Dye Rize CZR


  • Black / Black
  • Black / Blue
  • Black / Gold
  • Black / Grey
  • +39
Dye DSR+ Paintball Marker


  • Deep Blue
  • Lava
  • Gloss Black
  • Blue / Dark Grey
  • +17
Dye Rize CZR Entry Level Speedball Package


  • CZR Black / Black
  • CZR Black / Blue
  • CZR Black / Gold
  • CZR Black / Grey
  • +39
Dye M3+
Dye M3+

$1,395.00 $1,595.00

  • Collide
  • Flow
  • Hex 3D
  • Fatale Cyan/Black
  • +23
Dye Rize CZR Beginner Speedball Package


  • CZR Black / Black
  • CZR Black / Blue
  • CZR Black / Gold
  • CZR Black / Grey
  • +39
Dye DSR+ Tournament Package


  • Dye DSR+ - Deep Blue
  • Dye DSR+ - Lava
  • Dye DSR+ - Onyx / Gold
  • Dye DSR+ - Shades
  • +3
Dye DLS Paintball Gun


  • Darkness
  • Blue Wave
  • Red Wave
  • White Water
  • +7
Dye DSR+ Limited Edition


  • 007 Polished Gold
  • Dark Matter
  • Gold / Black Splash
  • Krypton
  • +3
Dye M3+ Icon Series


  • Dark Matter
  • Emerald
  • Claret
  • PGA Toxic
  • +5
Dye DSR+ Icon Series


  • 007
  • AF1
  • Army
  • Mayan
  • +6
Dye DAM Assault Matrix


  • Black
  • Black Cherry Fade
  • Blue Water Fade
  • Desert Fade
  • +2
Dye Rize CZR w/ SE Goggle & Primo Loader


  • CZR Black / Black
  • CZR Black / Blue
  • CZR Black / Gold
  • CZR Black / Grey
  • +32
Dye M3+ Tournament Package
Dye M3+ Tournament Package

$2,084.95 $2,184.95

  • M3+ - Battleship 2.0
  • M3+ - Deep Blue 2.0
  • M3+ - Femmes Fatale
  • M3+ - Ironmen 21
  • +7


  • Black Cherry
  • Black Water
  • Blackout
  • Freeze
  • +4
Dye DSR+ Team Ironmen Series


  • Blood Bath #5
  • Blood Bath #6
  • Blood Bath #7
  • Blood Bath #8
Dye DAM Assault Matrix & Box Rotor Combo


  • DAM - Black
  • DAM - Black Cherry Fade
  • DAM - Blue Water Fade
  • DAM - Desert Fade
  • +2

Dye Paintball Guns

Dye Precision paintball markers continue the nearly 30-year tradition of performance, advancement, and refinement that the company founded itself upon. From budget-friendly markers such as the CZR to the high-end M3+ series, Dye paintball markers dominate the field no matter where you take them. 

With a continued dedication to offering the best paintball markers for all skill levels, Dye pushes the envelope with each marker generation. The company’s desire to improve using the feedback of their customers allows them to make the necessary changes to offer a better paintball marker straight out of the box. 

Dye Paintball Marker Quality 

Dye sells paintball markers for nearly every price range. The CZR model features high-level functions at a budget-friendly price of around $300. For a bit more sophistication, choose the Dye M2 series. These markers provide accuracy and efficiency with a quiet and lightweight platform. 

The DAM, M3+, and DSR+ Series will cost you between $1,000 and $1,500, depending on which model you choose. These markers take paintball to the next level with performance, accuracy, efficiency, and sophistication.

1) Dye DSR+ Marker

The Dye DSR+ paintball marker comes from the factory with leading performance and refinement that makes it a favorite of amateur and experienced players alike. The marker includes several features engineered specifically for the enhancements this marker brings to the table. 

For example, the ARC+ Bolt can easily be removed and cleaned without spending all afternoon on it. Plus, it’s consistent and efficient in the field. The Edge2 Trigger improves speed and reaction time with a flat face that promotes positive contact. 

The Dye DSR+ is also available in various colors with a battery cover lock knob that allows you to access the battery without any tools. You can also tune the airflow with the Flex SFR solenoid. Finally, the metal Leverlock Clamping Feedneck can be adjusted for the best seal.

2) Dye M3+ Marker

If you’re looking for a paintball marker that pulls out the stops, check out the Dye M3+ marker. This platform optimizes several aspects to improve handling, efficiency, and overall experience. 

Features of the Dye M3+ include a slide lock airport ASA made from aluminum that remains the only adjustable ASA in its class. The EYE Pipe breech system features a self-cleaning system with integrated leaf spring detents and thicker construction. It also makes it compatible with the M3, M2, DSR, and Rize series markers. 

Dye’s M3+ Mag-Reach Trigger allows for adjustment and includes a magnetic force return. The dual roller bearings improve the feel. For a super accurate yet quiet barrel, the Dye ULS provides unmatched performance. Plus, the MOS air system features five player profiles, seven screen options, and extended battery life.

3) Dye DAM Tactical Paintball Marker

Players that want the performance of a high-end paintball marker without the high price tag may find the Dye DAM tactical marker a good fit. The gas-through frame features built-in Picatinny rails, a hyper regulator, and the ability to change fire modes. 

Though the Dye Assault Matrix (DAM) marker remains the first tactical marker produced by the company, it continues to offer elevated performance with the versatility to switch between mag-fed and loader-fed systems. With a quick-release bolt and rotating eyepipe, there are plenty of features to love when it comes to the Dye DAM tactical paintball marker.