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The DLX Luxe IDOL is DLX’s new flagship marker that promises new best-in-class features. Luxe has long been known as one of the best lines of paintball markers and it’s safe to say that player expectations are high for the mysterious new IDOL.

The DLX Luxe IDOL paintball marker represents a pinnacle of design and functionality, blending refined ergonomics with an all-metal contact surface for a minimal yet striking aesthetic. This model showcases a redesigned Freak XL barrel that is not only aggressively styled but also functional, easy to clean, and maintains the classic Luxe sound signature. Its sleek appearance is a testament to the comprehensive reworking of every surface to enhance performance, reduce weight, and boost reliability.

An innovative HD screen simplifies setup and provides instant information, with the added convenience of replaceable screens without needing to overhaul the entire board, ensuring cost and time savings. Notably, the Luxe IDOL introduces several user-requested features, including an unshrouded barrel for less dirt accumulation, redesigned eye covers, a more secure front grip cover, a rebuildable feed tube lever, and a permanently attached top jewel.

The marker's ASA has also been reworked to open fully flat for ease of use, and features a durable, nitrided stainless steel lever. The inclusion of a metal backstrap enhances grip security without requiring tools, and offers easy access to the battery, charging port, and tournament lock, making the Luxe IDOL exceptionally user-friendly and robust for paintball enthusiasts.