Advice To New Players

All new players and group organizers should have read this prior to registering at the field on the day of play!

  1. Bring I.D. if you are renting any equipment. We will hold on to your I.D. until you return the rental equipment.
  2. Lone Wolf Paintball accepts Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover at all locations.
  3. Wear full clothing. Many people like to wear camouflage, however jeans will work just fine. The paint is water-soluble and will wash out, but you should still wear old clothing. The field officials may prohibit certain padded vests and bulky or plastic clothing. We do rent pouches for carrying additional ammo, but supplies are limited. Bring a change of clothes or something to sit on in your car so you will not get it dirty. Wear boots or high-top shoes (for ankle support). Also, expect muddy and wet areas on the outdoor fields.
  4. We suggest you do not bring keys, wallets, cell phones, pagers, etc. onto the playing field. More than likely you will lose them.
  5. Players must be 10 years of age or older. Minors must have a waiver form signed by a parent or guardian on the day of play. Waivers can be obtained ahead of time here. Please make sure the waiver is signed and dated for the day of play.
  6. Group organizers should arrive to the playing field 45 minutes before your session is scheduled to begin. Players should arrive 30 to 45 minutes before the session start time. This will allow time for all of the players to be registered and your session can start on time. We do not extend session time due to delays. All players should know the name of the group organizer.
  7. A safety orientation is given at the start of each session. Please pay attention! Ask all questions you have because violation of the rules could result in your expulsion from the field without a refund. You are required to know the rules of the game prior to play. Copies of game rules are available at the field, on our website, or at our retail store in Clinton Township.
  8. If you are late your spot may be sold and you will receive no refund. Providing your spot is still available, you will have to wait for a member of the staff to give you a safety orientation.
  9. Do not abuse the rental equipment. If equipment is abused it will not work properly. We will confiscate abused equipment and charge you accordingly for it.
  10. Alcohol and drugs are not permitted, nor are players under the influence.


    Game Strategies

    This sheet is filled with tips to help your team win!

    1. Paintball is a game that is more mental than physical. Out smart your opponent. Don‘t be intimidated by others. Their equipment may look expensive and customized, but our field rentals are still competitive with anything that is on the market.
    2. Play aggressively! These are paintballs not bullets.
    3. Don’t bunch up with teammates. Work together but leave a buffer zone between other teammates to get the angles on your opponents.
    4. The best two tactics are Crossfire and Flanking. Always try to outflank your opponents. Try to work with teammates to get opponents into Crossfire. Paintball is a game of angles.
    5. MOVE, MOVE, MOVE! Don’t get held down in one spot. If you do, you will find yourself out flanked and in the middle of a crossfire.
    6. Help your teammates so they will be around to help you.
    7. Once your side has committed to an attack don’t stop! Stopping will mean certain elimination.
    8. When your side is moving on a position, either lay down cover fire or move with them. If the game time limit is drawing near give it everything you’ve got to accomplish the game objective.
    9. If your opponent grabs your flag, chase them down. Even if you are facing large odds, at least you tried to stop them.
    10. The leapfrog is also a good simple technique. This is when one person moves forward while the other one covers. The front person then covers while the back person moves up even further.
    11. When shot, don’t call “out” unless you know for sure that the paintball broke. Sometimes the paintballs will bounce off of you without breaking. If you call yourself out or signify in any way that you are eliminated, you must exit the playing field.
    12. After you are eliminated, to avoid getting shot multiple times by other players still in the game A) put your barrel cover on your gun and point it in the air, B) repeatedly yell “I’m out” as loud as possible and C) exit the field as quickly as you can.
    13. After shooting an opponent, make sure they know they are out before exposing yourself. If they are hit on the gun, pouch, etc they may not realize they have been shot and they may shoot at you.
    14. Don’t cheat! All players want to have a good time, so please have respect for yourself and others. We will expel anyone caught cheating from our field.