Paintball Gun Customization and Anodization

paintball gun customization

Ready to take the next step in outfitting your gear for the field? 

Whether you want to express your individuality or rep for your team, take a step into the world of paintball gun customization and check out the range of services we offer here at Lone Wolf Paintball.

Full Paintball Gun Customization

At Lone Wolf Paintball, we harness our passion for paintball and artistic excellence to create amazing custom paintball guns.

As long as we have access to the required parts, we can customize any paintball gun you throw at us. If we have the parts in our warehouse then we can naturally complete the project much faster. However, we can also source parts from elsewhere if we need to. 

Please remember, if your gun is old then we may struggle to find some parts. Don't let this put you off though. 

Get in touch with our retail office and we will see what we can do. 

Precision Engraving

To make your gun truly unique, you can have it engraved by one of our experts. Engraving your paintball gun is perfect for embedding details that you cannot get with a simple paint job. 

The process uses a laser that creates a silver line on the surface of the gun. This means the engraving is carried out with extreme accuracy and precision.

The design could be as simple as your name or initials. You and your teammates could even get matching engravings of your team name. We also do more complicated designs if you want to make your gun really stand out.

paintball gun anodization

Anodizing and Custom Colors

Anodization is the method used to change the color of the aluminum parts of your gun. This process is very straightforward but with it you can achieve amazing results.

It works by converting the aluminum surface of the gun into durable anodic oxide. Not only does this allow you to color the surface of your gun, but it also makes it corrosion-resistant. This means that anodized custom-made paintball guns will stay in top condition for longer, making it a very smart investment. 

You can get almost any color you want, and we can create stunning designs for you as well. Let your imagination run wild. Our prices for custom paintball gun anodizing start at only $300 and go up from there depending on what you’d like. So there is no need to break the bank to fund your creation.

Customize My Paintball Gun

If you feel inspired to give your gun a makeover, then contact us now by phone or email, tell us what you want and we will give you a quote for the price. After that conversation, we can get to work on crafting your bespoke design. 

We take paintball gun customization seriously. With Lone Wolf, you know you are getting the best possible service.