Valken Pod Packs & Pods

Valken Pod Packs

A player's choice of paintball harness to carry extra paintballs can be just as crucial as their paintball gun or thermal goggles for preventing fogging. Simply stuffing tubes full of paintballs into a pack is no longer enough. Modern paintball harnesses have evolved into a piece of performance athletic equipment that can carry plenty of paintball pods, provide back support, all while compressing against the wearer to make them a smaller target. Valken offers a full line of paintball harnesses, ensuring that each player can find the best one to suit their style of play or mission loadout requirement, thus ensuring plenty of ammo is available when the shooting begins.

Valken 140 Round Pod

The 140 round pod is a staple of paintball and is key to help keep the game going after your loader runs out of paint. These pods are durable, cheap, and do exactly what they need to do without overcomplicating it. The pod has an easy-open feature which allows players to simply flick open the pod for uninterrupted shooting while reloading. The lids are spring-action so they open easily. The best thing? They’re cheap! Each pod only costs $4 so you don’t have to worry about damaging expensive pods or harnesses.

Valken Alpha Harness

The Valken Alpha Harness is a simple but effective low-profile pod harness that hugs any paintball player’s midsection. This harness can carry up to four pods and is a great option for shorter games or woodsball games.

Valken Bravo Tactical Padded Vest

The Valken Bravo Tactical Padded Vest is a great way for players to carry their pods in an easily-accessible vest. This vest comes in black and woodland camo colors to match any woodsball scenario and can carry much more than just pods. It can also carry water, snacks, radios/walkie-talkies, and more. Finally, the Valken Alpha Harness is padded to help provide protection against paintball strikes. For more information, see our helpful YouTube review of the Valken Bravo tactical padded vest below:

Valken Fate GFX Harness

The Valken Fate GFX Harness is a great option for serious paintballers who need a low-profile harness with solid carrying capacity. This harness has a 4+3 carrying capacity and is made of lightweight neoprene for the most comfortable fit possible. For more information, see our helpful YouTube review of the Valken Fate GFX harness below:

.50 Pods and Harnesses

Valken makes several different products for players that use .50 paintballs. First, the Valken Alpha .50 Paintball Harness is the perfect option for paintballers to carry their .50 paintball equipment. Additionally, Valken also makes pods specifically designed for .50 paintballs. These pods hold about 100 rounds of .50 paintballs and are a great option for any players using this caliber.

Ball Haulers

You got a lot of balls? Of course you do–you play paintball! Well, to help you carry your balls around (tactially), Valken came out with the Valken tactical ball hauler. The large opening allows you to dump large amounts of paintballs in at one time while the feed neck gives you the right flow to fill pods. These ball haulers are a great way to quickly (and tactically) refill your pods without dropping your paintballs all over.