increased accuracy, and a reduction in misfires. Maintenance also increases the marker's reliability, lowering the risk of jams or malfunctions during gameplay, minimizing frustrating interruptions.

Consistent and proper maintenance also helps extend the marker's lifespan by shielding it from the adverse effects of dirt, debris, and paint splatter. Safety is another important concern; a well-kept marker is less prone to unexpected issues or misfires that could potentially endanger players. Having access to the right replacement parts is equally important. Over time, some components of your paintball marker may wear out or become damaged through use. Having a supply of replacement parts, such as O-rings, seals, bolts, and springs, on hand ensures that you can quickly address any issues that arise. This proactive approach minimizes downtime and keeps your marker in peak condition. 

One important thing to keep in mind is that paintball repair kits and spare parts are anything but universal–what fits a Luxe TM40 will no fit your Mini GS. When purchasing your spare parts, make sure you’ve ordered the right parts for the make AND model of your paintball gun. Finally, beware of other websites that are selling knock off brands that claim to fit your marker. The best way to ensure that the extra parts will fit your marker is to get them at Lone Wolf Paintball!

Players Want to Know

Frequently asked questions by paintballers…

What is the best paintball gun lubricant?

It depends on what paintball marker you’re using. Normally each paintball manufacturer will release their own lubricant that they consider is the best for their markers. We recommend you looking at finding a name-brand lubricant for your marker.

How do I know what’s wrong with my paintball marker?

Unless you’ve been around paintball for a while, it may not be obvious what’s going on with your marker. We suggest asking an experienced paintballer and taking a look at our helpful YouTube video below to help troubleshoot any issues:

Top 5 Paintball Gun Troubleshooting Solutions

Should I dry fire my paintball gun?

Generally no. Paintball guns are meant to have some resistance (pushing a paintball out of the barrel) so shooting it could put some of the marker under additional stress. However, the Planet Eclipse Muffler Barrel Kit does allow you to dry fire to make sure that your paintball gun will fire after your done doing maintenance. 

Should I clean my paintball gun after each use?

Yes. This doesn’t mean that you have to clean it in between rounds. However, after you’re done with a day of paintball, it’s best practice to run a barrel maid down the barrel to clean out any debris as well as to replace any lubricant that may have worn off. Lubricating your gun will not only make it work better, but it will also hydrate the seals and o-rings giving them a longer usable life.