Prestige Legendary Paintballs (.68 Caliber)

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Engineered by the pros who understand how crucial accuracy and brittleness are; Prestige Legendary’s metallic shell breaks with minimal impact, giving you the advantage over the other guy before even stepping onto the field. Their proprietary formula is designed to mark with an unmistakable brilliance and leaves your opponents covered in glitter that cannot be easily wiped off or erased!


  • High End Tournament Grade
  • Metallic Shell w/ Bright GLITTER Fill
  • Made with Virgin Gelatin and Peg
  • Unmistakable brilliant fill not easily wiped off
  • Delivers consistent and pinpoint accuracy

All cases of paint are opened and inspected before shipping to ensure there are no broken paintballs. Paint is always shipped inside a larger secondary box that is tightly packed with shipping peanuts to ensure little to no movement. We take every step necessary to ensure your products have the most protection possible.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of shipping paintballs, we do not offer returns or exchanges on paintballs even if a ball is broken during shipping. By purchasing, the buyer agrees to these terms and conditions