Dye DSR+ Markers

The new DYE DSR+ is here for the encore. Refined for today’s demands for the newer player wanting out-of-the-box pro performance to the diehard tournament player, the new and improved DSR+ offers class-leading, unparalleled dominance for an increased competitive edge and more fun on the paintball field. Whether it’s simply getting together with friends at your local field, or during an overtime point to move onto the finals of a championship game, the DSR+ will always perform when it matters the most.

The DSR+ takes everything from the previous championship winning platform and applies new and improved precision engineered features and enhancements throughout the marker for a next level performance. Some of the standouts to the all-star feature lineup include the newly designed ARC+ Bolt System with best-in-class efficiency and shot-to-shot consistency, new Flex SFR solenoid featuring custom tuning air flow control for individual shot signature preferences, new Edge2 Trigger with flat face design, new quick-turn battery cover lock knob for a quick and simple tool-less battery access, new Leverlock Clamping Feedneck for easy adjusting and new grip clearance to accommodate every player’s grip style, along with a new, aggressive body design.

Dye DSR+ Paintball Marker


  • Deep Blue
  • Lava
  • Gloss Black
  • Blue / Dark Grey
  • +24
Dye DSR+ Tournament Package


  • Dye DSR+ - Deep Blue
  • Dye DSR+ - Lava
  • Dye DSR+ - Onyx / Gold
  • Dye DSR+ - Shades
  • +3
Dye DSR Trigger - BWing21


  • Black
  • Grey
Dye DSR+ Limited Edition


  • 007 Polished Gold
  • Dark Matter
  • Gold / Black Splash
  • Krypton
  • +3
Dye DSR+ Icon Series


  • 007
  • AF1
  • Army
  • Mayan
  • +6
Dye DSR+ Team Ironmen Series


  • Blood Bath #5
  • Blood Bath #6
  • Blood Bath #7
  • Blood Bath #8

Pro Upgrade Kit

Elevate your DSR or DSR+ experience with the brand-new Dye DSR+ IM Pro Upgrade Kit! This enhancement package is designed to boost your marker's efficiency, streamline maintenance, enhance shot consistency, and ramp up reliability.

Tournament Package

The Dye DSR+ Tournament Package has everything that you need to hit the ground running. This package includes the Dye DSR+ marker, the Dye i5 Goggle in the color of your choice, the Ninja Lite 68/4500 Air Tank, and the Dye R2 loader. This excellent package 

Dye DSR+ Mechanical Frame

Introducing the DYE DSR+ Mechanical Frame, blending retro appeal with cutting-edge tech. It's crafted for everyone from casual players to tournament pros, offering unmatched performance and fun. Whether you're at a local game or a pro woodsball event, count on the DSR+ Mech Frame to deliver.

The frame integrates years of expertise, featuring new elements like analog dwell for consistent shots and a CCV Trigger Bypass for advanced control. It also includes a toolless solenoid kit and a reversible e-Drive conversion kit for versatile play styles. 

DYE's latest advancement, the DSR+ Mech Frame, is a robust, efficient marker designed to outperform the competition and adapt to any player's style.

Dye Triggers

Due to the high demand for open-source, 3D-printable files, DYE LAB now offers exclusive aluminum BWing21 and JC Scythe DSR triggers. Created by Senior Development Manager Billy Wing, the BWing21 design enhances leverage and trigger feedback.

DYE continues to provide free DSR trigger designs for community input. These aluminum and 3D-printable options easily replace the stock DSR trigger and come with added support for durability. Both STEP and STL files are available for download.

Dye DSR/DSR+ Regulators

Maintain your DSR's performance with the Dye DSR / DSR+ Airport Regulator. Ideal for those using the Mechanical Frame, this regulator eliminates the need to swap out your ASA when changing formats.