Dye M3+


Dye M3+

The DYE M3+ with MOS Air is a game-changer in the world of paintball markers. Building on the renowned DM series platform, the M3+ incorporates cutting-edge technology and innovations alongside trusted features to enhance your gameplay. Notably, the M3+ debuts with the DYE Slide Lock Airport (SLAP) ASA and an upgraded FL-21 Bolt System, offering unparalleled reliability and performance.

The FL-21 Bolt System introduces a revolutionary 2-Stage Flex Face Bolt Tip, designed for optimal performance across a wide range of conditions. Its unique construction offers dwell independence, breech pressure insensitivity, and active recoil cancellation, delivering unmatched consistency. With its ultra-low operating pressure and a two-stage firing cycle, the FL-21 Bolt ensures both fragile paint handling and maximum valve lift, all while providing smooth and quiet shots. Traditional LPR has been replaced with optimized flow control to improve reliability, streamline performance, and simplify servicing.

DYE's all-new SLAP ASA system delivers dependable, hassle-free operation. It features a shielded design with no exposed buttons or knobs, minimizing the chance of snags. Engaging the air supply is a breeze—just press and slide the lock cover back.

Additional improvements include the Hyper 6s Pro, which enhances air dynamics and is easier to service, and the 4th Generation Eye Pipe System, making maintenance fast and effortless. The marker also comes equipped with MOSair OS, offering intuitive control over precision tuning and real-time feedback. Features like an internal pressure sensor, multiple player profiles, and cable-free charging underscore DYE's commitment to innovation and player experience.

Ergonomically, the M3+ is designed for ultimate comfort and control. The hourglass design of the UL frame, dual density Sticky Grips, Bwing21 Mag-Reach Trigger, and SLAP ASA together offer exceptional handling. Its modern body design ensures uniform stability, encapsulating numerous performance features that exemplify DYE's superior craftsmanship.

To give a full review of the Dye M3+, we brought in a representative from Dye Paintball to discuss all of the different features of the Dye M3+. Take a look at our helpful (45 minute long!) review at all of the different M3+ features below:


  • No exposed screws or plates
  • All aluminum construction
  • Low profile design
  • UL 45 frame with full wrap sticky grips
  • Dual density, micro texture grips
  • Best ergonomics in industry
  • Simple joystick OS operation and navigation
  • 2 tool assembly
  • Hard foam gun case with EVA foam lining for secure protection

Players Want to Know

Frequently asked questions by paintballers…

What Is the Dye M3+’s Operating Pressure?

The operating pressure for the Dye M3+ is supposed to be between 90 and 140 psi. You can modulate the PSI with the marker’s onboard gauge screen. However, it’s important to notice that the marker may have variable pressure based on the paint, weather, and desired paintball velocity.

How Much Does the Dye M3+ Weigh?

The Dye M3+ weighs approximately 1lb 10oz without any attachments. Adding an HPA tank and a hopper full of paint will increase the total carrying weight of the marker.