Dye Rize CZR

$299.95 $374.95

Dye Rize CZR

DYE's RIZE CZR is an excellent option for beginner paintball players who want to shoot like professional paintball players. This marker offers high-end features at an affordable price and includes features like the Precision True Bore barrel, Hyper 3 regulator, UL on/off airport, Cam Lever feed neck, and patented Rize Fusion bolt. The CZR is comfortable, accurate, and suitable for fragile paint and can dominate both woodsball and speedball fields; players of all walks are sure to love this paintball gun!

Rise Fusion Bolt

The CZR paintball gun features the Rise Fusion Bolt, which provides a smooth and consistent push to paintball shots. This technology allows the gun to handle different velocities and reduces the likelihood of missed shots. Additionally, the fusion bolt system is air efficient, requiring less air for each shot. As a result, the gun experiences reduced kickback and recoil. Maintaining the bolt is easy, as it can be easily removed with a large allen wrench. The bolt can then be disassembled for regular cleaning and maintenance, including the application of grease.

Firing Modes

The CZR paintball gun offers flexible operating modes to suit players' preferences. It features a switch on the body for selecting firing modes, including Semi-Auto, Burst, NXL ramp, and Full-Auto. Additionally, the firing speed is customizable, allowing players to adjust it according to the chosen mode. This flexibility proved beneficial for team players to develop strategies and test the gun's functionality. See our helpful video here on how to program firing modes for the Dye Rize CZR.


The CZR paintball gun features an adjustable Aluminum trigger that offers a smooth and comfortable grip. While adequate for the gun, it can be replaced with another trigger which provides flexibility in design for players to enhance their game. The CZR’s is smooth yet snappy and players have found it easy to adapt to when switching from another market.


DYE is renowned for its high-quality barrels, such as the ultralite and boom sticks. The Rise CZR includes a 2-piece 14-inch barrel, which is easy to attach and detach due to its self-aligning design. The assembly of the port tip and control bore at the center point ensures precise performance, accuracy, and a quiet shot.


The regulator in the CZR paintball gun provides precise air pressure increase, which can be adjusted using the small and consistent hyper 3 regulator. Operating at a low pressure of 140 PSI, the regulator ensures the marker receives the exact amount of air for each shot, resulting in quiet operation. This low PSI allows the CZR to handle high-end paint effectively. Additionally, the improved solenoid integrated into the system ensures consistent flow and reliability.

Dye Rize CZR Features

  • DYE Core 2-pc Barrel - precision true-bore
  • 4th Gen Eye Pipe Breech System - self-cleaning with integrated detents
  • Patented Fusion Bolt Spool Valve Technology
  • Anti-chop Break Eye System
  • Low 140psi operating pressure offers smooth, accurate performance
  • RAMP Solenoid - proven, durable long lasting reliability
  • DYE Ultralite on/off Airport
  • Lever Lock Adjustable Clamping Feed Neck
  • Blade Ultralite Aluminum Trigger
  • Patented UL Hourglass Composite 45 Frame
  • Sticky Grips - dual density positive grip
  • LED circuit board with 4 tourney fire modes and adjustable rate of fire
  • Hyper3 Regulator - increased flow, increased consistency
  • Low Profile Body - 3-D continuously contoured design
  • Quick Release Macro Line Hose