Field One Marker Case & Field One Extended Marker Bag Review

What is going on guys? It is Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball, and today I'm bringing you the Field One Marker cases.

[Mark] I didn't know they made marker cases.

Mark, they do make Marker Cases. They make a standard version, exhibit A. And the extended version for auto-cockers and pumps, exhibit B. So, price point: $45.95 for the standard one, and $49.95 for the extended. I'm just gonna say, probably right off the rip, if you're gonna spend an extra 4 bucks, you might as well get the extended one. It's not only meant for auto-cockers, pumps, older style bigger guns, you can fit any gun in it. So for 4 bucks more, I'd probably buy the extended one, just saying. What do you want me to start off with Mark? What do you want?

[Mark] What's on the outside? Let's do outside.

What's on the outside? Of both?

[Mark] Sure.

Yeah, lets go both. Alright, so the standard one, fitting the smaller guns, including the Field One Force. So you've got a very hard exterior shell, with a hidden Velcro pocket for extra storage. There's plenty of storage on the inside, but this one is a hard protective outer pocket. I don't know if you've got barrel covers, manuals, stuff like that that you don't use all the time, its got an extra storage spot, standard and also on the extended as well. So you can fit a bunch of extra stuff, like I said, whatever you guys want, you can throw into this outer pocket.

[Mark] What are those loop-de-doos on the corners?

These loop-de-doos on the corners?

[Mark] Yeah.

Well first off, let me find the other one, this one here, this one there. You're gonna take that loop-de-doo, and you're gonna hook up your brand new shoulder straps. So if you guys, obviously trying to carry it to an event or around the field, if you've got to walk a long area to get to your staging place, something like that, take out the brand new padded shoulder strap. You can hook it up on, as Mark would call, these little nifty loop-de-doos here. It's got, obviously, clips on both sides of the strap. And this is a padded adjustable shoulder strap for you guys.

[Mark] What's the shiny thing on the back?

The shiny thing on the back? He's hitting me with so many questions. This? That's where you're putting your, probably your player I.D. card. I wouldn't recommend putting your license or credit card in this slot, but if your an NXL player, or a local regional player, that requires you to have an I.D. card, not a bad option to put that in there. So that's nice. Oh, he's gonna hit me with the next one, I already know it. Carrying handle, if you don't want to use your adjustable padded shoulder strap, you've got a carrying handle as well, so you can slap that bad boy right into your hand, and carry it around the field.

[Mark] If you're gonna skip ahead and not take my questions then just do this by yourself.

I want more questions, I want more questions, hit me. Hit me.

[Mark] I guess we should open the in... Yeah, lets see the inside.

Okay, we went over the extra storage pocket on the front, lets go to the inside. Okay, lets show, lets show what we're working with here. Neoprene storage pocket, Mark.

[Mark] Okay.

You know, Allen tools, grease, barrel covers, stuff like that, fully padded and protected. Over here, 1, 2, 3, and 4, different insert slots for, most likely, depending on what gun you're shooting, you're either using the Acculock Kit, or a Freak XL, something like that, you can slide your inserts into there. And then down below is for your barrel tip. So barrel tip pocket right there, and you've got some padded insert pockets as well. And then over here, Mark, what are these, do you know?

[Mark] I have no idea.

Do you know? More slots. Depends on how many inserts you guys have, or are using, or what's in your collection, you've got more padded slots in here as well. And this bad boy... Mark's gonna be sad we're skipping ahead. This is a... Pretty much, you can flip it over, and use this as a removable Tech mat. It is Neoprene padded, so you can work on your gun. If you need to change any O-rings, change the battery, stuff like that, this pulls on out. And you can use that as a Tech mat as well, which is a cool little feature.

[Mark] Fancy. So then the gun just drops in there? Just slap it on in there, let it slide around?

No, you just don't... You don't slap that baby in there, it comes with four different Velcro straps. You wanna strap the actual Field One, or whatever gun you guys are using in there, strap it around the grip frame, top of the grip frame, maybe around the front handle of the gun, so this thing is not sliding around inside the case while you guys are traveling.

[Mark] Are those straps sewn in?

No, they're all Velcro.

[Mark] Oh you didn't say that.

Yeah dude, I mean you can take the Velcro strap, you can slap it on in there, you can hold the gun up, you can use all four of them to keep it nice and secure. You know what, I'll do that, hit me with questions, I can open that one up, I'm gonna strap this one in there for you Mark, okay?

[Mark] Okay.

Got anything else? We can talk about the extended, it's completely up to you.

[Mark] I'm gonna to stick with the one you're on, some of the points that are on both. Zippers, are they cheap, are they flimsy, are they durable, what are they?

These are heavy duty zippers. So I'll just show you on this one. These aren't your standard, lets say, spinach fed zippers. These zippers are eating some hearty protein over here. These things are not gonna break off, they're not the cheesy and flimsy ones. It's hard to tell on camera, but that's a hefty zipper. Sounds funny to say Mark, but...

[Mark] Does the back, where you're strapping the gun in, does it feel like that bottom part has enough padding to really protect?

You're talking where it's actually the Velcro's going in?

[Mark] Yeah, where you're resting it.

Uh, yes. This bottom part is pretty protective.

[Mark] Sounds like it's hard too.

Yeah, it can definitely help you out there. Fourth one going on Mark, lets go... Let's go here, we're gonna double up the front, we're gonna see if this thing goes anywhere. Ready? I don't think its going anywhere.

[Mark] Shake it.

Shake it like a salt shaker. It's not going anywhere. I mean depends on, hey, I coulda strapped it up over the top, through the back, however you guys wanna do it, there's four different adjustable Velcro straps. And then obviously, with your barrel back and your barrel tip, that's gonna slide into there, your barrel back should be going into one of those pockets, and closing up nice and tight.

[Mark] So it looks like everything fits in the standard, why would I even need the extended? I know it's only $5, but maybe I wanna save my 5 bucks.

So why you want the extended is... Let's set that over here. The extended version is, like I said at the beginning, same features, this one's got a bigger pull-out neoprene Tech mat, per se. It's got, like I said, it's got the 4 different backs. But it does fit stuff like pumps, auto-cockers, and the older bigger guns. See. Pre strapped in. There's the baby in its carriage, you know what I'm saying.

[Mark] I do notice one difference though, besides size.

Tell me?

[Mark] You're removable mat there doesn't have the... Extra inserts.

Doesn't have the sleeves, you're right, you're right. So Mark just pointed that out, this one, in the standard, has more sleeves for inserts, and the extended does not. So, obviously no sleeves there, standard does, But the extended can fit any bigger guns that you guys might have. So obviously this beauty has been strapped in, ready to rock, and then we've got barrel back there, and then the insert for the barrel tip is here.

[Mark] Can the combined barrel just fit in that long slot?

The barrel all itself, I do not believe so. We shall see. It's close, it's very close.

[Mark] It's close, so that's probably, what, a 14 inch barrel?

Uh yes, definitely 14 inch.

[Mark] So if you've got a 12 inch, for sure.

You know what, if you actually use the back part of it, it will fit, but, I mean, I would probably just take the front off, put it in the front slot, take your back off, put it in one of the 4 slots and call it a day, but it's up to you guys. Other than that, I think we've hit every single point on the case, unless I'm missing something. I don't think so. Neoprene, we went over price points, we went over why the extended versus the standard, the Tech mats, extra storage, shoulder straps, carrying handle, heavy duty zippers. I think that might be it.

[Mark] Pretty much, it's all I got.

Alright, that's all he's got from behind the camera. Thanks for watching guys, No, this auto-cocker is not for sale, 'cause I'm sure you guys will ask, and hit up the website, and check out the cases, and all the other good stuff that we have.

[Mark] If you've got any questions, leave them in the comments below, or go join the new Facebook group, where we'll be interacting with you on a more regular basis.

[Tony] That's it, take it easy guys, thanks for watching.

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