Paintball Air Tank Cases

Paintball Air Tank Cases

Paintball cases are a great paintball air tank accessory, particularly for players who travel by car or plane to participate in various tournaments across the country. Even for those who play locally, buying a paintball tank case is still a good idea to help prevent the tank from colliding with and damaging other gear. The primary concept behind different cases is to encase your paintball tank in a sturdy material, protecting it from harm and preventing it from damaging other equipment.

Infamous Pro DNA Universal Tank Case

The infamous PRO DNA Universal Tank Case is a compact, molded hard case designed to protect air systems and regulators in paintball from scratches and chips. It has a small footprint to avoid taking up too much space in gear bags. This case can accommodate the air system whether the regulator is mounted or not, complying with TSA requirements for air travel (regulators must be detached from bottles). It can hold one bottle and up to two regulators simultaneously. The case fits most popular high-pressure air systems in paintball, including a range of cylinder sizes (45, 48, 56, 68, 70, 72, 77, 80, and some 88s, depending on the manufacturer). For a full review of this excellent case, take a look at our helpful YouTube video below:

Exo Regulator Hard Case

The Exo Regulator Hard Case is designed to protect paintball air system regulators from scratches and dents. It features an EVA die-cut insert that securely holds the regulator within the case, ensuring it stays in top condition while stored in a gear bag. This case is compatible with most standard-sized high-pressure air system regulators in paintball. Key features include a hard-shell exterior for added durability and protection, a heavy-duty zipper, an interior microfiber lining that absorbs excess paint, and an HK Army laser-engraved carabiner clip for easy attachment. The case is specifically crafted to maintain the regulator's pristine condition. For a full review of the Exo Regulator case, take a look at our YouTube video review below:

Players Want to Know

Frequently asked questions by paintballers

How do you store a paintball air tank?

To store a paintball air tank, the first thing is to disconnect it from the rest of the paintball gun. It’s not good for a paintball gun to be constantly subjected to pressure for weeks and months at a time. Next, if you plan on storing your air tank for several months like you would during the winter, it’s best to leave some air in it still–around 300 - 500 psi. This helps the tank maintain its integrity as well as keeping the o-rings in proper working order. Most DOT tests last for about 5 years. If your tank is getting close to this cutoff, we recommend having your tank re-tested to make sure that there are no leaks or structural issues.

Is it OK to leave air in a paintball tank?

It is okay to leave your paintball tank with a small amount of pressure (300 - 500 psi) for several months at a time and it’s okay to leave your tank under high pressure for short periods of time. However, we don’t recommend leaving your tank totally empty or pressurized to the max for long periods of time. Both of these extremes can cause damage to your tank.