Paintball Tank Regulators

Paintball Tank Regulators

Paintball tank regulators are the key connection between your paintball tank and the rest of the paintball marker. Regulators take the high pressure within the tank and help reduce it to a pressure that is more usable and manageable for the marker. These key pieces of equipment play a large role in air efficiency as well as the operating pressure within the paintball marker. We encourage you to look at all of the different paintball tank regulators and to reach out to our customer satisfaction team if you have any questions about which regulator is right for you.

Infamous Powerhouse TKO Regulator

The Infamous Powerhouse TKO regulator is a top-tier, adjustable regulator for professional paintball, set between 400 and 650 psi and pre-set at 450 psi. Incorporating wave spring technology and a "POWER PUCK" insert, it ensures consistent airflow and easy maintenance. Designed for comfort, it features a rotational locking cartridge and low-profile burst disks to align with the marker, reducing wrist strain. Popular among professional teams for its performance and durability, it includes electropolished stainless steel construction and a direct-to-tank fill port. The TKO is lightweight, easy to service, and undergoes extensive testing, including a 24-hour pressure test. Customizable and made in the USA, it's tailored for the rigorous demands of professional paintball.

Ninja Flex Adjustable 4500 PSI Regulator

The Ninja Flex Adjustable 4500 PSI Regulator is designed for both paintball and PCP airgun use, featuring on-the-fly pressure adjustment and a user-friendly design. It builds on the reliable PRO V2 regulators with a 360-degree rotational collar for comfort and a dual-gauge for monitoring pressures. A key innovation is its OFV fill valve with an O-Ring seal, simplifying maintenance and reducing the risk of airflow issues. This regulator combines versatility with ease of use.

Adrenaline Powerhouse TKO Regulator

The Adrenaline Powerhouse TKO Regulator features a 5-axis Tryamid pattern, similar to the Adrenaline Luxe, with meticulous effort put into aligning the machining features of the regulator body with the cap. Unlike typical regulators which are anodized immediately due to minimal machine marks, each unit here is hand-dusted or polished before anodizing in the United States. The regulators, pre-configured for an Adrenaline Luxe at 450 psi, have a PowerHouse Pressure Adjustment Insert that allows adjustments from 400 psi to 700 psi. For Adrenaline Shockers, a range of 650 to 700 psi is recommended.

Players Want to Know

Frequently asked questions by paintballers…

What do paintball regulators do?

Paintball regulators have two main functions. The first is to connect the air tank to the body of the paintball marker and form a conduit between the two. The second function of a paintball regulator is modulating the pressure that the paintball gun is exposed to. 

Is CO2 or HPA better for paintball?

Generally speaking HPA is better. However, CO2 and HPA are not interchangeable and must be matched to the propellant that the marker is supposed to use. HPA has the advantage over CO2 because there is a minimal temperature difference that occurs when the air is released. CO2 tends to chill the components which can create issues with O-rings.

How long do paintball regulators last?

Paintball regulators are robust pieces of equipment that should last as long as your tank will. We still recommend servicing your regulators after every season as well as hydrotesting them (and your tank) ever 4 - 5 years.