The Best Paintball Masks for Experienced Players

The Best Paintball Masks for Experienced Players

Paintball masks are required on most fields for safety reasons, but investing in one that’s comfortable for you can be tricky. Everyone has a different face shape and some designs just don’t feel right. 

If you’re struggling with finding the right paintball mask, we’ve put together a few products that strike the best balance between comfort and safety. The more you play paintball, the more comfortable you’ll become with your mask, but starting off on the right foot is key. 

Paintball Goggle Features to Consider

There are five main characteristics to consider when you’re looking at paintball masks: lens, straps, padding, fit, and anti-fog and vents. Many anti-fog paintball goggles also have side vents for air flow in order to clear fogging quickly. Straps should be adjustable for best fit. Padding can soften the blow if you take a hit to the head or trip and fall.  Many people ask, are paintball masks safe for airsoft? The answer is yes, as long as the mask includes the specific features your airsoft field permits, you should be able to use it on the field. However, airsoft masks cannot be used for paintball as they’re not strong enough to withstand a hit from a paintball nor do they adequately protect your face and head.


paintball lens

Clear lenses are most common, but they don’t always incorporate a lot of anti-fog features, which is why they tend to be a bit on the cheaper side. Colored lenses can provide a good base for a set of custom paintball goggles, but they can also be used in particular types of weather or surroundings.  

Thermal paintball goggles have two lenses that are sandwiched together with an air gap between them. This anti-fog feature allows for a different temperature within the glasses. Thermal paintball lenses are typical of a high-end paintball goggle system, but they can be a great long-term investment, too. 

Straps, Padding, and Fit

Different paintball masks will provide different levels of protection. Some cover more of your head than others, with more or less padding depending on which product you choose. 

The best paintball goggles for glasses are those that incorporate padding into the visor. The foam padding can be removable or replaceable, but it’s meant for cushioning your blow as well as allowing the paintball goggles to mold better to your face. Most foam padding is breathable and insulative, as well as protective. 

Paintball masks for glasses can also include adjustability. The best paintball goggles are those that include both a horizontal and a vertical strap, so you can truly adjust the paintball mask to your head shape. Some include chin straps for a more secure fit. 

Anti-Fog and Vents

Many paintball masks are sprayed with a protective film on the lenses that keeps them from fogging up. While a tight fit on your goggles is good, too much fitment can leave you blind. 

Front and side ventilation is one of the best paintball mask anti-fog features, especially in the summer months. However, if you do invest in a paintball mask with more holes, you can eat more paint if you’re struck in the mouth. More ventilation also increases your ability to communicate clearly and effectively, as more sound is able to escape. 

Top 4 Paintball Masks: Lone Wolf Picks

Our favorite paintball masks are the Dye i5 series, Push Unite, Empire EVS, and Virtue Vio Ascend. Any of these masks will protect you during gameplay without distracting you enough to get shot. They’re our recommendations for a solid investment you can depend on.

1. Dye i5

There are many different options you can choose from in the Dye i5 lineup. This particular manufacturer excels in sleek paintball masks that integrate protective lenses you can depend on when you’re on the field. 

Besides the large variety of colorful designs and styles, Dye i5 also features the GSR pro-strap and e.VOKE communication system. Acting like a ratcheting system to custom-fit the shape of your head, the GSR pro-strap sits on the back of your head and works with the twist of a dial. As the dial turns, the mask cinches down on your head for a snug fit every time. 

2. Push Unite

If traditional paintball masks just haven’t fit your face in the past, you should definitely check out our favorite masks from Push Unite. These guys offer some of the best technology when it comes to custom-fitting the mask to your face. 

For example, the Unite series has an adjustable nose bridge, soft earpiece inserts, and dual injection molding. All these things translate to a better fit on your face. Plus, you can take advantage of over a dozen ventilation zones built into the mask and let’s not forget the sleek finish and colors available as well. 

3. Empire EVS

There are many paintball players who prefer the Empire EVS paintball masks over any other mask on the market, and for good reason. These masks incorporate a seamless lens that provides one of the widest views available on paintball masks. 

Plus, lens removal is easy and helps you to adapt quickly to your surroundings. The sturdy frame in which the lens sits includes injection molded components meant to maximize safety while still keeping you comfortable and cool.  

4. Virtue VIO Ascend

If you don’t have a lot to spend on a paintball mask but still want the features and dependability of the higher-end options, the Virtue VIO Ascend system should be first on your list. This particular paintball goggle system incorporates flexibility, rigidity, and performance to provide the best protection possible. Quick change lenses, replacement foam, a stealth visor, and an upgradeable strap are available as well. 


Investing in the best paintball mask can be a chore if you’re not sure what to look for. Our favorite picks for paintball masks deliver when it comes to protection and style. 

We hope you’ve found this article on the best paintball masks useful in your search. Our site has plenty of other paintball gear you can choose from to up your game, along with plenty of advice and suggestions for improving your skills to conquer your enemies game after game. Happy paintballing!