To help give back to the community that has supported us for more than 25 years, Lone Wolf Paintball is extending our resources to local organizations and nonprofits seeking creative ways to raise additional funds. At no cost to you, we are offering access to a program to help your organization meet and exceed its goals.

How does fundraising with Lone Wolf Paintball work?

Lone Wolf Paintball will provide your organization with coupon booklets that include 12 free admissions to any Lone Wolf Paintball playfield. These coupon booklets can then used as auction items or sold to interested customers and supporters. Each coupon entitles one player to free playtime, standard equipment rental and unlimited air refills for the duration of their play session. The value of each coupon is $25, making the entire coupon book valued at $300. Most organizations sell the coupon booklets in the range of $20 to $60 per booklet, resulting in profits that can add up rather quickly. Additionally, your organization or nonprofit will be able to offer supporters a unique and fun experience. Samples of the coupon book are displayed below.

How do we get started?

Interested in kick starting your fundraising efforts? Please contact Tony at our main office in Clinton Township at 586-463-9500 or e-mail him directly at