Tippmann TMC / Stormer Magazine Reloader How it Works & Review


What is going on guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball and today I am bringing you a quick overview of the Tippmann Stormer Magazine Reloader.

[Mark] Reload what?

I'm reloading all the magazines today, that's what I'm doing. First off, this is the Tippmann Reloader, and it's going to reload magazines, TMC, or Stormer Elite. This one is the coupler magazine but by the flip of a button, you can make it a non-coupler, turn it into singles if you'd like. So it fits, like I said, this thing can actually do .68 Cal and .50 Cal. Mark I know you're gonna ask me, "Well how many does this bad boy hold "and what's it look like, right?"

Stormer Magazine Reloader Unboxing

[Mark] Yeah, I wanna see it out of the box.

Well, we're gonna get it out there. I know it's pretty tight. Let me skip the yank out of the box. Whoa, that's a contraption right there.

[Mark] That is a box and a half.

I'm gonna set this thing off to the side.

[Mark] That's it? That's all you get in the box?

That's it, dude. No, I lied, or is it inside? 'Cause I know it comes with an adapter. Comes with a manual. You're gonna, you're probably gonna run and read that or just continue watching this video and it comes with internal parts, you can take this thing apart real quick and now you'll be able to feed .50 Cal paintballs with the parts inside of this bag. So that's pretty cool. So depending on what you're shooting, it does both. So this is what the inside of it looks like.

[Mark] Looks like a hopper.

It looks exactly like a hopper, Mark. That is a very astute observation. So we're gonna close that bad boy up. I wanna close this up.

How many paintballs does it hold?

Paintball, .68 caliber 375, .50 calibers, 1000.

[Mark] What?

How the Tippmann Mag Reloader Works

So this bad boy, okay, so people were like, okay so let's get down to the nitty gritty here. You're gonna load your paintballs inside of Mark's hopper, you load them in there, and then you've got two different cranks. The first crank on the front is actually gonna rewind your magazine that you're gonna put into the mag-well. And the second crank back here is actually gonna be the one that spins. Let's just show them real quick. It's actually gonna spin the paint into the magazine itself. I don't know if you can see that Mark.

[Mark] Not really.

Okay, well it's probably spinning. This is awkward.

[Mark] There it is.

Okay, so now we're spinning. This is what's actually gonna put the paint balls into the magazine after you've cranked it down with the first one up front, so...

[Mark] Show me, show me, show me.

Come on, come on, I know you want to, so give me a second, ask me some questions while I'm gonna load this thing up with some paint.

[Mark] Do I have to hand hold it?

No, it can actually get mounted to a table. So, I don't have the mount with me or nor do I know how it actually mounts to the table but it says it does, so...

[Mark] Probably in the instructions you got?

Okay, once again it can hold approximately, 375 .68 caliber paint balls.

Testing with Paint

[Mark] But how many are in that bag?

500, so definitely not pouring the whole bag in there.


Not by any means. So, stay there. Yeah, it would be nice if I had this mounted to the table, it would make things a lot easier.

[Mark] Is it heavy?

It's really, no. I don't know, don't ask me how much it weighs cause I don't have an exact weight.

[Mark] Well, no, but I mean like if I am handholding, am I going to be like, "Oh my arms are burning," after I fill like three?

No, no, no, I don't think so.

[Mark] Well you just separated the magazines, how come?

Because that way it was just easier. It's kinda awkward holding the two. So I just separated it.

[Mark] No, I don't think they'll actually fit with the crank either, if they're connected.

Filling the First Magazine

Oh, okay. Hey dude, question, Mark for you. Which way are we going. Does it go like this?

[Mark] Nope, not at all sides-

It goes like this?

It does.

Whoo, Mark's in the game now.

[Mark] I'm all about mags, people don't know that 'bout me.

All right, so we got our paint balls in there. First off, we're gonna crank this bad boy. Don't over-crank it. Once you hear any resistance, stop, don't keep cranking it. Little resistance, I'm not gonna go any further, and now it's time for the second flip of the switch. We're gonna reload this bad boy with paintballs. Is this the right way? Am I going backwards?

Well yeah.

It's the right way? And once again resistance, once you feel it, I would probably stop. Probably right there and then use this mag release button here. We're gonna pop it out and look at that. We do have a magazine full of paint balls. So pretty much this is for 79.95. Mount it to the table, hold it in your hand. It doesn't matter, it's up to you. If you don't want to load your paint balls one by one, buy this thing, it's definitely gonna help you. If you're a big mag fed player you're definitely gonna want it.

[Mark] Do it again.

Do again? You want me do again? Okay Mark. Are we like this?

Second Magazine Filled

[Mark] No!

Are you sure?

Silly Tony no!

Aah, okay, be like this. I'm gonna close this one. I'm gonna get it out of the way so I can crank that magazine. Make it like Soulja Boy, you know. You're going clockwise.

Yeah. Stop, and then let's load some paint balls. I mean, I'm going slow cause I'm not trying to break paint here, but...

[Mark] I still wanna put the "Pop goes the Weasel" tune in behind it.

What's happening?

Oh, oh. What happened?

Didn't load any paint balls. I don't know.

[Mark] Did you go the wrong way with that spinner?

I think so. I think so.

[Mark] Oh, that's embarrassing.

That's fine though.

[Mark] All right, put it back in.

Okay dude, well we're already cranked down. I don't know, we'll find out, lemme go this way now.

[Mark] Yeah.

No, other way, dude.

I don't know, we'll find out. Am I doing it backwards again? Trying to look at it upside down and on camera.

[Mark] Our side? Oh it's still cranked down.

I can hear 'em now. I like it. So hey guys, it's dummy-proof like me. Paintballs.


We have paintballs. So we always go clockwise Mark?

[Mark] Always go clockwise.

That's the lesson we learned today. Today's Mark lesson, Tony's bad, always go clockwise. Don't be like me. Feed your paint balls the right way. Do you have any other questions, Mark?

Tippmann TMC Magazine Reloader Price

[Mark] How much was this again? $79.95.

[Mark] That's a bargain, I can't beat that.

That is a bargain. It's a deal and it's very convenient. You pay for conveniency. So thanks for watching guys. Thanks for bearing through this video. Obviously we're not huge into the mag fed region but I would pick one of these up if I was a big mag fed player. What about you Mark, would you?

[Mark] I probably already have one. You just don't know it.

That's fine.

[Mark] You guys are always talking to me-

I don't know what's in your secret gear bag.

[Mark] You always talked to me about my auto cockers. You don't know how much mag fed stuff I've got.

I know you've got a closet full of paintball stuff, so.

[Mark] No. All right, if you've got any questions, leave them in the comments, but even better go to our new Facebook-group where we're gonna be interacting with you guys way more than we did before, asking you questions, you can ask us.

Back. Maybe we can videos out of the questions that are asked.

He's talking so fast.

[Mark] I know, I gotta talk fast because nobody's watching anymore. It's past the five minute mark.


[Mark] You wanna go to Lone Wolf Paintball’s Website and pick one of these up? Cause I do. Here is the direct link to this product.

I do, I do. I'll see you guys there. Take it easy. Thanks for reading.

[Mark] See ya.