First Strike FSC Pistol Review & Magazine Setup

What is going on, guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball, and today, we're going to be doing a quick overview video, on the First Strike FSC Pistol.

[Mark] What, you got a pistol now.

Yes well, they've had a couple of pistols. This one's kind of, revamped re-modified, from their previous version. So let's hop right on into this bad boy. First off, the price point on this very compact pistol is $319.95 First strike did a pretty solid job, with revamping it from their previous versions. If you can fact check me, Mark, I believe the grip, the actual grip on the pistol is 20% smaller than the previous version, of what they had out.

[Mark] Yeah, the standard 8.1 pistol.

Correct. So yeah, compared to the 8.1, the grip is actually 20% smaller. So, how do we want to hop into this? How does it operate?

[Mark] Well, you said price. You said the grip bar. So does it shoot round balls and first strike?

What Does it Shoot?

It does. The FSC Pistol shoots round balls and first strike rounds. It does come with, we'll, I’ll actually just open the box, two six round magazines, first strike and round ball like Mark said, and looking into the box. Let's get this bad boy open. You're going to have a quick start guide here, for the extra Springs that it comes with. And we'll talk about those in just a minute. The actual full manual on how to operate, how to load, how to do everything like that. Here are the actual extra higher tension, first strike Springs. You're going to want to install it in the magazines. If you're shooting first strike rounds out of it. 

What Does it Come With?

It comes with a barrel cover, iron wrenches, some oil, for when you need to obviously maintain the marker, and a couple of different O-rings. And then here is your second magazine. So we're actually just going to pull that out right now. All right, Mark. After showing what's inside the box, what do you want me to go over here?

[Mark] Let's look at the cosmetics of the gun.

First Strike FSC Pistol Cosmetics & Safety

The actual cosmetics of the gun.

[Mark] Where's the safety? How do you adjust things?

Okay so, rear side. Front side here, safety, it's an ambidextrous safety. So if you're left-handed or right-handed, you can push safety from this side, or from this side as well. So you have the safety, you have access from the safety from both sides, depending on what hand or the style of how you shoot. Mag release is going to be here right on the side, that is going to release the magazine. Speaking of the magazine, do we want to go over how we're going to put the eight gram cartridge in, or how to change it to the first strike?

[Mark] Yeah, so I just got it. I want to load it with paint with an eight gram, and start playing what do I do?

How do I Load it?

Okay. So first off here, you're going to look at the bottom of the magazine. You're going to want to flip this down, so you can actually turn it. And then this is where you're going to load the eight gram cartridge. So what I've heard currently, is that you can use extended magazines from previous models, if you want to use a 12 gram cartridge but they're revamping the newest style right now. So currently, as far as I know, you can only use an eight gram, but if you have the older style magazines, from the 8.1 or the 9.1, you can use the 12 gram on them.

So back to how you load it, you're winding this down to leave enough space, to get the eight gram cartridge, into the actual magazine itself. We're going to put that bad boy in there, and then slowly the best part about this pistol is that you can actually engage air, and not have the magazine, already put into the pistol itself. So we're going to turn this nob. We're engaging and we've tightened it. I've heard it snap. So we're going to close that off. And we should be ready to rock. You've got air engage, once the actual magazine enters the pistol. That's how the pin punctures, and you have air to the marker itself.

All right. So next up, do you want to go, on how we're going to change your spring Mark? or what do you think what?

[Mark] Well, so right now that has the the stock silver spring installed, correct?

Correct. So this Sox stock silver Spring, is for shooting 60 caliber round ball.

[Mark] So you would just show you what, how do you just shove with balls in then right now...

So right now, you're going to bring this lever down here, and lock it into position at the very bottom. So you wouldn't want to bring it down, and lock it into position. This will have allowed you access to actually load your paintballs into the top. And there's no need to flick it, or whatever you wanna call it. There's no need to do that, once it gets down and it's actually locked into position, inserting the magazine into the pistol itself, will automatically do that for you.

[Mark] Okay. So yeah then I guess now I want to shoot first strike, So how do I change the spring?

How to Change the Spring and Shoot First Strike Rounds

So you want to shoot first strikes? How you change the spring? There's a slide plate right here. And you've got obviously the extra Springs, higher tension that have a little bit of red on the bottom, that will indicate these are the higher tension Springs. You're going to slide this over. We're sliding that bad boy off since it's brand new. It is a little bit hard to get it, but that has a slide cover there, and then now you have access to actually install. You got your follower, and then you I'm not going to throw it in there right now, but you got the red spring here, red bottom. And then you're just going to slap it on the follower. And that's how you put in the first strike spring. So let's put this bad boy back in there. So Mark, while I'm getting this back in here, you got any other questions for me?

What is the FSC Pistol Made From?

[Mark] Yeah. Curiosity stuff. Is it an aluminum body? Is it made out of plastic composite?

No, it's aluminum for sure.

[Mark] Okay.

So you've got the main, body's going to be aluminum, and then the frame will be composite.

[Mark] Okay.

So, eight gram. We showed you how to change, the actual Springs out on it itself. What's next Mark. What you got?

How to Adjust Velocity

[Mark] How do I adjust velocity? If I find out it's shooting a little slow.

So You want to spike it up a little bit. You're going to have your velocity adjuster right there. And then obviously in the manual, it's going to show you how to, if you want to back it out or back it in, it's going to go up or down. And overall, I mean, it's a nice little pistol. I like it. I like that it can shoot both first strike and round ball.

[Mark] Did we say how big the capacity of the magazines are?

Magazine Capacity & Weight

Yeah. There are two. It comes with two, six round magazines. This bad boy, I believe, the total weight, cause I know a lot of you guys out there want to know, if you're going to run it as a sidearm, a 1.7 pounds and a-Barrel. I want to go to the barrel now. Cause we didn't talk about the barrel.

[Mark] Okay.

First Strike FSC Barrel Details

So to actually change the First Strike FSC barrel. Once again, this can be compatible with 8.1 or 9.1 versions. To change the barrel. Alright, this is the easiest way for me. You're going to want to, put your finger in the end of the barrel, push it in and then you'll be able to rotate it. And now this barrel will come on out, and it's just like an old school automatic barrel, twist and turn pretty much. You've got your tension spring on the inside there. So make sure you don't lose that piece, when you're actually taking the barrel, to either clean it or swap it for another barrel, but that spring is going to be sitting inside

[Mark] And don't stick your finger in there, to take the barrel off when there's a magazine...

No, make sure both of your magazines are not in there, and everything is completely safe, obviously. So, all right, putting the barrel back on, we're going to line it up here, and then it's just going to be a simple twist and turn. And then it locks right back into position. So push it in, twist it. You can get it out, cleaning, changing barrels, whatever you guys want to do. And then the same thing, push it in, twist lock, make sure it's nice and secure. And it's not going anywhere.

[Mark] Is that a mounting rail underneath the front Of the barrel?

It is. This is a front Mount rail. So if you want to put on, a lot of people either put on a flashlight, or a laser dot something. Whatever your preference is, normally a flashlight or a red dot. Speaking of that front area Mark, if you want to zoom in here just pass the safety, see that screw?

[Mark] Yes.

There's a screw there, and there's a screw right on the other side. And then there's also a screw up near the front Mount, and in the back as well. So that you're going to need those four screws, to actually take the handle off, the main frame of the pistol itself. So if you ever wanted to do a deep cleaning, or do modifications to it, there's four screws that actually hold the frame to the body.

So, other than that, I think we've covered Springs, Magazines, eight gram cartridge, 12 grams for the previous extended models, but they are working on a new model right now. Shoots first strike and round ball. It is automatic. So not automatic as in like fully auto, but it doesn't have a slide. It doesn't cock back. As soon as you engage it with your eight gram, this thing is ready to rock. Ready to go. So Mark, are you, are you ready?

[Mark] not yet. I was curious. What about home defense? We get a lot of people asking for pepper balls. Just be a good option.

Home Defense with Pepper Balls

You can definitely have it. See, since a pepper ball is a round ball type. Say home defense. It's smaller. Just be careful. You guys absolutely be very safe, with knowing what you're doing out there. But yeah, you can shoot pepper balls through it as well. For sure.

[Mark] Awesome. Are we going to shoot this thing?

We are going to shoot this thing, but that's going to be in a previous video, but right now I just want to show you, this eight gram is engaged. We're going to throw this bad boy into the gun. I'm going to show you automatically. I can hear it. It presses the pin down to actuate the air into the pistol itself. Are you ready, Mark?

[Mark] Sure.

We're going to take the safety off.

So just like that, and don't be sad. You can save this if you guys need to reload. I would recommend, if you're obviously in a serious paintball firefight, out there on the field, have your second magazine already, ready to go with the eight gram cartridge here, and then swap out. It's already loaded. It's got paint in there. So just do an easy swap. So you're not going to lose any air, which is the good thing about the design of this FSC pistol. So back in once again, and we're ready to rock. So that's it. This is a quick but kinda long overview of the FSC first strict pistol. Once again, retail $319.95. Yeah, that'd be expensive. If it was 1300.

[Mark] Yeah.

So I think we've covered kind of weight, the differences between the previous model and what it does. So stay tuned for the video. We're going to shoot this bad boy.

[Mark] All right. And if you have any questions about it, leave them in the comments below. If you have any questions about paintball in general, go to our new Facebook group, where you can ask us pretty much anything, and we should respond at some point, or even make a video about it.

For sure.

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That's right.

[Mark] That sweet scout in the background, pepper balls. We got everything, baby.

Thanks for watching guys. Hit up the website.

[Mark] See you.