First Strike Scout Bolt Action Gun | Mechanical Marker

What is going on guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball, and today I am bringing you a quick overview of the First Strike Scout. We're scouting the baby up. Uh-huh, this is something different than we normally are used to, but this is a Bolt Action First Strike Mag Fed gun. Mark, hit me with some questions on this bad boy. What do you got?

 [Mark] I mean, I know what a Bolt Action is on a real rifle, is it the same for these paintball guns?

Exploring the Bolt Action | First Strike Scout

For sure. So this First Strike Scout, first off, let's hit it with the price. $609.95, all aluminum body. Back to your question, Mark, yes, Bolt Action means exactly that. Be ready, it's gonna get loud. Should I actually shoot it or no?

 [Mark] Yes, sir.

 Okay, so Bolt Action, we're gonna bring it up, we're gonna bring it back, put it back down in position, aim and fire. So Bolt Action is just that. Every time you have to do that, this is for the true first strike marksmans out there, you know, one shot, I mean, the First Strike rounds are extremely accurate, so yep, it's not gonna be for everybody, but it is a great gun. Hit me next, Mark.

[Mark] Does it come with the air tank? Let's start in the back.

Specifications of the First Strike 

Yeah, okay, so we're gonna start in the back. It does come with a 13 cubic inch high pressure air tank that sits, you know, within the six point adjustable positioning stock on the actual gun itself. So depending on how tall or how short or long your arms are, it does have six different positions on the stock. So you can actually obviously adjust it to, you know, your preference. Hit me next, Mark.

 [Mark] Okay, looks like there's lots of picatinny rails.

 There's tons of picatinny rails, tons of options for scopes, sights, lasers, kind of whatever you guys want to put on there, flashlights, if you wanna go that far. And yeah, it's an all-aluminum hard anodized body on here. So, very, very durable, hence, you know, a little bit hefty in the price range, but it's a true gun right there.

 [Mark] Okay, does it come with the magazines and how many?

 It does, it does come with two 11-round magazines here, that are obviously First Strike compatible, and if you've never shot a First Strike gun before, they shoot extremely far, and they are extremely accurate. So yeah, it's a very nice option.

 [Mark] Let's move down, so is that shroud removable?

 The shroud is a 10-inch M-LOK shroud. Once again, that has capabilities of actually putting on whatever you would like, whether it be front sights or an actual scope, kind of whatever you guys want. So it can do that.

 [Mark] All right. The barrel, is it an auto-cocker thread, is it a...

Barrel and Magazine Details | First Strike Scout

That's a good question. So this barrel actually, guys just hold on, it's a twist lock, and it's gonna pull right on out for you. So let's actually take a look at that barrel. It's very unique, which reminds me of the Autococker, not the Autococker, the AutoMag barrels back in the day that were kind of like a twist lock in place. So it doesn't have any threads. Furthermore, talking about the barrel, this is a 14 inch smooth-bore barrel, micro honed. So the thing is, if shooting First Strike, it's a great barrel, if you really wanted to get into it, I would probably get a rifle barrel to help those First Strike fins kind of move quicker and be more accurate for you. But, you know, this is a very nice barrel that obviously works with the gun.

 [Mark] Well, since you opened that up, is there aftermarket barrels or alternative barrels-

 There are, yeah, you'll definitely have to check them out, they should be on the site soon. Speaking of that, this will take any of the T15 magazines. So talking about other barrels you can add, or different magazines, you can use any T15 magazines. I think they have 20 rounders and or 30 rounders that will fit in here. So if 11 rounds isn't enough for you guys, T15 stuff is compatible for that. Lastly, I would say, since we've kind of covered from, you know, stock to the front of the gun, multi-trigger functionality. Should I go left?

 [Mark] I don't know what that means.

 You don't?

 [Mark] No.

 So, it's not gonna be very accurate, and it's not gonna look pretty. But, if you guys wanted to, you can hold the trigger down, hold it down. So if you get pinched down in a real tight position, it's not gonna be the most accurate, I'm obviously a right-hander, I mean, if you were a lefty, it's gonna work a lot better for you. You'll be able to hold it, you know, more steady, but you guys, if you hold the trigger down, you can bring the bolt action, you know, back and then forward, and it's gonna shoot for you.

 [Mark] I would imagine, if that's gonna be the style of play, you're probably the little kickstand for the front-


Yeah, that's true. You're gonna get that little tripod or bi-pod, whatever you guys want to use. Yeah, for sure. But yeah, just a quick overview of the First Strike Scout, once again, these are $609.95, and these aren't gonna be for everybody, but if you're a First Strike guy, a Mag Fed player, you're gonna absolutely love it, guaranteed.

[Mark] Yeah, I think this is


[Mark] something and it's totally different-

 It's very, very durable like I said, the whole body, it's hard anodized, all-aluminum. There's not too much plastic to the gun itself, so...

 [Mark] Awesome.

 Yeah. That's it.

 [Mark] So if you guys want to see a shooting video, let us know in the comments

 For sure.

 [Mark] below, otherwise we'll skip it-

 And like I said, this is something that we don't do very often, but figured there's some of you on this channel that would like to see it, so here it is.

 [Mark] And if you have any questions, we opened a new Facebook group where you could post your questions. We're gonna post questions to you, and start interacting with you guys even more than usual! So, go check it out, link's in the description. We'll see you next time.

Thanks for watching guys. Take it easy.