Best Paintball Game Scenarios

This is a sample of some of the paintball scenario games that can be played. All of these games have multiple variations. The Lone Wolf Staff is open to the players suggestions.

Capture The Flag:

This game is the most common paintball scenario game. The objective is to get the opponent’s flag and return it to your flag station before the opponent captures your flag and takes it back to their flag station.

The Mercenary Game:

This game is the same as capture the flag, but on the field is a third team of mercenaries attacking both sides. They cannot capture any flags and cannot win. They are just an obstacle the other teams must get past.

Center Flag:

In this game, both teams are after one flag which is in the middle of the field. The objective is to get the flag and carry it to your opponent’s flag station.

Attack and Defend:

This game has a larger group that attempts to overrun a smaller group’s defensive position. The smaller group defends a place of good cover.

President’s Game:

A small squad of secret service agents will try to move the President from one point to another while the other teams only objective is to assassinate the President.


This game is played on a small field with limited cover. It is a quick in your face game. It can be played with a flag or played by total elimination.


In this game each team has one or more persons acting as a Medic. A Medic’s job is to touch an eliminated player to bring that player back into the game. Once a Medic is shot they cannot be reinserted into the present game.


This is a continuous game. Once a player has been eliminated they report to a certain location. Once at the predetermined location, a staff member will reinsert that player back into the game.


The most painful of all paintball games ever! In this game no player is eliminated until they call themselves out, no matter how many times they have been shot. For obvious reasons the Lone Wolf Management has outlawed this game from their playing fields.

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