Ninja Flex Adjustable 4,500 PSI Regulator


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Ninja Flex Adjustable 4500 PSI Regulator

Taking the vital technology of regulators forward, the all-new FLEX regulator introduces an innovative design to enhance the user experience. This regulator features an "on-the-fly" adjustment, allowing you to increase or decrease your regulator's output pressure in real-time. Available in a variety of pressure ranges, the FLEX regulator is suitable for both paintball and PCP airgun use. Drawing from the reliable design of the PRO V2 regulators, the paintball versions of the FLEX boast a 360-degree rotational collar for optimal comfort when installed on your marker. Its dual-gauge design facilitates the quick check of both output pressure and remaining bottle pressure. An additional standout feature of the FLEX regulator is the new OFV fill valve. Unlike traditional designs, the new fill nipple uses an O-Ring seal instead of thread sealant. This enhancement not only simplifies and quickens the servicing of the fill valve but also limits the risk of overtightening and shutting off airflow.

Why Get a Ninja Flex Adjustable 4500 PSI Regulator?

The main reason players would be interested in the Ninja Flex adjustable regulator is if they have several different paintball markers they use. Depending on the gun type, such as an autococker, the operating pressure may need to be higher or lower. The Ninja Flex Adjustable Regulator allows you to adjust the operating pressure without having to completely disassemble the regulator. This saves time and energy so you don't have to have several different tanks and regulators, each with a different operating pressure.

While you can change the pressure on the same gun, most guns have their own internal pressure regulator. Let's say your marker runs on 200 PSI, but you set the regulator to 700 PSI, the regulator on the marker will still keep the operating pressure at 200 PSI. We recently did an experiment in a YouTube video where we chrono-ed different PSI settings. Take a look at the video below to see our interesting findings! 

Is the Ninja Flex Adjustable Regulator Tournament-Legal?

It can be. The Ninja Flex adjustable regulator is tournament legal when used with the sleeve that comes with the regulator. We recommend checking with the tournament authorities before using the Ninja Flex adjustable regulator; it's better to ask permission than forgiveness in this case.

How Does the Ninja Flex Adjustable Regulator Compare to Other Regulators?

The Ninja Flex Adjustable Regulator is an excellent adjustable regulator. For more information and to see a comparison with the Haymaker regulator, check out our helpful YouTube video below:

How Can I Adjust the Ninja Flex Adjustable Regulator?

The Ninja Flex regulator is very easy to adjust. To adjust the regulator, simply twist the middle piece of the regulator. When attached to the air tank, you should see the gauge move up or down in PSI with the revolutions of the pressure selector. Ninja includes a tool with each regulator. However, in our experience, selecting the regulator pressure can be done with your hands and doesn't necessarily need to be done with a tool.