Tippmann TMC / Stormer .68 Cal Magazine w/ Coupler 2-Pack

If you are the proud owner of a Tippmann TMC, then you should know you can never have enough spare magazines. This affordable 2 pack of magazines will come in handy for when you misplace a mag, lose one on the field or just don't have time to clean one out. These magazines are available in a few different colors and each hold 19 rounds. These magazines are not first strike compatible USEFUL Trick for MagFed paintball. Load the first couple of balls in the magazine and make them a very bright color shell so they are easy to see. Load the rest of the magazine with a dark color shell ball that is tougher to track. When you are firing and get to the last couple shots, the bright color paint that was first loaded will be your early indicator that you are on your last couple shots.