Virtue Breakout Elbow Pads

The new Virtue Breakout Elbow Pads are 30% lighter and less bulky than competing pads, giving you total protection , without sacrificing durability, mobility or comfort. The breathable neoprene sleeve is lined with our moisture-wicking SkinSaver™ material. Allowing the Breakout pads to dry quicker and stop your skin getting irritated during use. Made with durable tear-resistant surfaces and padded stretch zones which offer lightweight impact protection and flexibility. The high-density 3D molded  pads are formed to fit perfectly round your elbow. The Breakout pads are Built To Win, no bulk, no excuses.

  •     Lightweight Impact Protection (30% lighter than competing pads)
  •     High Density 3D Molded Padding
  •     Moisture Wicking SkinSaver™ Liner
  •     Durable Tear-Resistant Pad Surface
  •     Padded Stretch Zones
  •     Non-bulky, Specially Formed elbow protection
  •     Breathable Comfort Sleeve
  •     Soft Grip No-Slip Cuff
  •     Hand Glove with Reinforced Slide Guard
  •     Silicone Printed Hand Grip
  •     Built To Win