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JT Power Feed Elbow


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JT Revolution Loader


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JT Triad Loader (Pre-Order)


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JT Revolution & Speed Feed Combo


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JT Hoppers and Accessories

JT is widely known for its high-quality masks. However, what many paintballers may not know is that JT hoppers are also a cut above the rest and offer features that other, more expensive hoppers don’t even have. JT has hoppers like the JT 200 round hopper that are ideal for beginners, to the new Triad Loader, which can compete with high-end loaders like the Dye Rotor R2. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, the JT family of hoppers and loaders will get you equipped and ready to play without breaking the bank.

JT Triad Loader

The JT Triad Loader is the newest loader in the JT family. This advanced loader comes in several different colors and is packed with features that players love. On top of the loader, players will find a rain shield to keep the paintballs from getting wet during inclement weather. Inside the loader, on the back panel, players will find a yellow tab that allows for tool-less servicing and easy access to the rotor and electronics. The rotor is held in with a magnet and can be easily removed and cleaned in case of paint breakage. The tray inside the loader is also spring-loaded to help with efficient feeding as the paintballs are fired. Driving the whole loader are three AAA batteries which can be accessed without any need for tools, so changing and servicing the loader is as simple as pressing a tab. Finally, the JT Triad loader is very light, weighing in at just around 1 lb 4 oz with the batteries installed. This loader is a great option for players who need professional-level functionality without having to spend over $200. For a comprehensive review of the JT Triad loader and a comparison with other popular loaders, take a look at our helpful YouTube videos below:

JT Triad Loader Review

JT Triad Loader vs Dye Rotor R2 Hopper Comparison

JT Revolution

The JT Revolution is a great, cost-effective loader with a capacity of 200 paintballs and a remarkable feed rate of up to 20 balls-per-second. This loader ensures you stay fully equipped on the field and is equipped with an innovative electronically-controlled anti-jam propeller. It detects and resolves ball jams automatically, guaranteeing uninterrupted action. The loader's user-friendly design includes a convenient 2-piece body for quick battery replacement, while the flip-cap spring-loaded lid simplifies the loading process.

JT 200 Round Hopper

The JT 200 Round Hopper is the workhorse of the paintball industry. This what-you-see-is-what-you-get hopper gives you everything you need without any of the extra frills or extra expense. This hopper is a plastic shell with a spring-loaded lid that will safely carry and feed your paintballs into the chamber. We recommend this hopper for beginners or fields that need outfitting for rental equipment.

JT Feed Elbow

The JT Feed Elbow is a simple but effective way to attach any JT loader or hopper to your paintball marker. Made of durable plastic, the JT Feed Elbow can withstand any normal wear and tear you might have during a normal paintball game.