HK Army MagMat Magnetic Tech Mat | Best Paintball Tech Mat?

What is going on guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. And today I am bringing you the all new MagMat by HK Army.

[Mark] MagMat.

MagMat, it's magnetic because it's the MagMat. Right Mark?

[Mark] Some of it is. 

Yeah, some of it is and some of it isn't. It's crazy. The gun, we got the gun. Okay, cool. We got the gun with us, we're gonna do this.

[Mark] Wait, are we selling the gun or are we selling the mat?

No, we're selling the mat, but the gun's gonna go on the mat. That's how you work on the gun cause it goes on the mat 

[Mark] We don't sell guns?

HK Army MagMat Overview

We do, Lone Wolf Paintball. All right, let's seriously get into this. Yeah, this is the HK Army MagMat. These things retail $24.95. They're awesome. I think it's pretty cool that they incorporated the magnetic trays over here into a tech mat, along with an O-ring sizing chart. I mean the O-ring sizing chart on a tech Mat's been done before, but have there ever been magnetic trays to hold your screws, important pieces, allen wrenches, stuff like that? I don't think so. This is it though. Mark, where do you want me to go over first, O-rings or what?

[Mark] Uh.

The tray? The tools?

[Mark] Uh.

There's so many things. 

[Mark] So let's start with the O-rings.

Let's start with the O-rings. So guys, this obviously has a ton of different size O-rings. Most of the sizes are gonna be proper to what we're using today inside of a lot of the guns. So over here... so we've got a couple different O-rings Mark threw at me. Mm, let's see if we can throw that into 020, perfect. So I know it's hard to see obviously the covers we have chosen, but the O-ring fits perfectly, so you probably know... you're watching your diagram on how to rebuild your gun you know that the 020 O-ring is gonna go in its right spot and that you have the right size. Same thing, this one probably looks like a 16... 015. Yup. Fits in the 015 spot perfectly. And you'll probably know that's gonna be the right O-ring that you need to use. All right...

[Mark] That's convenient, when you have your parts bag and you don't wanna... you lost the label or it's not in the right spot.

Correct, If you're on your phone or your computer going, "okay I need this bolt O-ring." I need a 006 and oh man is sizing it up is gonna work just perfect on this mat. I really liked that and can I just talk about my favorite part already?

[Mark] Yes please. 

We'll go to the tool. We'll just go to the tools. We're gonna go to the tool section up front. So you guys can see here it's got its own little tray for your Allen wrenches so you can... whatever size you guys have, you can stick them in there. They're going to fit nicely. They're not gonna fall out on you, so there's that. Now onto my favorite part. Ready to Mark?

[Mark] I am.

The magnetic tray. This is why it's called the MagMat here guys. You have the tray here and you see these Allen wrenches. Do you see the screws? They're not going anywhere. It's because it's magnetic. We've all been there, man. How many times have we lost screws and Allen wrenches? They fall on the floor. If you have a tech desk at home or something like that, you... most important tiny screw falls on the floor goes underneath the desk. Good luck finding it and maybe you'll suck it up in your vacuum a couple of years down the road. 

But the magnetic tray on this mat is absolutely genius. I think it's a great idea. And I think this is gonna save a lot of people, for $25, losing a ton of important tiny screws that you need. If you're gonna play tomorrow and you're getting your gun lubed up and cleaned up, you just lost that one screw and you're probably gonna have a bad time so really, really like it. It's got three different portions. So screws, allen wrenches, detents. I mean, whatever you guys are using, I would throw them within this magnetic tray and that'll keep them nice and safe and away from falling on the floor. 

Portability and Features | MagMat

Over here, back to the side, Mark. They might wonder... this isn't a wristband. This is a strap. That's gonna keep this MagMat nice and tight compact within your gear bag not taking up a bunch of space. If you guys want to, lay it flat in the bottom of your gear bag, go for it. Wouldn't suggest it. It's gonna get all full of your old paintball shells and dirt and grass and crap all in here. So I would roll it up nice and tight, use that strap that this thing came with to keep it nice and secure. 

Lastly guys, they have this textured top for a reason. This is all anti scratch. So let's throw this beautiful HK Army 170R on there. This top portion here is raised exactly for the reason of not scratching the gun and keeping it like an anti-slip or skid. same thing with the bottom of the mat as well. You can probably see that sheen there. Mark 

[Mark] Mm-Hmm.

Any top of a desk or anything like that when you put it on there this thing is not gonna slide around very easily. Once you lay it down, it's not gonna go anywhere. So top portion, keep the gun safe and scratch free, bottom portion so this thing is not sliding around on whatever surface you guys, to work on your gun.

[Mark] And that texture tuff surface also will keep your screws and stuff from rolling if they drop onto that too.

Correct. So if you happen to not get it onto the magnetic tray they're gonna get stuck within these grooves in here. And hopefully they're not gonna fall on the floor and be lost forever 

[Mark] How much is this magic mat again?

They're 25 bucks, $24.95. So it is the magic mat. This is the MagMat by HK Army, check it out, for 25 bucks. If you guys maintain your guns a lot I would highly, highly recommend it. We can ship it to you just like this. Very nice and tight, all bundled up, at Lone Wolf Paintball.

YouTube Question

[Mark] Awesome. I do have a question from YouTube before we go.

Of course you do.

[Mark] Christopher Chicas,

Okay, all right.

[Mark] On how to fill your paintball tank compress there, he wants to know, can you use a regular air compressor to fill his paintball tank? Craftsman 3 Gallon...

You cannot, You cannot, use your standard garage air compressors anywhere from, I don't know 150 to... you got a good one, maybe 350 PSI output. Any tank that you're gonna fill is at least a 3000. So your garage compressor at home won't work very well. So I would not suggest it. 

[Mark] Will it get enough in to shoot a couple rounds, or at least cycle the gun maybe.

I don't know, I've never tried cause I know it's just not enough.

[Mark] All right there you go.

Don't use your garage compressor, go to your local paintball field or spend a bunch of money to get your own at home.

 [Mark] All right. Go to Get this beautiful MagMat so you can start teching all your own guns without losing your screws cause you know, you've done it.

 Dude these things are hard, they're not going anywhere.

 [Mark] Yeah, that's sweet. I like that mat.

 Look that dude.

[Mark] I'm gonna get one for some of my computer stuff I think.

 Let's see if it actually... Oh it does, it's nice.

 [Mark] See you.