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The JT Triad Loader is JT’s latest take on the unsung hero of paintball–the loader/hopper. The Triad makes many small improvements over earlier models and other loaders from other brands by including several common sense features that will improve your paintball game. The loader comes with a paintball guard on top that’s made of rubber so you don’t have to deal with broken wings anymore. On top of the paintball guard, there is a rain guard which can be easily removed when you need to load more paintballs.

JT has also taken note of other loaders that have experienced catastrophic failures on the field by randomly opening up. To prevent this, JT have installed an internal lock which can be found as a little yellow button on the rear-most panel of the loader. This locks the upper lid and prevents it from opening during gameplay. 

However, when you do need to access the inside of the loader, there are several features that will make gameplay, maintenance, and cleaning better. First is the magnetic drive cone which separates from the body with ease. If you’re running older paint or brittle paint and a ball breaks inside, cleaning will be much easier with this tool less design. The tray also has a spring ramp to help gravity feed the paintballs into the drive cone for more efficient loading. 

This hopper comes with loads of features that many players could expect to see on loaders that cost $50 - $100 more. JT once again hit the mark with an excellent loader that will keep you dominating on the field.

To help you make the right decision for which loader is right for you, we made a comprehensive video reviewing the JT Triad. Take a look at our helpful YouTube video below:


  • Utilizes sound and Infrared eyes
  • Force fed
  • 15 bps Rate of Fire
  • 215 round capacity
  • 3 piece tool-less design
  • Simple one button on/off - no programming 
  • Internal lock to prevent accidental splitting while playing
  • Dual Lid design
  • Comes with Speedfeed
  • Comes with Rain Lid
  • Comes with internal spring ramp
  • Very quiet
  • Only takes 3 AA batteries
  • Low Profile
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple color options
  • Built in auto-reverse to clear jams automatically
  • Removable tool-less cone for easy cleaning 
  • Spill proof floor - prevents broken paint from leaking into electronics
  • Jam free feeding - safe on brittle paint
  • Comes in 5 colors - black, blue, red, green, and 
  • 215 - capacity.

Players Want To Know

Frequently asked questions by paintballers

Is the JT Triad Loud?

The JT Triad is shockingly quiet. For scenarios when stealth is a necessity, the JT Triad is a fantastic option!

Do You Need to Program the JT Triad?

No. The JT Triad comes ready-to-go right out of the box and doesn’t need any programming.

How Much Does The JT Triad weigh?

With the batteries included, the JT Traid weighs 1lb 4oz making it a strong competitor