JT Triad Loader (Pre-Order)


This product is currently on Pre-Order. Do not order unless you are fine with waiting. The current estimated arrival date is March of 2023. That is subject to change based on factors like the availability of your color selection, total order volume and manufacturing or shipping delays. By ordering you agree to our Pre-Order Policies

The all new JT Triad Loader is here!


  • Utilizes sound and Infared eyes
  • Force fed
  • 15 bps Rate of Fire
  • 215 round capacity
  • 3 piece tool-less design
  • Simple one button on/off - no programming 
  • Internal lock to prevent accidental splitting while playing
  • Dual Lid design
  • Comes with Speedfeed
  • Comes with Rain Lid
  • Comes with internal spring ramp
  • Very quiet
  • Only takes 3 AA batteries
  • Low Profile
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple color options
  • Built in auto-reverse to clear jams automatically
  • Removable tool-less cone for easy cleaning 
  • Spill proof floor - prevents broken paint from leaking into electronics
  • Jam free feeding - safe on brittle paint