.50 Caliber Low Impact Paintballs

First Strike Rounds .50 Caliber 100 Count - Clear/Green/Green Fill

The First Strike .50 caliber rounds represent a significant advancement in paintball technology, combining aerodynamic shaping with fin stabilization to maintain higher velocities over longer distances, resulting in a 50% increase in range and unmatched accuracy. This design offers a reliable alternative to traditional methods that merely adjust the trajectory. The projectiles feature a self-rifling fin-stabilized design for enhanced range and precision, and are made with a brittle polystyrene shell that ensures breakage on targets even at extended ranges while withstanding extreme environmental conditions. Additionally, they are environmentally friendly, being biodegradable, and comply with ASTM safety requirements in their .50 caliber size. An ultra-thick fill in these projectiles guarantees superior marking and visibility, making them an ideal choice for players looking to elevate their paintball sniping skills.