Gel Blaster Guns & Accessories

Hit the back yard blasting with Gel Blaster! The battery powered Gel Blaster Surge fires small, environmentally safe gel pellets called Gellets at 150 feet per second and offers hours of safe, affordable fun! The Gel Blaster Surge uses an included rechargeable battery to fire fully automatic, from an included 800 round hopper, and the Gellets are easy to store and use! Even safety glasses are included, so grab your Gel Blaster and hit the backyard for safe, family-friendly FUN!


Gel Blaster Surge

The updated Gelblaster Surge is a family-friendly, electric toy gun shooting eco-friendly Gellets. It features semi or fully-automatic modes, an 800-round hopper, and a rechargeable battery. Its adjustable velocity suits both new and experienced players, offering speeds from 90 to 170 feet per second. The set includes safety glasses and Gellets, combining safety with fun in an easy-to-use design.

Valken GB Surge Feed Neck

The Valken GB Surge Feed Neck is an alternative feed neck designed for the GelBlaster Surge. It enables you to seamlessly attach a Valken Gel Blaster Hopper to the highly sought-after Surge Blaster, streamlining the process of reloading gellets. Equip a hopper and ensure your blaster keeps firing smoothly with the Valken GB Feed Neck!

Valken Gel Blaster Hopper

The Valken Gel Blaster Hopper was designed to be perfectly compatible with the impressive GelBlaster SURGE! With the addition of the Valken Gel Blaster Feed Neck, this loader seamlessly attaches to the Gel Blaster Surge, significantly speeding up the reloading process. When paired with GelBlaster Gellets or other gel ammunition, this loader boasts an impressive capacity, holding hundreds of rounds, and amplifies the excitement of blaster games even further!

Valken Collapsible Gel Blaster Ammo Tub

Get ready for action by hydrating your Gel Blaster Gellets and Gel Blaster ammunition using the Valken Collapsible Gel Ammo Tub! This tub is equipped with a convenient strainer flip lid, generous capacity, and hassle-free storage, making it the perfect choice for preparing and storing ample Gel ammo for a full day of Gel Blaster excitement!

For a full review of the Valken Gel Blaster Ammo Tub, take a look at our comprehensive YouTube video review below: