What to Know About Paintball Jerseys

What to Know About Paintball Jerseys

Paintball jerseys are as much a part of the sport as the paintballs and markers you use to shoot them. Choosing the right paintball jersey can really make a difference when it comes to offering protection, but also keeping you cool as you play. The best paintball jerseys feel like a second skin as you run around the field, vanquishing your enemies. 

Our guide to choosing a paintball jersey helps you to determine which jersey is right for you, from the size you choose to the material it’s made from. We’ll also show you examples of our three favorite paintball jerseys to help you focus more on playing than worrying about what you’re wearing. 

How to Choose a Paintball Jersey

Paintball jerseys are categorized by size, material, padding, and style. Finding the right combination of all four is the best way to find a paintball jersey you’ll want to wear every time you play. 


Choosing the right size paintball jersey should be first on your list. A little bit of extra material is fine if you want some breathing room, but if your jersey is too big, it could get in the way and prevent you from making a kill shot. 

At the same time, you don’t want a jersey that’s too small. Like paintball gloves that are too small, tight paintball jerseys can hinder your movement. You might not be able to flex your arms in order to get the best shooting position, which can have a huge impact on your accuracy. 

Paintball jersey sizing isn’t all about fit, though. Tight paintball jerseys can also make shots hurt more. There’s not as much material standing between you and the paintball, which is critical for close shots especially. While you might want to choose a paintball jersey that’s snug for crawling through brush and sneaking up on your opponents, going too snug will just make life even harder. 

Jersey Material

There’s no denying the fact that you’re going to be beating the life out of your paintball jersey as you play. That’s why you need something that’s high quality, made from durable materials that can stand up to mud, sticks, bushes, tree branches, and whatever else you might brush up against as you target your opponents. 

Cotton and polyester paintball jerseys are most common. The best paintball jerseys are those that breathe as much as they withstand impact, so cotton is a common choice. However, you can also buy custom paintball jerseys that are a cotton and polyester blend, for stretchiness as well as breathability. Moisture-wicking materials are key, especially for long gameplay. 


Padded paintball jerseys are a game-changer for your body. More padding isn’t necessarily always better, because it’s more about placement. The best paintball jerseys pad you exactly where you need it without adding too much bulk. 


The style of your paintball jersey is where you can really add in some personalized flair. It’s also a way for you to help identify your team members, as friendly fire is never a good thing. 

Paintball jerseys can either be short- or long-sleeve. A short-sleeved paintball jersey works best for basic coverage, but if you’re in a colder climate or playing in the winter months, a long-sleeved paintball jersey will not only keep you warm but also provide more coverage when it comes to padding. 

The best paintball jerseys are those that come with a matching pants set. These paintball jersey pants combo sets complete your outfit for a fierce look that lets everyone know you mean business. 

Lone Wolf's Top 3 Picks

HK Army and our own Splash Jerseys are some of our favorites to recommend. These paintball jerseys will keep you moving and protect you during gameplay while still expressing your style.

1. HK Army HSTL Jersey

This particular jersey is one of our favorites from HK Army. Known for superior quality and dynamic styling, these long-sleeve paintball jerseys are hand-sewn from lightweight materials that allow your body to breathe during battle. 

HK Army offers these paintball jerseys in a variety of colors and sizes. Large blocks of color are broken up by black slashes to better hide you as you stalk your enemy. The sides of these jerseys are ventilated, so you can sweat in them all day if you like. 

Padded zones on these particular jerseys are located in the shoulder, elbows, and chest area. These are the most common areas you’ll want to pad, but you can also add any other padded equipment over the jersey, as it’s thin enough to act like a second skin. 

For a full review of the HK Army HSTL Jersey, take a look at our review video below:

2. HK Army Freeline Jersey

Our next favorite pick is also from HK Army. The Freeline paintball jersey lineup provides all the same benefits of the HSTL line, but with additional padding, ventilation, and durability built in. If you’re serious about paintball, this jersey is seriously devoted to giving you the best protection. 

The long sleeves of this paintball jersey end at ribbed cuffs that stretch to fit your wrist. The fabric itself is made from vented material that incorporates mesh zones for maximum breathability to keep you cooler as you play. Reinforced elbows are also a necessity, especially if you plan on ducking and diving.  

For a full review of the HK Army Freeline Jersey, take a look at our helpful YouTube video review below:

3. JT Glide Jersey

The JT Glide Series Jerseys are lightweight, breathable and pay homage to the most classic JT designs! These jerseys are made from top-of-the-line materials and will hold up under the toughest of conditions. Each jersey is made with mesh side pannels to keep you as cool and comfortable as possible while you play paintball! As is the case with most jerseys, we recommend ordering a size larger than you would normally order. This helps take into account any body armor or sweatshirts you may wear underneath so you can remain mobile and move freely. You can either order a size larger than you typically would, or opt for the same size you normally wear for a snug fit.

For a full review of the JT Glide Jersey, take a look at our comprehensive YouTube video review below:


Choosing the right paintball jersey sometimes takes trying on a few. Now that you know more about paintball jerseys and how to find one that fits your style and needs, you can be better prepared for your next game. Check out the many other paintball jerseys we offer to up your game and show everyone on the field you’re a force to be reckoned with.