Virtue Protective Gear

Virtue Protective Gear

The right protective gear is absolutely essential when playing paintball and Virtue is one of the most beloved brands in all of paintball. Virtue specializes in designing and manufacturing equipment that players love and can use year after year. They have certainly delivered with some of the best paintball gear on the market. The elbow pads, knee pads, compression pants, and compression shirt will help you stay safe while also keeping you agile and low-profile.

Elbow Pads

The new and improved Virtue Breakout Elbow Pads are low-profile without sacrificing any of the comfort, safety, and mobility that players need. This moisture wicking neoprene sleeve is perfect for hot weather and helps to keep players dry more and prevents skin irritation from sweat buildup. These arm protectors are super durable and lightweight with 3D molded pads which provide complete coverage for your elbows. We, and many players we talk to, recommend getting these pads on the smaller side so that they fit your arms snugly.

Knee Pads

Along with the elbow pads, the Virtue Breakout Knee Pads offer excellent protection for your knees. These are also low-profile without sacrificing any of the comfort, safety and mobility which is especially important around the knees for running, sliding and diving. These knee pads are also made of neoprene and are perfect for use in hot, humid weather. The moisture wicking material keeps you dry and prevents skin irritation, especially on the back of the knee. The knee pads are lightweight while still providing superior protection with 3D molded pads. Whether you’re protecting yourself from falls and dives or paintballs, these knee pads will keep you safe and playing for another day. Like the elbow pads, players recommend ordering these on the small side so that they fit well and don’t move around.

For more information on Virtue’s knee pads and arm pads, see our helpful review video here:

Compression Pants

The Virtue Breakout Compression Pants are surprisingly lightweight and breathable to help players stay cool and dry on those hot days. The pants are made to be used as a sub-layer underneath other pants without causing hardly any additional bulk. Virtue put padding in all of the important places, including the groin, outer hips/buttocks, and knees. The padding is reinforced in the areas that take the greatest impact when sliding in the field like on the knees and hips. Finally, the four-way stretch keeps these pants moving with you and uninhibiting your full range of motion.

Compression Shirt

Just like the compression pants, the Virtue Breakout Compression Shirt is made of surprisingly lightweight and breathable material in all the places where you need it. The compression shirt is also meant to act as a sub-layer underneath your jersey while still being low-profile. Virtue put the padding on the places that take the brunt of the impact including on the lower sides, the elbows and the forearms. The forearms and elbows have reinforced foam to help withstand hundreds of dives from players. Finally, Virtue included a small thumb slot which can fit over gloves. This thumb slot ensures that the compression shirt doesn’t slide and bunch up when you slide around on the field.

For more information on the compression pants and compression shirt, please see our helpful overview video here: